The Brownstone in Financial Trouble? Caroline Manzo’s Husband in Debt


The Brownstone which has been featured on the Real Housewives of New Jersey that is owned by Caroline Manzo’s husband Albert, is in financial trouble, according to a new report.

A New Jersey state judiciary clerk confirmed that Albert owes $208,012.77 in state taxes from 2015.


The Brownstone House Inc. also owes $13,075 to an accounting firm, and was hit with a civil judgment on June 16, 2016 in the matter. The clerk confirmed to RadarOnline that the case is still open.

The business was slapped with a complaint for $6,132 by an elevator company just a week prior on June 9, 2016.

Manzo has had financial troubles with the Brownstone before, as he failed to pay $105,983 in state taxes in 2004, and it took over a year for the company to pay the money, the clerk confirmed.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Sorry but this really made me laugh today, one by one now it will all come out she was so smug! Can’t stand this woman, maybe Albert could borrow the money from Jill? (No I’m not apologising for that comment either!) I have been saying this all along none of them are innocent!

Is there anyone from the Jersey show not in financial debt? I can’t stand Caroline either. Smug..well that the kindest adjective I’ve heard to described her in a while. lol

Hi Barbara, as I was off with the Jill comment I thought I would be kind to her, well as kind as I can be! Never liked her never will! Xxxooo

Andy and Bravo get rid of the Housewives w $$$! Think Kathy Wakile! Too boring because they don’t have to make up drama so they can keep getting a paycheck to survive! Think Gorgas! Negative $1.2 million! Theresa $200,000 in back taxes! Jacqueline!!! Can’t watch this show anymore! And now Andy’s favorite loser… nene Leakes!!! Beverly Hills and Melbourne and Texas are the franchises with real $$$$!

Apologize??? I applaud your commentary!



Good thing they’re making a fortune from their tv show.

Is Jill Alberts sideshow?

Gee that’s a shocker. Perhaps if they didn’t still didn’t bankroll their adult children

Those kids do NOTHING. It’s ridiculous.

Not to worry. Manzo’d with children is coming back on the air in Sept. Between the five of them they will have plenty of money!

Not for long if no one watches these posers!

does anyone watch this show now?

Given how much they’re worth and the work they do between their event venue, catering off site, paychecks from their Bravo shows, this isn’t that much. Meh, rich it’s people’s problems, they’ll be out of arrears by next year.

Is this a requirement in Jersey in order to be on a reality show?

It looks that way, just and again they were so smug re Tre. I’m just waiting for the others to fall one by one. Jac should be next without a doubt.

Suze- smug is the perfect word to sum up the Manzoids & the Lauritas! I really don’t care for anyone on NJ except for the Guidices. I think Carowhine & Jax need to get fitted for orange jumpsuits. It would be poetic justice to see them behind bars.

Jac should be next but they seem to keep getting postponements how???????

That is the quagmire of the justice system.

Some quagmire! I won’t say anymore about my thoughts! Xoxo

Bribes, and as much as I hate to say this, the fact that they have a special needs child.

I find it amazing how they all want to live beyond their means and show off all their material things and be better than everyone else. How can they be happy struggling to pay bills or not even paying them? Makes no sense!

And that disgusting hypocrite criticized the Guidices! This is not the first time the Manzoids have been in trouble for fraud either! Pay your bills Fatso!

Lol Krista! X xxooo

I read a few interesting articles last night about the Manzo’s and The Brownstone. They seem to have a few problems! Xoxo

I don’t think that Caroline judged what happened to the Guidice’s but did speak out about the dishonesty (or denial) when it was all going down and they acted like they were innocent.
But YES I totally agree that the Manzo kids need to grow the hell up and start standing on their own. We all love our kids but enabling this type of immature adulthood is ridiculous.

These bills are nothing. They are not proof of non payment or fraud. That’s ridiculous The amounts of those bills Albert Manzo could pay with the cash in his pocket. So stupid. When there is a tax bill owed. It takes a very long time to go over the books to find out where that amount comes from. That tax bill is just six months old and also accountants file extensions when they are researching bills. This is just another way for everyone to point out oh look the manzo’s are not paying their bills. They must be stealing from… Read more »

Is this you Caroline?

Once again, WHAT THE HELL GIVES THESE PEOPLE ON RHONY THE RIGHT TO NOT PAY THEIR TAXES? Do they think nobody will notice? Do they think they are “above the law”. I don’t feel bad for ANY OF THEM! Pay your damn taxes like all the rest of us. Assholes, all of them.

Well, when it’s dated 12/10/2015 and still not paid, that’s an issue. It’s basic accounting.