Camille Grammer Speaks Out For The First Time Since Cancer Diagnosis And Abuse Allegations


In a new interview on The Dr. Oz Show, Camille Grammer opens up on her recovery from her cancer diagnosis, as well as the horrible abuse she reportedly suffered at the hands of her now ex-boyfriend, Dimitri Charalambopoulos. “My heart sank,” Camille says of the moment she was told she had cancer. “You think about your children. Am I going to make it? I want to be alive for them. My ex-husband [Kelsey Grammer] hasn’t seen the kids since July. So I really needed to be there for them.”

After weeks of bed rest, Camille admits she’s getting back to herself. “Now I’m feeling great. Once in awhile I’ll get a little pain here and there, but I’m walking around. My life is moving forward and I’m feeling very well,” she says.

Camille is also hoping to be a role model for women who are experiencing domestic abuse. By encouraging them to speak out against their abusers and seek therapy. “I was physically abused and assaulted by this person and it was very traumatizing. But I’m going to be okay. I’m doing well,” she insisted.

Photo Credit: Getty Images