Camille Grammer

Seasons 1-3 + 5-7

“Diamonds aren’t a girls best friend. Freedom is!”

Birthday: September 2nd, 1968
Sign: Virgo

Camille Grammer is of Italian and English origin. She first found fame as a dancer, model, and actress. After marrying Hollywood actor Kelsey Grammer in 1997, she worked as a producer and a writer for their company Grammnet Productions. Together, they have a daughter, Mason, and a son, Jude. After a public separation documented in the first season of the series, in July 2010, Camille filed for divorce, seeking primary physical custody of the couple’s daughter and son, in addition to child and spousal support. The divorce was finalized on February 10, 2011.

Originally, Camille left the show completely and Brandi Glanville, originally a “Friend of the Housewives”, was promoted to regular Housewife to take her place. However, Camille then announced that she would return to the show for season three as a “Friend of the Housewives”. Grammer, who didn’t attend the reunion for season three, will not be returning to the series for season four due to her desire to keep her personal life away from the media and to spend more time with her family.