Camille Grammer Says Adrienne Maloof Did NOT File A Lawsuit Against Brandi Glanville! Brandi Responds!

Camille Grammer

After a confusing episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills where Adrienne Maloof denied any lawsuits or letters being sent to cast mate Brandi Glanville, viewers were left wondering what actually happened. Was there a lawsuit or not? While at Lisa’s tea party Camille Grammer explained that if Adrienne was suing Brandi, Adrienne or her lawyers would had to have filed something with the court system and that it WOULD be public record. Camille is correct. If you read our exclusive, we share that Adrienne’s lawyer sent Brandi a cease and desist letter, which isn’t public record. Brandi says she had to spend thousands of dollars on attorneys because of Adrienne’s “letter,” and this is what she is referring to. People can take a cease and desist letter as serious as a lawsuit or brush it off like it’s nothing, it’s all a matter of perception.

Camille took to Twitter after the episode aired to answer a viewer question. Camille wrote, “It’s simple. If a lawsuit was filed it would be in Public Court Records.” A seemingly angry Brandi replied to the tweet, saying, “She was threatening me with a lawsuit, as u know because y’all have the same lawyer. PLEASE tell the truth.”


Camille later replied to Brandi saying, “She did not sue you that is the truth! You said that she was suing u on camera. Anybody can check it’s public record. The letter your friend got was a Cease and Desist letter. I think you may have confused that with a lawsuit. I understand your frustration. I am not lying Brandi! Anyone can go and check to see if you got sued.”

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14 Replies to “Camille Grammer Says Adrienne Maloof Did NOT File A Lawsuit Against Brandi Glanville! Brandi Responds!”

  1. clearly, Brandi is the one telling the truth. We all heard Adrienne, with a smug look on her face, saying she was going to hit Brandi with a big law suit, and sending that letter would be intimidating to a woman that can’t afford to spend her income on an attorney.

  2. For some reason Camille feels it’s o.k. to split hairs with Brandi. To the lay person, they may not know the difference between being sued and being sent a cease and desist letter. Brandi got scared and wanted to protect herself legally, and for Camille to pretend that it’s no big deal is shameful. Adrienne is a multimillionaire Brandi is not so it’s obvious Brandi became intimidated. Seems like Brandi felt like she couldn’t afford to ignore that letter.

  3. Cammile is back to season 1 biotch. Adrianne made her verbal threats and had her attorneys intimidate Brandi – all the same – Adrianne is a lying moron and COWARD. We all know Bravo employees sign contracts and can’t sue each other – yet Adianne has money to waste so she hides while her lawyers make life miserable for Brandi. This shows Adrianne’s evil lack of character. Why not use that money to help people. Hope this plastic, ugly, lying, ho loses all her $$$$ cause honey that is ALL she has. Internet rumors are saying she had those surrogate babies for inheritance purposes. Ain’t she lovely.

  4. Brandi Needed To Play Victim..Again. Adrienne Is Suing Me..LIE! If She Was Educated At All She Would Know It Was A Shut Your Classless Mouth About Adriennes Family And Personal Business Letter..A Cease And Desist Letter Is What She Deserved. It Was Her Dumb Fault She Spent Any Money At All On A Lawyer. It’s A Reality Show..I Totally Get That But Noone Ever Brings Up Anyones Children On Any Of The Housewives Show And It Should Of Stayed That Way. I Think It’s Horrible What Brandi Said.. She Never Should Of Said It. Attacking Adrienne Is One Thing But To Bring 6yr Old Children Into It Is Disturbing And So Is Brandi. She Acts Like A Dog In Heat Around Men And It’s Horrible To Even Watch Her Sleezy Ways. I Would Never Wanna Be Friends With Someone Like That..I Would Be Nervous Of What Crazy Stuff Would Come Out Of Her Mouth. I Just Knew After Brandi Brought Up.. .Oh How Did You Have Your Kids Nature, C At A Dinner Table..UGH! She Was Going Some Where With It I Just Never Thought She Would Go There But With Her Nothing Surprises Me. JMO!

