Camille Grammer Talks RHOBH & Boyfriend Dimitri!

With the season premiere of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Bravo next week, Camille Grammer is speaking to Wetpaint Entertainment about The Housewives, and her boyfriend Dimitri Charalambopoulos! She reveals the seriousness of their relationship, and how Dimitri felt about the Bravo cameras!

When Camille was asked if she missed having a bigger role on The Housewives, she answered, “Of course I miss Housewives. When the girls are getting along, there’s nothing like it. We have a great time together, and those are the moments I miss. I love that.”

Camille was happy to report that her children, Mason and Jude, are doing extremely well! “Mason and Jude are great! They’re both little athletes! I’m so impressed. My son is playing guitar and my daughter is playing soccer; it’s all about soccer.” she explains.

Camille also confirms that we WILL be seeing her boyfriend, Dimitri, on Season 3 of RHOBH, “Yeah he shows up, he makes his appearance. He was nervous.” she reveals. Camille admitted she had to kind of trick him into being on camera for the first time saying, “I kind of had to almost trick him into it. I was like, ‘So we’re going to go look for condos with Mauricio Umansky.’ He was like, ‘Are the cameras going to be there?’ And I was like, ‘Oh you won’t even notice them!’” she explains. But Dimitri got over his nerves quickly, “He did, he was like, ‘Don’t ever do that to me again!’ No, he was fine after a while. Some people get stage fright and he’s one of those.” Camille says.

When asked if she is in a “serious” relationship, Camille answers, “Well, we’re together! It’s been a year and three months, and we’re happy. I’m not seeing anybody else, he’s not seeing anybody else, and we’re just in a good place. He lives in Texas, he comes out and visits me every other week and it actually works out perfect. It’s a perfect set up.”

I couldn’t be happier for Camille! Although I’m sad we won’t be seeing her as often on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, I’m glad she’s happy and her kids are doing well!

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