Brooks Ayers Threatens To Tell-All About Vicki Gunvalson, Details Behind Their Ugly Break-Up


Vicki Gunvalson’s break-up with controversial boyfriend, Brooks Ayers, is getting ugly. RadarOnline reports the couple split it March via text message when Vicki finally decided that enough was enough when it came to their relationship. Brooks, who is reportedly “furious” he never got an explanation regarding their breakup has information on Vicki that could damage her reputation.

“Vicki dumped him via a text message,” a source revealed. “He was furious. Brooks told her that if she said anything negative about him in the media, he wasn’t going to hold back. He was adamant that he would take her down. He said in no uncertain terms, ‘Be very careful Vicki.’”

Vicki would tell Brooks, “Lose my number!” But the source says, “Brooks repeatedly would call and text Vicki and try and reconcile.”

“It dragged on and on,” the source continues. “At one point, he was in Las Vegas, with his children, when he discovered that Vicki had cancelled their shared credit card. Brooks was p*ssed. He felt that she purposefully embarrassed him in front of his children.”

Photo Credit: Bravo