Camille Grammer Talks RHOBH, Lisa vs. Adrienne, & Dimitri!

Camille Grammer is writing her first Bravo Blog on Season 3 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills! She’s discussing everything! She talks about how much fun the ladies had on their trip to Ojai, her hopes for Lisa and Adrienne to reconcile, her relief that she isn’t involved in the drama, and how she and Dimitri are doing! Read what Camille wrote below!

Camille writes, “I am relieved not to be involved in any drama so far and that I can just be excited for this new season. I’m looking forward to the Ojai trip and spending quality time with the ladies. It’s fascinating to see how everybody is getting along (or not), the progression of things in their lives and how new relationships are forming as others seem to change and morph. These interactions are always interesting, to see during this time who is befriending whom and which relationships are on the outs and who are becoming closer.

I really enjoyed going to Portia’s party because it was the first time in a while that I got to see Kyle and Portia, Brandi, Taylor, and Adrienne (for just a second — she showed up at the very end as I was already heading out the door). It was great to chat up with the girls.

The Lisa and Adrienne drama is so unfortunate. I wish there was a way they could put this past them and move on. You recall that Kyle and I went through a lot the first season. It was contentious and highly charged and emotional. The things we said to each other were hurtful and we both were affected deeply. But we were able to move on. It would be great to see Lisa and Adrienne just get to that place, because life is too short. All of us have gone through so much in our personal lives that it would be so wonderful if we could all just get along, sans the drama. It would be healthy for them to just say, “Listen, I’m sorry I said something wrong. I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings. Can we move on from this?” If we can forgive, it will help us to grow and not remain stagnant in the same place. Then we can move on without animosity and hurt feelings. I’m hoping that Adrienne and Lisa can get to that place. We’ll see what happens.

I was psyched about the trip to Ojai and seeing all the girls. I had no grievances with any of the women since the reunion show and I hadn’t seen most of them for a while. I was excited for us to gather as a group and go away together. When we’re all getting along, we have so much fun. Those are the times I look forward to. But then sometimes when we go on a trip drama just happens; wherever we travel the drama seems to find us, unfortunately.

As far as sharing rooms, I was not that apprehensive about it. I’m a team player and was OK to room with any of the ladies. The thought of whom the other girls would want to share a room with came up though. Since Lisa took my second master suite at the ski house, some of the ladies were making comments about who should take the larger suite this trip. I always think of these times as funny and comical, and of us enjoying and joking around with one another and it’s only fair to rotate rooms. I thought the girls putting Brandi and Lisa in the small suite with the little twin beds was comical. It was just part of the ladies being silly and having fun.

Things are going well with Dimitri. We just spent Thanksgiving together — and he cooked. I didn’t even have to hire a caterer. It was so wonderful. We had 22 guests (six of them were kids). I cooked, he cooked and I have an assistant that loves to cook. She’s like Martha Stewart and she was more than happy to help us. So the three of us spent two-and-a-half days cooking. I really wanted to do it myself this year. Every year I either go to Hawaii or go to somebody’s house and this year I really wanted to do it in my home in Malibu with my children, parents and close friends.

And while we’re talking about dinner. . .In Ojai, we were having this lovely dinner and I just thought the appetizers were so scrumptious, so delicious. As we were eating, I sat next to Brandi and Kim, but was talking to Kyle. I didn’t hear what was going on between Kim and Brandi. Watching the show, it seemed like basically Kim and Brandi were working through things, which was good. It seemed very positive. Then Kim starts getting upset and emotional. Adrienne looks over and notices Kim getting upset and reacted.

I was a little surprised to hear the “shut the F up” comment at the dinner table because I thought everything was going really well. But hey that’s Brandi. You just go along with it. “Oops there it is.” I don’t know what else to say.”

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