Camille Grammer Quits RHOBH!

Camille Grammer

Camille Grammer has appeared on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills since Season 1, although she has had a reduced role in Season 3, she officially told Bravo producers she will not be returning for Season 4. Camille feels like it’s time for her to move on from RHOBH, but she is grateful for the opportunity and the friends she has made. A source tells RadarOnline, “Camille has decided not to go to the reunion taping. She wasn’t on the show that much during the past season and feels there really isn’t any need for to her to go. Camille has also told producers that she won’t be returning for the fourth season. She was so thankful for the opportunity to be on the show and made some great friends, but it’s just time now for her to move on.”

Camille is leaving the show gracefully and wishes her cast mates nothing but the best. “Camille has some very exciting projects in the works, and that’s what she wants to concentrate on. She wishes all of the ladies nothing but the best though and will definitely be rooting for Lisa Vanderpump on Dancing with the Stars!” the source adds.

Are YOU sad Camille quit RHOBH and won’t return for Season 4?

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8 Replies to “Camille Grammer Quits RHOBH!”

  1. I am sad that she is leaving but understands why. She cme out very flamboyant on Season 1 then her life crashed all around her. It would have been good to see her putting her life back together. I wish she was coming on Bravo with her own show. She will be greatly missed.

  2. I would have liked to see her join the cast for the reunion. She needs to explain her statement in reference to only remembering “parts” of the conversation with Brandi regarding Adrienne’s covert manuvers against Lisa. She knows exactly and completely what transpired between them during their phone conversation and I would like to see her try to squirm out of the lie.

  3. Bummed she is leaving. They should have spent more time on developing her this past season, instead of spending time on that insipid Brandi.

  4. I am so sad that Camille is leaving HWBH. She was my absolute favorite the past few seasons. She will be missed!
    Good luck Camille….You are a wonderful person, remember that 🙂

  5. Another chicken shit. She was on this season more than last season. She got what she needed from the show and now she is gone to spend Kelsey’s money. She wont be missed. Her and her buddy Adrienne are birds of a feather. Good Riddance to you!!

  6. omg I love this site! I love how the writing isn’t biased like others and people are allowed to express their different opinions without being attacked. I am really sad to see Camille leave the show. I think Brandi has ruined RHOBH. I miss when it was the original women and their fancy houses, cars, clothes, dinners, trips, etc…. Brandi does not fit that mold, sorry

  7. I will so miss Camille. She added much needed grace and beauty to this floundering Brandi Bonanza Bullshit.

  8. @catlady123 your comment made me laugh! hahha i have to agree some of these housewives are dropping like fliessssss. but i really liked camile didnt care for her too much this season especially when she lied at the dinner because brandi put her on the spot! but i understand why shes leaving i believe she feels the dynamic of the show has changed and she no longer knows where to fit and how to deal with the ladies being so divided!!! as for brandi everyone is going in to hard on her!!! we know she did wrong by saying what she did about adrienne but we all retaliate differently and thats the way she retaliated i hope that she grows out of that habit but i still love her and still love adrienne its sad to see adrienne this season because it really showed her bad characteristics i wish the best to her as she also leaves the show

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