Brooks Breaks Up With Vicki Gunvalson At RHOC Reunion


Part 3 of the season 8 Real Housewives reunion was intense to say the least. The episode was focused around Vicki Gunvalson’s controversial boyfriend, Brooks Ayers, and his tumultuous relationship with her daughter, Briana Culberson. Briana alleged that Brooks told her husband, Ryan, to start beating Briana to put her “in line.” Briana revealed she was abused as a child and how much these words affected her. Audio recordings of Brooks have been released where you can hear him saying these things, threatening to beat Vicki as well as calling her horrible names.

Briana also claimed Brooks would do and say more inappropriate things, like talk to her about the size of his penis. She said he told her his nickname was “Gurth Brooks.” Disturbed by the heated discussion, Lydia McLaughlin walked off set, and the episode ended with Brooks breaking up with Vicki on camera.

“The resolution, obviously, is for me to exit… stage right. Out of this family and this friendship,” Brooks tells Andy in response to his question about what happens next. “Because of those strong feelings.” Briana insists it’s not about feelings it’s about the things he’s done and he tells her she’s had preconceived notions about him from the beginning.

“That’s fine,” Briana tells Brooks. “Because you’ve done some messed up things before you guys were even together.”

“The best thing is…” Brooks says. “You asked me do I love her enough to let her go? Absolutely. I’m not that selfish.”

Brooks gets up to leave the stage, hugs and kisses Vicki on the cheek, and says, “Good luck. I love you.” She apologizes to him, and he says, “It’s alright. It’s alright.”

Vicki wanted to make it clear to viewers that she had never seen an abusive side of Brooks. “I loved him very much. He never touched me, he never hurt me and I never felt scared of him,” she said.

Watch below.

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12 Replies to “Brooks Breaks Up With Vicki Gunvalson At RHOC Reunion”

  1. All this BS gives me a headache. Vic is an ass and I think she should apologize to Gretchen for all the things she said about Slade. Brooks sounds like a real
    sleeze ball compared to Slade and Witch Vic has given Gretchen so much heartache over the last 2 years about it. Vickie you are disgusting and I am glad Gretchen didn’t get up you comfort you like the others did.

    1. I agree, Vic should apologize to Gret. Vic is a liar & ugly inside out. Gret went through such unnecessary heartache over Tam & Vic’s continuous slander. Vic is getting her just desserts, Brookes turned out to be a nasty old pervert. Although I am not a Gret & Brookes fan, I think Bri is in denial when it comes to Ryan”s behavior. Bravo should really recast this whole train wreck.

  2. Vicky sat there as if a train just ran her over. I can imagine her thinking ” What the h– just happened?” One minute she was telling everybody that she and Brooks had things they were going to work on and the next minute he was kissing her goodbye and walking out of her life for good. Her shock of disbelief was unmistakingly clear. The real kicker came during the final thoughts of each cast member. Everyone was talking about how grateful they were to be either married or engaged and how fortunately they were to have the love and support of their families. While Vicky was still shock over the fact that her daughter/”best friend” betrayed her by revealing things she obviously didn’t want to discuss in such a public forum.

    There is no doubt that Brooks is a slimy loser but that was her slimy loser who she was clearly not willing or ready to give up just yet. Oh well, you know what they say “Karma is a ……!” Maybe next time she would treat people with a little more kindness in regards to their mate. Gretchen, I know it’s hard but try not to grin too much. 😉

  3. This years reunion was awful. With the seemingly never ending tears of Gretchen-Lydia and her whacky reasons to be offended-Vicky and her love muffin problems……….it was more pathetic than entertaining. The well is drying up here and the powers that be needed to get new housewives.

  4. Brooks has used Vicki’s money, her stuff, and her, and has had a lot to say that shows his true colors. What’s wrong with her that she’ll accept this out of a man and yet be so critical of her fellow Housewives? Has she taught Brianna through her actions that being with a guy that’s verbally abusive is okay? Because for some reason that’s exactly who Brianna has ended up with. Making excuses for out of control men is NOT okay for either of them!

  5. LMBO … Look at all those opportunist, camera hogs blocking Tamra out of her shot!
    Wow…wish we could have seen how she let them all have it for doing that!!!

