Camille Grammer, Adrienne Maloof & Taylor Armstrong Tell-All On WWHL


After the season premiere of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, original cast members Adrienne Maloof, Camille Grammer and Taylor Armstrong joined Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live. The ladies dished on their return to the show and what they have been up to since we last saw them.

Andy started off the show by playing the clip where he called Adrienne out for not showing up to the season 3 RHOBH reunion and gave Maloof a chance to respond.

“Gosh Andy, what are friends for?” Adrienne joked. “I was pissed. I forgive you and I’m here now.”

Next, Cohen grilled Taylor Armstrong about the details of her wedding.

Which Housewives were in attendance?
“Adrienne. Camille was out of town. Lisa and Kyle came Kim was invited and called two hours into the wedding to ask what the address was.”

Who gave the best gift of all the Housewives?
“Oh my gosh. Adrienne gave me a really special frame that I have a great wedding picture in and it sits right on my bar.”

What plastic surgery did she have done before the wedding?
“How much time 30 seconds?”

The next 30 second round was Andy asking Camille Grammer a bunch of shady questions.

Who’s the bigger turkey in need of stuffing? Paul Nassif or Kelsey Grammer?
“Kelsey Grammer, by far!”

You once called Kyle a bully, who do you think the biggest bully in Beverly Hills today?
“God I don’t know. I have no idea.”

Do you think Lisa’s behavior is still machiavellic? If not what is one word you would use to describe her?
“Oh glamourous, darling.”

Andy went on to ask Adrienne about her divorce from Paul Nassif and if she still blames the show for ruining their marriage.

“Andy, there were things going on behind-the-scenes, the show actually did me a favor by bringing those things to the forefront much sooner rather than later,” Adrienne admits. “We are in a good place right now, he and I.”

Camille was happy to report she is in remission from her battle with endometrial cancer.

“I’m in remission,” Camille said. “It’s been a little over a year since the operation and I finished my chemo and radiation and it will be a year in January.”

Next, a caller asks all three ladies which of the ladies they are closest with on the show.

Camille: “I still keep in touch with everybody.”

Taylor: “I think all six of us will always be like a family but I’m closest to Kyle and Lisa.”

Adrienne: “We’re in a better place,” Adrienne said of her relationship with Lisa Vanderpump, “it couldn’t have been worse [at the time] so we’re in business now.”

Adrienne also dished on her much younger boyfriend, Jacob Busch. Andy questioned whether or not she is cougar since she has been known to date younger men since her divorce.

“I don’t know that’s what I’m attracted to and they are attracted to me,” Adrienne admits, adding that she and Busch are still hot and heavy.

Another viewer asked Adrienne if her controversial chef, Bernie, still works for her.

“Yea, he is,” Adrienne said.

The next viewer wanted to get Camille’s thoughts on how Lisa Vanderpump was treated on the show last season.

“It was harsh to watch her…” Camille admitted. “It was uncomfortable watching the reunion.”

Camille also revealed that her relationship with her ex-husband Kelsey Grammer has not gotten any better. When asked how their co-parenting was going, Camille replied, “Terrible!” and went on to reveal that she still doesn’t speak to Kelsey.

“He has to learn how to love his kids more than he hates me,” Camille told Andy.

Another caller asked Adrienne if she regretted not showing up to the season 3 RHOBH reunion?

“Well I think at the time it was a little difficult for me… going through so much, but I’m here now and I’m happy to be with…”

Andy clarifies, “There was stuff that Brandi had put on the table that you did not feel you could discuss because you had many issues going on between your family.”

Another caller asks the ladies if they think Lisa and Brandi can ever repair their friendship.

Camille: “No, I don’t. I think Lisa put a lot of faith in Brandi two years ago and I think that Brandi really hurt her last year.”

Taylor: “And why would Lisa want to?”

Last, a caller asks Adrienne if she thinks Brandi would have been up for reconciling with her at Kyle’s White Party if she had still been friends with Lisa.

“Good question,” Adrienne says. “I don’t know. That’s actually a very good, good question but I don’t know.”

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  1. I was completely distracted by Adrienne’s ballooning face. What is she thinking? She looks like she’s on high doses of Prednisone, although I’m sure it’s fillers. When will woman realize that fillers just puff everything out, and it looks horrid. Her eyes won’t even open anymore if she smiles! She’s looking like that cat woman of New York.

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