Brooks Ayers Trying to Simplify His Life After Cancer Scandal


It’s no secret that Brooks Ayers wasn’t a favorite with the viewers after last season of the Real Housewives of Orange County. Ayers faked documents to prove that he had cancer. After the season wrapped, he moved to Florida and has been trying to keep a low profile.

However, he has been posting cryptic messages on Twitter the past couple of days. Brooks is posting tweets indicating that he’s trying to simplify his life after the cancer scandal, which resulted in illegal activity. He has yet to prove he does have cancer.

“Exactly… #perspective #truth,” Brooks Ayers reveled, while captioning a photo that said, “1. Identify what’s most important, and eliminate the rest. 2. Declutter your physical space. 3. Schedule at least one distraction-free time block each day. 4. Leave space between everything on your to-do list. 5. Disconnect from the drama. 6. Let go of life’s uncontrollable outcomes.”

Brooks has made it clear that he doesn’t want to see Andy Cohen or speak to Vicki Gunvalson, and he continues to post messages on social media about the cancer scandal.

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29 Replies to “Brooks Ayers Trying to Simplify His Life After Cancer Scandal”

    1. Or go play in traffic during rush hour in Detroit. Perferably on a highway full of Mac trucks going about 90mph.

  1. I don’t know why I’m commenting on this sleeze bag but it looks as though I am! He really is a sleeze bag and I don’t have anything else to say!

      1. Hi Sweetie, I am but she is bossy so words need to be had! It’s lovely having her here, she starts her driving lessons today finally, my hubs took her out last night in my car he came back a nervous wreck! Trouble is both of our cars are automatic and she is learning in a manual but at least it will give her road experience. She had them at 18 but went off to uni so didn’t bother anymore. Hope alls well with you? Xxxxxooo

  2. Please quit posting anything about this criminal, douchebag and every other dirty thing I could call him. This is all he wants – more spotlight and attention. Disgusting piece of crap.

    1. AMEN AUnt Bee…. why is anyone giving this guy a second of time…. He’s a pig. I agree don’t post any more crap about his criminal. Loser

  3. Will this despicable, SOB con man ever go away? This is my last post regarding him and Icky. I have never hated anyone in my life, but I hate him!

  4. Speaking of deposits and withdrawals, instead of posting platitudes on twitter, why doesn’t he get a job? He should realize you have to HAVE and account before you can close it. I’d be willing to bet he’s in the negative all over the country.

    I agree. Let’s not prolong his 15 minutes.

  5. On my god, what a loser. His sole claim to fame is lying about cancer while having a relationship with one of the most disgusting fame hogs in the world and now he posts this sort of stupid crap like he’s become a spiritual guru or something. He reminds me of a small child who needs to keep reminding you that they’re not talking to you any more by repeatedly telling you as much. Brook, no one cares if you never speak to Andy or Vicki again. In fact we are all hoping you never speak to anyone again who is inclined to give you a second of air time. You are a disgusting man on every possible level.

  6. I hope you die a SLOW, LONG painful death with NO Pain medication. I hope you suffer and scream out in pain for help and people step over your body before turning around to spit at you and then walk away laughing. I hope you die in the street and vultures pick at your flesh.

      1. I think Gigicat is going through enough with her husband and father! You can stick your karma!

      2. Yes. Karma is a bitch. I’m saying what 100% of all cancer patients and caregivers would say about this POS. Anyone who empathizes with him is just as guilty. There is nothing wrong with fantasizing about what punishment fits a crime. It’s called being human and speaking out not caring if it’s PC or not. The world needs more honesty quite frankly. Enough with the ostrich mentalities.

        1. I’m with you too. My husband passed away in January this year. He had Hodgkin Lymphoma. And that POS, lying, poor excuse of a man deserves everything you said and more! The only karma going out will be the one coming to him. I usually don’t wish bad things for people, in this case he deserves it. I’m so sorry for what you and others are going through. May God bless us all.

  7. No need to go that far. Just tell him he’s irrelevant (and always was). That’s all the hurtin’ Brooks could manage

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