Camille Grammer & Marisa Zanuck NOT Attending RHOBH Reunion!


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are taping the Season 3 Reunion today, Friday, March 1st. It is rumored that Adrienne Maloof will not be attending the taping. Marisa Zanuck confirmed on Twitter that she and Camille Grammer won’t be attending the taping either! The current Season of RHOBH has been centered around the feud between Brandi Glanville and Adrienne Maloof. The ongoing feud has affected all of the women and the group has been completely divided. If Adrienne doesn’t attend the Reunion, I’m not sure how Andy Cohen plans on giving viewers the answers they have been looking for?

Kyle Richards, told me in our interview that the feud has put the other women in a tough position. Viewers want answers and since no one can talk about what happened between Adrienne and Brandi (due to legal issues), it’s frustrating. Personally, I feel like viewers won’t get the resolution they want from this Reunion if Adrienne isn’t present. Most people feel Adrienne owes them an explanation for what has occurred this Season. Since Camille and Adrienne are reportedly not attending, it’s my prediction that Kyle will be the target of this Reunion.

We will keep you updated with Reunion details!

What do YOU want to see happen at the RHOBH Reunion?

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8 Replies to “Camille Grammer & Marisa Zanuck NOT Attending RHOBH Reunion!”

  1. It should be a part of their contract that they MUST do the reunion!…..Don’t be on a reality show if you are sue happy and extremely private about the lies you have created in your life!

  2. These women are ridiculous. Own up to stuff you’ve done! They signed up for this and they owe it to the viewers. They are a bunch of cowards! I really enjoyed this season but now they’ve ruined it. Thanks Adrienne!

  3. I wonder why Camille, and Marisa aren’t attending? That’s awfully strange. I wonder if that’s a sign of them not being candidates for Season 4?

  4. TRANDI will do her best to crucify Kyle. Am loving the Paris episodes though! Calm, pretty, lux…that’s what rhobh should show, not the nastiness they’ve been shoving our way.

  5. They still can’t talk about it, yet it was the cover story of US Weekly???? Maybe Andy can just hold up the magazine. And I read that Adrienne is attending and she wants to bring Bernie. I bet she shows…she craves attention too much.

  6. After watching it all unfold this season, I would like to see EVERYONE at the reunion. Yes, I have my favorites and my opinion as to what is happening, BUT I want to hear from them all. The reunion won’t be the same without ALL the players. It definitely should be a contractual obligation to attend the reunion.

  7. First of all, I DON’T want to see Faye! She has to butt into everyone’s business when she has nothing to do with it. Notedly last weeks ep where yoli & brandi & marissa were talking about Brandi’s text & how marissa put it out there for everyone’s eyes & ears. Not cool marissa, not cool. But Faye decides once again that she needs another 15 minutes of fame & walks over there & refuses to leave when asked by both Brandi & yoli & then changing the subject entirely accusing Brandi of causing Adrienne & Paul’s break up. What rubbish. But what do u expect from trash like Faye. Good for them to just walk away & not give her anymore undeserved attention. I DO want to see Adrienne fess up. She has done nothing but lie, manipulate situations & cause drama, in between treating her ex-hubby like crap & trying to come up with anything to sell with her nae on it. She’s a joke. I want to see Brandi, yoli& Lisa cuz hey are my faves & let’s face it Kim & Kyle are so over, they’re boring, too-faced and loves creating drama just a little too much!!

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