Cameras Allowed During Bethenny Frankel, Jason Hoppy Custody Trial


Bethenny Frankel has been battling Jason Hoppy in court since she filed for divorce in December of 2012, but the Skinnygirl mogul will be taking the stand this week to start the trial for the custody battle of her daughter Bryn, RadarOnline reports.

Bethenny is “taking the stand first thing Wednesday morning” in order to fight for the custody she wants of her child, a source tells the site. “The attorneys for the embattled couple did not file appropriate documents to keep the courtroom sealed and currently press will be allowed inside to observe the proceedings.”

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8 Replies to “Cameras Allowed During Bethenny Frankel, Jason Hoppy Custody Trial”

  1. I like Bethany but I don’t think she would be the best Mother. Shared custody would be much better for that sweet baby because Jason came from a stable home with loving parents. That little girl will reap more benefits from both parents and her wonderful grandparents.

  2. Brinn needs both her parents but I feel Jason is the better parent. He can provide stability. Bethenny is self centered and ambitios, not good traits. These traits blind her to the needs of others.

    1. I totally disagree. Jason is a money-hungry snake. Bethany (and I) came from abusive homes. AND one thing I am sure of is that Bethany loves her daughter dearly and will raise her daughter in a calm, loving and kindhearted way. Totally opposite from her own rearing. Jason Hoppy is a mamma’s bo y. He was spoiled rotten, thinks his shit doesn’t stink. He’s user. What kind of mother (Jason’s) signs illegal documents so her son can screw Bethany. No I have no respect for the Hoppy’s. They raised their spoiled rotten son to be rotten. One day Bren will know. There is good spoiling and bad spoiling. Bethany will be a good one. My 3 children were active in sports, other activities, gives back to their communities, college educated, independant adulds. I am a retired social worker, my husband a retired teacher/20 yr principal. We both came from abusive homes and knew we would raise our children differently. Remember last season Bethany couldn’t make a lot of activities because she always put her daughter first. I love Bethany’s quick wit and humor and she tells it like it is. Is she perfect, no, but then who is? Hoppy”s are near the devils door!!!!!

  3. Bethenny’s being extremely selfish when it comes to her daughter’s custody. I think all she cares about in this case is hurting Jason but what she doesn’t realize is that by taking Brynn away from her father, she’s the one that will be affected.

  4. she is far too mentally unstable to have custody of that baby . team jason she is all about herself and nobody else i believe she loves her baby but she is too damaged to be a parent and a wife

    1. Nope I don’t think he stayed to spite her. I think he stayed because it was the right thing to do and the smart thing. Bethenny loves her daughter but she is emotionally damaged from her childhood. They need to have joint custody or give custody to Jason with very liberal visitation rights for Bethenny. She needs many years of counselling so she does not screw up Brynn unintentionally.

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