Camille Grammer Reliving Kelsey’s Affair Through Heartbreaking Tell-All Book


Camille Grammer’s world was turned upside down when she learned two years ago that her husband Kelsey Grammar was cheating on her with her with stewardess Kayte Walsh. Now, just weeks after finishing chemo for endometrial cancer, Camille is reliving the heartache all over again thanks to a tell-all, House of Outrageous Fortune, about the apartment building where she and Kelsey lived.

“It’s disgusting someone from the building would do that and make profits off of it,” Camille tells RadarOnline. “It’s not only hurtful for my family, but for the other residents, including Alex Rodriguez and Sting who appear in the book as well.”

According to the author, Michael Gross, Camille found out about Kelsey’s affair when she “called from California before she knew about his girlfriend,” a renter at the tony Fifteen Central Park West high rise reveals. “They told her his wife was already in the building. She genuinely didn’t know. Incidents followed.”

“Between the taping of that show and the time it aired, Camille Grammer filed for divorce …” the book notes. “Her husband immediately married a former flight attendant, Kayte Walsh, twenty-seven years his junior.”

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