  5. I feel like Brandi is the one lying, like Camille said if she was being sued her bitch ass would have public records of it. You were sent a cease and decist letter get the fuck over it. I’m sick of people crying that Adrienne intimidates her with her money, that’s just a crutch for Brandi to get sympathy. If the bitch would have just shut her fuckin mouth instead of trying to be such a loud mouth she wouldn’t even be in this situation. Who does that? Telling people’s personal business like that, what gives her the right? If everyone on the show knew it and didn’t say anything how come this bitch couldn’t? Because she has no class or life other then bashing other people instead of repairing her reputation. I would have cheated on her ass too

  6. i am sure the lawyer brandi got for 10k would have explained the difference to her.
    she is not being sued. she lied once again. also she said on last nights episode that
    adriennes lawyer sent the letter to her lawyer.. earlier in the season she said
    she got a letter and had to get an attorney. keep your story straight brandi and

  7. Camile is right…if Adrienne sued Brandi, it would be in the Court files, public record and anyone can look that up, you better believe if there was actually a Complaint filed some gossip site would have picked that up by now especially with all the spouting off Brandi does. There is a difference between a C&D letter and a lawsuit. I don’t condone any of this and really all this I’m hurting you more crap is so annoying I ffwd through a lot of the show, but I do believe Brandi is playing victim, she’s not being sued, a C&D letter is just that, it’s a stop this or a lawsuit will be filed, it’s fairly common practice (I’m a paralegal) and nothing out of the ordinary, Brandi’s not special, Adrienne’s not above all, it’s standard practice especially when minor children are involved. Did anyone ever consider that Bravo probably received the same letter or something similar, yet they aren’t playing victim and stating they are being sued.

  8. The ridiculousness of all this is that Camille and Brandi are both right it seems. Brandi above says she was being threatened with a lawsuit, threatened being the operative word here so obviously public records are not filed for a threat. Camille is saying that a lawsuit was never filed so there is no public record, which is also obviously true. What’s going on here is that Camille is splitting hairs, plain and simple. Doesn’t matter if one can ignore a cease and desist letter, Brandi felt threatened by someone who is enormously more wealthy and powerful than her. Not ignoring such letters is also her right. If cease & desist letters are so meaningless, why did Adrienne feel the need to send one? She could have just picked up the phone right, same difference supposedly? But she didn’t just talk it out, she chose to get lawyers involved for a reason, Adrienne isn’t stupid.

  9. Also, it seems that at the time of filming Brandi was confused about the difference between lawsuit and a c&d letter. Obviously some time has passed and now it seems she understands the difference because she refers to Adrienne’s interactions with her as a threat, not a suit being filed. Camille is not being nice to her nor completely honest in those tweets.

  10. note to brandi, learn to STFU about things that are not your business! otherwise you can get yourself into trouble, and as a single “mother” she should have known better than to play so dirty and mention adrienne’s kids. brandi is a horrible mother to her own kids (writing about her new vag and wild sexual behavior) by setting such an awful example. she’s not the first woman to be cheated on…and i love how she omitts major details to manipulate any scenario to make herself look like the victim. Eddie Cibrian was engaged that night she took him home from a clud and slept with him (the night he “raped” her). I cannot stand this cat-faced, overly-botoxed, liar and I hope peope start reporting the truth about brandi. brnadi has 2 boys, i hope that one of her sons marries someone just like her. what kind of “poor, single mother” spends 12k on her vag instead of rent?! Thanx for effing up my fav HW show you trashy psycho.

  11. Oddly enough, Camille seems to understand this “technicality” of involving lawyers and the difference between filing a lawsuit and sending a cease and desist letter. (Consequently, it seems as though the cease and desist letter from Maloof required Brandi to sign something, which would be actionable in court later if she violated it.)

    Unfortunately, Camille didn’t understand that 51% ownership of something is a controlling ownership, not just the “persona” or “face” of a business. It’s the controlling owner of a business. Her lack of understanding here is awfully convenient.

  12. You bring up good points fresafresca …I would be very scared if somebody w/Adrienne’s money THREATENED to sue me…

  13. Brandi said she cant sign the C & D letter cuz she would implode.. That so doesnt sound as though she is too afraid of Adrienne. I wouldnt consider them as friends if they felt they could just say the “truth ” whenever the urge hit them. So I dont think Brandi is being a good person. All she cares about is her kids but writes a trash book on her life. And again I say Lisa is friends with the poor underdog every season. Cedric, Taylor, now Brandi. Yet Lisa is hurt that Kyle doesnt back her up. Something doesnt make sense.

  14. yes i believe adrienne had her lawyer send brandi a letter about suing her addriennes a fake person andi just dont like someone like her who tries 2 throw their money around 2 make people sared of them shame on her.

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