Camille Grammer To Kelsey: “Enough Is Enough!”

Kelsey Grammer is back to battling with Real Housewife of Beverly Hills and his ex-wife, Camille Grammer. Now, he is feuding with Camille over their $16 million dollar home in Holmby Hills that’s listed for sale. Kelsey wants to move back in to the home, and Camille says “it’s not fair,” and she’s sick of her ex’s double standards, according to a report by RumorFix.

“I wanted to spend a couple nights a week in that house, but he told me, ‘No’ because it would sell better if it was pristine,” Camille tells RumorFix. “Why does he need to move into that house that I wasn’t even allowed in?” Camille explains that she has furniture and personal items in the home and isn’t allowed in the house without a realtor or Kelsey’s attorney present.

All of Kelsey’s legal maneuvers are just delaying her divorce settlement, which Camille is expected to get a large amount from Kelsey, who cheated on her while she was filming Season 1 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. “It should have been signed last December,” she says. “Let’s move on — every week there’s something new. This is the time to say ‘enough is enough.’”

I agree. I think it’s time for Kelsey to move on with his life. For someone that has bashed Camille so badly in the press, he sure seems to not want to let go! And it’s extremely creepy that his wife tries to be like Camille, like when she dressed up as her for Halloween. Let Camille be happy and live her life… just my opinion!

Tell Us- Do you think Kelsey is out of line?

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  • Tammy Styles

    Let her go Kelsey and stop being a jerk about the house. IF Camille can’t stay in the home neither should you. Buy our her portion and stay there all you want.

  • Jennifer

    Kelsey is a pc of crap! He knows He made a huge mistake, or He Shd! Hes the one who cheated!!! Go live ur miserable life and give Camille Her Divorce! You owe Her more than Money there Kelsey….. She saved ur pathetic life. Shes way to good for you, Actions speak louder than words! Camille is a Classy, Giving, Loving Woman! Let Her move on with Her life!! Are you mad Shes not broke down over you or what?! She made YOU look GOOD! You didnt make HER look Good! Remember that….