Camille Grammer Gives Her Opinions On RHOBH Reunion!


Former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star Camille Grammer appeared on Watch What Happens Live Monday night, and Andy asked Camille to dish her opinions on what happened at the Season 3 Reunion!

“I don’t think she could of handled it,” Camille said of Adrienne Maloof not showing up to the Reunion. “I don’t think she was ready or prepared, I think it would have been really hard for her [to defend herself].”

As far as Brandi vs. Mauricio, Camille says it was “odd and uncomfortable to watch!”

When Andy asks if Camille believes Kim and Kyle when they claimed Yolanda said Lisa was full of sh*t, Camille replied, “Yes, I do.”

Brandi saying she thinks Kyle wants Kim to fail; “I thought that was uncalled for,” Camille says. “It hit below the belt.”

Does Camille agree that Mauricio dropped Ken and Lisa after he sold their home? “No, I don’t think it had anything to do with real estate. It was more about the Brandi, Adrienne stuff.”

Maloof Divorce, was Camille surprised? “I was, shocked,” Camille says. “The whole year they seemed like such a team, but I didn’t know that much personal stuff that was going on. So, I was very surprised.”

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo


7 Replies to “Camille Grammer Gives Her Opinions On RHOBH Reunion!”

  1. I find it so sad when someone goes from a leader and a strong woman to a following weak puppet. I was just starting to like her before she started fighting for other cowardly people who never stood up for her.

  2. I used to really love this woman in season 2…then she started talking out of both sides of her mouth…and back pedaling when called out on inconsistencies. Sort of makes you wonder just exactly what is going on!

  3. Good for you Camille for telling the truth! Lisa V. has turned into a miserable lady who expects everyone to kiss her behind. I hope she gets head out of the clouds and realizes fame is fleeting.

  4. first of all lisa isnt looking for fame at the end of the day she has businesses that run well therefore she will always have money and she will always be in some sort of spotlight. second im dissapointed in camile she showed a bad side this season just like season 1 i realized she lie alot!

    1. Lisa is a frame whore….She plays just as dirty as the rest and eventually the ladies will turn on her too. It was unprofessional the way Andy joined the rest of them attacking A without her being there. He shoud have just stated she quit and moved on with the ladies that were present.

  5. I also no likey 1st season, liked Camille 2nd season, now don’t like her either. It’s no surprise Adrienne/Paul’s split shocked her, she seemed the last to know about old Fraz too while I think almost everyone saw that one coming. She’s very 2-faced. She should sympathize more w/Brandi because those heffes all treated Camille bad first season.

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