Camille Grammer Shares Skin Cancer Diagnosis

Camille Grammer will be returning to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this year and she has just revealed that she has been treated for cancer… again.

Grammer was recently treated for skin cancer, almost four years after she was declared to be cancer-free from battling endometrial cancer.

Camille took to Instagram today to share what had been going on. “Thank you Dr. Beth karlan for removing those pesky cancer cells. You are Amazing! This is my second cancer diagnoses. Thank God We found it early. (squamous cell carcinoma) *Early detection is key. My cancer was removed and I’m resting at home. Ladies listen to your bodies. If something doesn’t seem right go for a checkup. Don’t put it off. Annual check ups are important. @cedarssinai @foundationforwomenscancer #cancerwarrior #cancer #cancerawerness”

We are sending love and prayers Camille! We are so glad you’re back.

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Frank Van Der Heijden

    Here we go again…..if she´s so sick maybe she should not be in the show after all. That formula of being sick and organizing a pity party while being part of a reality show is getting old and trite. They should try something different something like being abducted and raped by aliens, attempting a sex change experience, joining a sect, something more exciting. Every freaking RH show has had diseases, fake or real, and it´s time to come up with something new

    • Starr

      That’s the way life is. Behind every door there is a problem. Some less, some more, but no one lives a perfect life. Wish it could be so though.

    • Cin

      not interest in a rape by a alien or human… it’s ugly no matter how it’s put out there.

      • UnrealHousewife57

        Yes, I found that comment terribly offensive. Frank, I appreciate your comments but you need to edit that. It’s offensive.

  • HuckabeesWonkyEye

    Yeah, I hear ya Camille. Just made my first (but certainly not my last) botox appointment. Turns out the 80s was wrong about smoking to control your appetite (lip lines, anyone?) and baby oil with iodine to obtain a “healthy, golden tan” was bunk advice. Let the middle-aged reckoning begin.

  • Cin

    Yes to early detection and HEALTH CARE……

  • DaysofWineandRoses

    Wow. You never think this sort of thing can happen to you. Until it does. Best wishes for her recovery.