  6. Brooks is such a douchewad. But Vicki is a pain in my butt, she’s so condescending and fake, I’ve never been a fan of hers. She should’ve listened to her FRIENDS the minute she began dating him. Our friends look out for us, Tamra (and Gretchen) were right all along. And if you don’t choose to listen to them, at least listen to your daughter. Briana only had her mother’s best interests in mind. Vicki is a douche, Brooks is a douche.

  7. Briana is a spoiled, selfish, brat who has ALWAYS gotten her way and has also ALWAYS controlled her mom’s life which really says it all about Vicky’s self esteem, charachter and lack of mothering.
    You can bet that from day one while Briana was an infant Vicky has always been more concerned with nothing but being a woman that she thought every man would or should desire. She has always had a cheating “eye”. Briana was her second thought. Never her first. Every thing Vicky has been doing up to now is being done out of guilt. Her guilt from not being there to protect Briana as a mother should and Vicky knows this. Once Briana became old enough to understand her mom was neglecting her all these years she took over control of Vicky’s life. Payback! Briana would never have been “molested as a child” had her mother been there mothering her. Vicky is a mess and always has been. The only thing she seems to have done right is earn a good living. Again this shows where her dedication in life has been. Always about the money and the men. Now that she’s getting “over the hill” extremely fast. All the plastics in the country can’t help her face anymore, it just looks worse each time. FRAUD!
    Fraud is the soundtrack to Vicky’s life. So Briana has now taken over, the control freak that she is driven by her abandonment issues as an infant.
    Briana is making her mother pay and pay dearly. Vicky will NEVER, EVER be allowed to grow old with a man of her choosing, nor Briana’s choosing. Briana will not allow it because she controls Vicky’s life. Briana is just like her mom. Manipulative, cunning and conniving. None if them have ever dealt with their mental issues and this is exactly what happens. Life spins out of control.
    Yes Vicky is crying now. She is crying out for help. She wants out of Briana’s prison. Everything is material to Vicky. Change the house, change the man, change the clothes, change the face but she can never change who she really is inside. She keeps doing the same thing and getting the same result. She can never buy her freedom from Briana and Briana is going to continue to “suck” Vicky dry until Vicky goes over the edge mentally. Vicky has used every weapon at her disposal, sex, money, power, lust, greed, sloth, envy…you name it. Flawed is too small a word for Vicky. Tumultuous is better. Then there’s Hurricane Briana who will just keep spinning and spinning until she totally destroys her mother and then it will be too late. Her mother will be gone. Then what will Briana do? My guess is she will more than likely be just like her mother. Never satisfied, never focused, incapable of nurturing, of loving. This monster child has grown into a demon due to lack of guidance, boundaries and consistency. It wasn’t Briana’s fault she turned out this way but she was left untreated, just like her mother and now she is grown and using the only “tools” she knows. Briana is angry and her wrath won’t stop, ever.
    The best thing Vicky could do to save the little she has left wold be to totally cut Briana out of her life. She is a grown woman now (although she acts like a child), she has a husband, a child. It’s time Vicky. Save what’s left of your itty bitty soul, the shred of dignity you are hanging on to by a thread. You’ve done enough damage with your mothering, cut your losses now and find yourself a mate to grow old with. To move into the retirement home with. If you don’t it will only be a matter of time before Brianna continues destroying you and your mind and taking you for every penny you probably have “willed” to her already. Briana doesn’t love you. She doesn’t know what love is. Briana only knows abandonment and pain.

  8. Brooks does have major “creepy” factors but I think it’s up to Vicki to live and learn through her own mistakes. If Briana laid off a bit maybe Vicki could pay more attention to his “creepiness” and make her own conclusion. Does it bother anyone else that when asked why she does like Brooks, Briana acts all exclusive with her reasoning and then gives all kinds of out on context examples (like really who just burst out and says “hit your wife” unless Ryan was expressing some displeasure); her responses are always different or maybe it’s just me?! She will eventually eat those words, seeing as though Ryan is measuring just as creepy to me

    1. Kita, Did you not hear the tape of Brooks telling Ryan to hit his wife? She didn’t make that up nor does she have any words to eat over that. Ryan is his own problem, but aren’t they all? Now we’ve got Vicki on camera admitting her involvement with the “Greek God” even though she told Laurie she was a “filthy” liar about it. And Vicki was going to fix that guys teeth, just like she did Brooks – so Vicki is apparently used to buying a guy’s affections. Most of them are a hot mess.

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