Brooks Ayers Writing a Tell-All Book to Save Reputation


Just when we thought Brooks Ayers would stay out of the media, it looks like he is coming right back-in his own words! Ayers exclusively told Page Six that he is in the process of writing a tell-all book that will reveal truth behind the reputation damaging storylines due to producers.

“They basically pitched me as this poor guy from Mississippi preying on a vulnerable, successful, self-made woman. I’m not bound contractually by anything to not share the intel about what transpires behind production, Bravo, what they try to do, etc.”

During this past season he was under fire about his cancer diagnosis of non-Hodgkins lymphoma, which cast members thought he fabricated. “I didn’t fake cancer,” he said.“Who in their right mind would fake cancer?”

Ayers shared that he has done “quite a bit of writing in preparation” with he attention he has been getting from publishers is “pretty overwhelming.”

While it was his relationship with Vicki Gunvalson of the Real Housewives of Orange County that made him a reality TV personality, he blamed his poor reputation on he daughter Briana Culberson.

“[She] hates my guts … and got paid handsomely the past three seasons to do nothing but bring drama into her own mom’s life regarding me. I’m going to expose all of that.”

Fans may expect bad blood between the exes, but when speaking about her, he wished nothing but the best.

“I want nothing but the best for her and she wants the best for me. I’m not doing this because she did it to me, but she’s a grown woman and she’s making business decisions to continue earning money. I’m a grown man and I want to do what I can do to rehab my reputation … and you can’t do it on reality TV.”

Will you guys read Brooks’ tell-all? Do you believe what he is saying? Sound off in the comment section below!

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37 Replies to “Brooks Ayers Writing a Tell-All Book to Save Reputation”

  1. If he wants to Save Face he would forget about the ridiculous book and move to where he can see his kids often and pay child support to all his baby mama’s. This guy is a joke from now on any post with his name is “Delete”

  2. No! I wouldn’t buy or read or believe ANYTHING this lying sack of shite wrote!
    I think that makes my feelings quite clear.

  3. Who in the f would buy a book this lying piece of Wrote? Does he actually think anyone would waste time reading it… He needs to go play in traffic on a very busy highway

  4. A book by a Con-Man scum ball? Who would buy it? Vicky? This a-hole is deranged, who would believe anything this cess-pool brained, lying pack of sh#t wrote. Go drown yourself already.

        1. Naynay would you think I’m still kissing your butt if I said I love you? Your wit kills me!! This is why I like the blogs for people like you! Xoxoxoxoxoxo

          1. Sorry I didn’t win the 1.5 billion powerball Sally, I don’t know what happened I was sure I was going to win, bummer 🙁

            1. Ahh! Yes Bummer but I still meant my comment maybe not kissing your ass but the rest!! The couple near me are donating to all of the flood victims in their town. It is people like that you want to win!

  5. This guy is suck an idiot, and anyone that buys his book is an idiot. This guys lie was 100% exposed because of lies he told to E! news off the show, so can can he be blaming the show?

    A book about the behind the scenes of Bravo would be super interesting, but this guy has no credibility, so no reason to think he wouldn’t lie in the book.

    1. Yeah…just like the hospital that exposed he never was treated there, so will Bravo if he does a smear campaign on them.

  6. I wonder if Brooks is somehow making money off the notoriety he’s gained from the show. For example, the article above. I wonder if or how much he was paid for it?

  7. The only thing that anyone can do about Brooks Ayers in the spotlight is to NOT BUY THIS BOOK!! The only way in the world that he can save his reputation is offer all the proceeds to a cancer charity organization.

  8. I want to know if he is writing it with Jim Marcrazy. They both are saying the same thing about production. Does anyone think there might be some truth in that? No I willnot be contributing to this low life piece of sh*t.

    1. Aunt Bee, I think there was a tweet or two between them but I don’t know more than that. They both can’t be writing books about blowing the lid off of Bravo surely? They are both a couple of dingbats both lied about Cancer, Marcheesey was evil!

    2. I think there is a small bit of truth in what they are saying, but it’s very small for how these two are spinning it. These two have already proven they are very awful people with off show interviews and twitter, yet they are blaming the show.

  9. I would presume to say Bravo has excellent lawyers and no one ever under contract with them is ever going to harm them with a tell-all book and get away with it.

  10. Big fat no. If he allowed himself to be characterized as a poor southern boy going after a rich lady for her money, he sure as hell did a good job of it. He did it for money, so why shouldn’t Brianna tell the truth for money. He didn’t care about his rep as long as he was getting paid for it. He must be some actor since he made us all believe it. What a creep. I had refused to comment at all after it was proven he didn’t have NHL, but now this is to answer the question and it is a resounding NO.

  11. Horrible!!!! why does Brooks & Brandi constantly have to be up in everyone’s faces? Dissappearing totally would be the kindest gift they can give. Wish they’d both vanish.

  12. If there is ONE PERSON who needs to “disappear” it would be this lying POS. I’m SURE City of Hope agreed to be part of RHOC’s storyline… (sarcasm)

  13. We’re all good at pointing fingers but what about Bravo? They knew all along and just once again decided to watch people’s lives fall apart cause REALITY shows are so much FUN right? It’s really sad they don’t consider the real consequences

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