Is Brooks Ayers Vicki Gunvalson’s Soulmate? Shannon Beador Accuses Kelly Dodd Of Breaking Up a Marriage


Part one of the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion aired Monday night and Vicki Gunvalson spent the first part of the reunion talking about her ex-boyfriend, Brooks Ayers.

“The problem was, I was at a place where I was really busy and I didn’t spent a lot of time with Brooks when he was doing all his stuff,” Gunvalson said of her involvement in last year’s cancer scam. “Obviously they were right, you all were right and I was wrong. I’m good admitting that. I don’t care anymore. I’m over it.”

Although she says she would have still defended Ayers, Gunvalson claimed she sees now that “he’s a bad guy.”

“I was made a fool of through it, and I believed him,” she said. “I really, sincerely learned a lot from him. It wasn’t all bad, but it ended horribly.”

However, Shannon Beador insisted that Vicki knew about Brooks’ lie. “You’re wrong,” she told Shannon. “I’m not talking about it, but you’re wrong. That is not true that I lied on a cancer scam. Don’t go there.”

It was also revealed that during the cast trip to Ireland, Gunvalson told her cast mates that she couldn’t wait to die because she wanted to go to heaven to be with Ayers again.

“I said, ‘I kind of miss him,’ ” Gunvalson told a shocked Andy Cohen. “You guys didn’t know him the way I knew him, There was a point in time where I really felt he had my back and he really was a great guy. It’s been an evolution of emotions. And I really through he was my soulmate.”

“I feel I’m going to meet everyone I was with in heaven,” Gunvalson added

“Is he going to heaven?” Heather Dubrow asked. “I don’t think people who fake cancer get to go, do they?”

“I don’t want to talk about him any more,” Vicki said. “I get lit up like a candle. Let’s move on.”

Tamra Judge revealed she still barely speaks to her daughter, but she still sends her text messages every week telling her that her door is always open.

Kelly Dodd admitted that she regrets the way she spoke to her husband throughout this season of the show, but revealed that she doesn’t have any regrets for the way she treated any of her co-stars. It was revealed Michael got very upset while watching the show back and asked for a divorce, but Vicki calmed him down.

Shannon Beador insisted she did not set Kelly up at her 70’s party. Shannon admitted that her friends had it out for Kelly, but she still insisted she didn’t invite them there to be mean to her costars. Kelly proclaims that she doesn’t have to fight fair, which is why she made the remark about David cheating on Shannon at the party.

Shannon came prepared, though, and revealed that Kelly had once broken up a marriage. She had seen all the proof that Kelly herself had once broken up a marriage by dating a married man when she and Michael were separated. Shannon said the wife of the man she had been dating before reconciling with Michael had shown her the phone records proving she’d been cheated on.

And that’s where we will continue next week.

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Photo Credit: Bravo