Brooks Ayers Wins $130K In Vicki Gunvalson’s Vodka Lawsuit


Brooks Ayers was the most talked about reality TV star amid a cancer scandal displayed on the Real Housewives of Orange County, with that came a negative light and tons of backlash. While his name has been out of the media for a while, he has recently been awarded $130,000 in attorney fees with relations to ex girlfriend Vicki Gunvalson’s vodka lawsuit.

Don’t remember this story? Two years ago Vicki was sued by partner Robert Williamson III fighting that she breached a settlement in terms of failing to promote the vodka line. He also sued Brooks for fraud and misrepresentation for the vodka company.

This suit has been carried out for two years now, and Radar Online was given documents that state, “Defendant David Brooks Ayers moves for attorneys fees against Robert Williamson III, who sued Ayers and other defendants over a failed vodka business in 2013. Finding that there was no reasonable basis for Williamson’s claims against Ayers — which Williamson himself seems to admit by not responding to either Ayers’s motion for summary judgment or to this motion for attorneys fees — I grant Ayers’s motion.”

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21 Replies to “Brooks Ayers Wins $130K In Vicki Gunvalson’s Vodka Lawsuit”

    1. I hope his children are the only one’s who benefit from any monies he gets from anything the rest of his life, the creep.

  1. Where would this lowlife get that kind of money to pay a lawyer? This is all one big con from this leper. I’m sure Vicky paid for everything. Money should be donated to the cancer center at city of hope♥

    1. I am acquainted with a prolific thug of sorts, it’s a feral cat that roams my lanai and keeps the crabs, mice and mongoose at bay. This cat could take Crooks in 10 seconds flat bc when she makes eye contact, she lets you know that she could tear a person up like a piece of paper. You have a volunteer!

    2. Don’t we all wish! I think Vickie should grow a pair & take him to court for everything she’s paid. That money should be hers. But she won’t, of course. She’s not too bright when it comes to men, is she?

  2. From my understanding the money goes to his attorneys and nothing to Brooks. I can understand – this is how it goes with lawsuits, etc. – I don’t like this man and wish we could hear the last of him soon.

  3. This guy is nothing but a douche bag!!! When I first saw him on Real Housewives there was something about the jackass that I didn’t like. I was wrong I didn’t like anything about him. Such a weasel !!!

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