Camille Grammer Accuses Ex Husband Kelsey Of Abandoning Her While She Had Cancer


In a new interview, former RHOBH star Camille Grammer is accusing her ex-husband Kelsey Grammer of abandoning her while she was being treated for endometrial cancer last year.

“After being diagnosed, I reached out to Kelsey’s camp, since he refuses to talk to me directly. I conveyed the news, and never heard one word back, which was obviously very hurtful,” Camille shares. “We may have had our issues, but we have two kids together.”

“Put our history aside and just step up for the sake of the kids,” she told RadarOnline. “The kids were scared that their mom had been diagnosed with cancer. I tried to keep much of the illness away from them.”

“If Kelsey had faced a similar health crisis, I would immediately call him, attempt to have a conversation to see if there was anything I could do,” she insists, adding, “I’m in such a great place now, happy and healthy and committed to help women become more knowledgeable about cancer.”

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10 Replies to “Camille Grammer Accuses Ex Husband Kelsey Of Abandoning Her While She Had Cancer”

  1. Kelsey Grammer is a very immature and disgusting person. He evidenced that by the way he treated Camille. She saved his drug addled ass- stood by him as he went to rehab -twice- and helped rebuild his career. They had two kids together and were married for 13 years and then he cheated on her in a very public way, humiliating her. On top of that, per the usual script, he suddenly forgot that she stood by him through his rehabs and rebuilds and was was there through the tough times, he didn’t care that she had two young kids with him and ran a successful production company with him. ALL the success was due to HIM so ALL the $$ should be his (and the new pregnant other woman’s too.) It speaks volumes to the total lack of character Kelsey Grammer has. That he couldn’t even, as a decent human being, never mind that Camille is the Mother of two of his children, totally iignore Camille during a medical crisis. Petty and low.

    1. Yes, yes, yes! This is a very immature man. The kids should take priority and he needs to stop all this silence treatment. Even if it’s just to converse about the kids schedules etc…

  2. Kelsey is a gross old man….. Too bad he didn’t call and wish her success with her cancer fight… Camille is not that nice either so maybe the two of them together was a toxic mess. Who knows!

  3. It is fairly well known that when they started dating, Kelsey had snorted all of his Cheers and Frazier money. Camille got him sober and managed their money into a $60 million estate. Not only should the father of her children have wished her well, his new wife living off that money should be sending her flowers to thank her for the lovely life she has now.

  4. Really!!!!! She is shocked that her ex Kelsey didn’t reach out to her. Are you kidding. He is such a selfish jerk he wouldn’t have called if his life depended on it. Camille quit hoping for a relationship with Kelsey he only cares about himself. Move on and find a man who is not a serial cheater. Little does Kate know she is just next in line to be kicked to the curb.

  5. Camille has been slamming him in the press since he asked for a divorce. what he did was wrong but that is between him, her and their kids… Her constantly releasing nasty tidbits to make him look bad is passive aggressive.. and maybe that’s why he left her. A passive aggressive spouse is a nightmare. Her personality seems very off to me,… fake.. overtly sexual and inappropiately flirty

    1. agree….there were many things she said that were nasty… talking about the size of his penis probably was the worst… who does that..

  6. Have been wondering how Camille had such radical surgery and was up partying at Halloween such a short time later? Anyone have details on that?

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