Camille Grammer Not Happy When Dorit Kemsley Uses C-Word

On last week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Camille Grammer was not happy when Dorit Kemsley used the c-word towards her.

During a party at Kyle Richards’ house, Dorit had a few too many drinks and said, “Camille, you’re a stupid c*nt!” The comment came after Dorit and PK randomly asked Grammer, who they aren’t close with, to be the grandfather of their imaginary future child. … What? Weird.

Making things even more awkward was that Camille brought her fiancé David C. Meyer to the party to introduce him to all of her friends.

Camille acted like a lady at the table, but ripped Dorit in her confessional. “Dorit, everyone’s entitled to act stupid once and a while but you really abused the privilege,” she said. “Honestly, at this point, I really don’t give two shits about you. But I care about what David thinks, because if I’m associated with the ranting of a crazed drunk woman, it makes me look bad.”

“Why would PK and Dorit ask me to be the godfather if they were to have another child. Bizarre request even if it was a joke,” Camille continued. “Then she shouted, ‘Camille you…blah blah blah.’ I don’t know why or what prompted her to say this. I barely know her, and I was at a loss for words, so I choose to take the high road and not respond. I also didn’t want to make David feel any more uncomfortable at that very moment. I see that she chose this dinner to humiliate herself in front of my boyfriend. This is the exact reason why I was apprehensive to bring David around this group. Ouch!”

Whose side are YOU on this fight? We will see Dorit attempt to apologize on tonight’s episode.


21 Replies to “Camille Grammer Not Happy When Dorit Kemsley Uses C-Word”

  1. There isn’t an original thought in Doritos’ bony little body. First she steals Erikunty’s “glam squad” shtick, and now she’s trying to talk like her. Only a matter of time before she’s busted for going commando.

    1. The outburst was just bizarre. As a “Friend of Housewives” Camille is just a supporting player on the cast; she’s had relatively little to no interaction with Dorit, which makes her look even crazier for targeting Camille at that dinner. Just what is it with Dorit that she can NEVER sit down to a meal with attacking someone? It’s clear that she paid a lot of attention to what viewers and YT vloggers were saying about her last year, and went to great pains to take note and act accordingly (notice how we now see her being more of a hands on mom with her toddler, showing more of her business plans, etc.) – she’s clearly edited her behaviors according to audience feedback from last year. She’s even stepped up her glam, although I think that’s due more to her need to compete with the other women instead of focusing on what’s going on in her own lane. But for all the “self-editing” she’s done, you can’t hide “inside ugly”, and alcohol is a surefire way to bring it to the surface. Dorit is exceedingly vain and has a problem with not being the hottest girl in the room, and her insecurities billow in a constant need to upstage or embarrass others.

  2. Did she really say that Camile was asked to be the godFATHER? What? She was drunk.
    Camila you have had enough experience with this group of women to know better than to bring the outside in. Your fiancée should not judge you by these women but it does happen. He just may decide he doesn’t want any part of it and walk. The best thing for you would have been NOT TO HAVE come back at ALL. You should stay away if you want a healthy happy life. Money does stupid things to people.
    Dorit is a very emotionally ill woman and the fact that she married that “Thing” PK proves her bad judgement. Anyone who uses the “C” word to describe ANYONE has just proven she is as low as scum.
    That word should never even be a part of the dictionary its offensive and disgusting

  3. I tried to give Dorito and her ample breasted husband another chance but she is WORSE than last year ! What a pair of scrotums

  4. Well, Dorit and her lies tonight really showed her true colours. No wonder she and LVP get along so well.

    Did you see the look on LVP’s face when Dorit said that Kyle really opened up to her? LVP is terrified whenever Kyle gets close to anyone.

    Oh and Kyle, could you have the fence any further up your arse? Pick a lane. Stop trying to be Switzerland. It makes you look gutless. Someone mentions that someone may have a drinking problem and you lose your mind. Still in denial and still enabling your sister.

  5. The way Dorit acts so entitled. Bet she’s a pain in the ass to work with. I think PK and Boy George have a thing.

  6. Dorit needs to apologise in a big way. That was so unkind & uncalled for. Why do these women consume so much alcohol!!! As for Pk’s remark to Camille, I have no word except disgusting. Shame on them both for their low behavior.

  7. I wonder how Dorit is going to avoid this apology? She never admits doing anything wrong and she’s always the victim. Even with LVP, it’s Camille’s fault for not having a sense of humour. Lisa Rinna wasn’t there so she can’t blame her.

  8. I don’t know anyone who would exactly EMBRACE being called a c-u-next-Tuesday at a group dinner with friends…and while introducing your new boyfriend to the group? Dorit was out of line.

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