Camille Grammer On The New Dynamic Of RHOBH! Plus- Will She Return As An Official Housewife In Season 4?!

Camille Grammer may have reduced her role on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but she still knows a lot about the drama that’s going to take place on the show in Season 3. “I am not sure how much I am in it,” she admitted in an interview with The Clicker about the upcoming season. “I definitely filmed a lot though, during the various events. You just never know how they are going to edit it.”

Even though Camille may not be featured as much as some of the other ladies, the new Housewives are sure to change the dynamic of the group! “With the (other women), it’s interesting to see how different alliances form. Friendships change and morph,” Camille shares. “Certain friendships really dissipate while others start. All of that really surprised me. It always does … truly. But this time, it’s really shocking. Personally, I have no trouble with anyone. I love all the girls, I really do.”

As far as co-star Adrienne Maloof’s public divorce, we aren’t going to see much of it on the show, Camille revealed. “You are not going to see anything about their divorce,” Camille says. “Adrienne is private. I really feel for her. I went through this during the whole first season. I just want her to stay strong. She is a great mom and is really there for her children.”

Camille even reveals that she has toyed with the idea of coming back as an “official” Housewife next season! “The producers and I kicked the idea around. Maybe … it all depends. We will see how this season gets unveiled,” she explains. “It’s always a mutual agreement between myself, the producers and other cast members.”

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