Camille Grammer Reveals She Was Asked to Return to RHOBH, Has New Boyfriend

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills veteran cast member Camille Grammer is revealing that she has been asked to return to the show full-time. So is she considering it?

“It’s something I’ve been toying with the last three years,” she told People this weekend about returning to the show. “I’ve been asked. Maybe next year, we’ll see. You know, after the reunion and after this season, and after casting, we’ll see how they feel about it. We’ll be back and we can all discuss it.”

Camille admitted she definitely has hesitations about jumping back into reality-TV. “Well, it’s exposing your personal life, which was very difficult in the first season; I had a very tough time,” she said, speaking of her divorce from Kelsey Grammer.

“Going through divorce while shooting a reality show is terrible. Divorce alone is a very hard thing to go through, and having the public weigh in on it makes it worse. It was very tough times for me,” she added. “So the pros and cons are: How much do I want the public to see my life? And also I have two children. I want to protect them from certain things; I’m a very protective mother. Maybe if I was married I’d do it. But as a single mom, I feel more exposed. I don’t have the support. I have a boyfriend, we just started dating the last several months. And again, do I want to throw him into the mix? Oh my god, the craziness of it.”

But now Camille is dating a new man! “He’s been watching the show, just this past season,” Grammer said. “He didn’t know much about it, and I was watching it, and he’s enjoying it. He giggles, you get hooked. People get hooked.”

Camille reveals that they are quite serious. “I wanted to take it slowly, but we’ve been fast-tracking it and having a great time,” she said. “I didn’t plan it to go fast, we’re just having a really good time and enjoying spending a lot of time together. We travel together — travel well together — and it’s great. It’s been great. I’m very happy. I’m with a good guy, and we’ll see what happens. You never know, I never know.”

Would Camille consider marriage again? “I am open to marriage again. Am I ready at this moment to get married again? No,” she said. “You know, I believe in love. I believe in a marriage that could last and stand the test of time. I always thought that once I got married it was forever. My ex didn’t think that. I should’ve realized that when I was number three. That there was gonna be a four and maybe a five. I don’t know, don’t say that, but, you never know with Kelsey. He changes marriages like he changes characters, you know, for movies or shows. But yes, I’m open to love, absolutely. And marriage, yes.”

And Camille’s relationship with Kelsey has not changed. “Terrible co-parenting,” she called their current arrangement. “I wish for the kids that he would grow up and mature … I’m used to it now. It was very difficult for the first several years, because how do you co-parent with someone that refuses to talk to you? How do you make those decisions about school or health? And then it takes a while for my husband to get back in touch with me; it’s hard on the kids, it’s hard on me. I feel worse about the children. Me, now I can handle this situation, unfortunately. It just took a while to adjust.”

Would you like to see Camille return to RHOBH?

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  • Bettes

    Yes!!! I miss Camille

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  • Eddie Joshua

    omg yes, camille is my favorite housewive.

  • Frank Van Der Heijden

    Yass!!!… I’d bang that !

  • Jay

    They should bring Camille Brandi Taylor & Adrienne back and get rid of rinna and dorito

  • barbara

    Please come back.

  • Starr

    Camille & Adrienne, no one else.

    • Michelle

      I don’t like Brandi or Taylor. Adrienne is one classy, hard ass, aloof woman that can really pull it off. Of all the HWs, I think she is the one person I wouldn’t want to battle.

  • Rusty Fender

    Love Camille always classy

  • Jennifer McGee

    Yes, if it is the right thing for her. Adrienne would be nice to have back too. Seasons I and 2 were the best.

  • Michelle

    I liked Camille so I for one would like to see her back. My only advise to her is to stop leading with sex. It doesn’t look natural. It looks forced and faked. She’s a beautiful lady and I got glimpses of a very nice person so lead with that.