Camille Grammer On Her Upcoming Fight With Lisa Vanderpump!


Camille Grammer has been the voice of reason this Season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but it looks like the drama will find her soon enough! Camille tells Glamour Magazine that we are about to see her have a little fight with Lisa Vanderpump, and after that she will disappear from the show for awhile.

UPDATE! Click Here For More Details On Camille’s Feud With Lisa!

“There’s just really one scene where Lisa and I have a little tiff, but if I didn’t, I’d disappear anyway,” Camille explains. “I stay calm until something really upsets me, and then I say, ‘Enough’s enough.'”

Camille told me in our interview that she doesn’t like conflict, in fact she tries to avoid it, but she’s also not afraid of it. “When I really feel it’s important to put my foot down, I will,” she says. “Like last year, with the whole Taylor thing. You can tell I was shaking; I was nervous. You can hear my voice cracking. I was very upset with her, but very protective in the same way because we were all.”

Camille also has some interesting things to say about new Housewife, Yolanda Foster! “Yolanda brings a lifestyle, you know, she walks off of her jet, and then she says, ‘Oh, these women are so Beverly Hills.’ Yeah, you show up with your $20,000 Hermes bag, walking off a private jet, and you’re making fun of us because we have dresses on? I think she’s more Beverly Hills than all of us.” Camille also comments on Yolanda’s role on the show, and how she has labeled as boring by viewers. “At first, you could see in the first few episodes we’re all like… ‘OK, snooze.’ But you know, we’ll see,” she says.

Camille also spoke with Glamour about her reduced role this Season, and how she feels disconnected. “I’m just out there drifting along going, ‘Okay, where do I belong this year?'” she explains. “It’s an uncomfortable feeling because I’m not there for the day-to-day drama, so when I do show up I have to ask, ‘What’s going on? Fill me in, girls!'”

Tell Us- Are YOU surprised Camille and Lisa will have a fight?

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8 Replies to “Camille Grammer On Her Upcoming Fight With Lisa Vanderpump!”

  1. I know Lisa is a fan favorite but she is wearing on me this season. I really fell bad for Adrienne. I also don’t know why Brandi is so popular. She is just plain mean.

  2. Lola I agree. IMO Brandi says whatever she wants to say with a little bitchy smirk and then when someone says something back about her comments, she plays victim or better yet she then tries to excuse her bad behavior and turn it back to whomever.

    Anyone notice at the Ojai table how she started a conversation on how the women carried their babies? 1st she had to know Camille used a surrogate, so that was insensitive to even talk that subject, THEN she intentionally asked Adrienne about how she carried, all in the disguise of being friendly….THEN we have hear about her spreading gossip about Adrienne!! That didn’t get past me…with that she wanted to prove Adrienne a liar. She is mean!…and if we have to hear one more time that “they did something to me” boo hoo…shut up girl because you make no sense.. I’m sure you told them where to go when they asked you to go against Lisa. So they really did nothing to you…really.

  3. I feel badly that BRAVO is cutting their Housewives in such ways that someone is disjointed from the rest. I don’t like that Camille has such a small role this year & that Yolanda has stepped in. Yolanda is a real snob! I know some personalities are more dominant than others (Brandi), but BRAVO needs to balance the show out so that we’re kept up on ALL the girls! I actually have always liked Camille & would love to see her share more on the show. 🙁

  4. All these these women need to put their lives in perspective about their complaints because not one of them every has had to worry about having a roof over their head or food to eat or seeing a doctor because they have always had money. When I’m disabled because of a doctor who mistakenly damaged a leg nerve permanently and I am now totally disabled because of pain and he never put one word in my medical file about the MASSIVE COMPLICATIONS AFTER SURGERY in my medical file when I got a copy. He then refused to see me after six months then my local medical clinic I had always received my healthcare from failed to diagnose or treat me after I had to find out myself that I have had severe obstructive sleep apnea and do not get any sleep because I stop breathing when I sleep. These women need to count their blessings and stop their petty squabbles and walk in my shoes and all disabled peoples shoes to really learn how bad America has become to survive in. I can’t even get my pain doctor to send to my Medicare Rx insurance company my full medical info for me to receive my pain medication and I have complained about this doctor to management at his medical group. This is the type of respect poor disabled people receive inadequate healthcare and why disabled people cost the government so much because capitalistic american doctors only care about protecting them selves against malpractice when I couldn’t find a lawyer to take my case because I was told the local doctor was too prominent and the lawyer would not be able to win the suit. It is a myth that there are too many frivolous lawsuits costing medical care to be expensive. This is a conservative politicians myth.

  5. Yolanda is a boring snob and Brandi is a Bitch who throws stones and then cries wolf when somebody throws it back at her.

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