Brooks Ayers Threatens To Tell-All About Vicki Gunvalson, Details Behind Their Ugly Break-Up


Vicki Gunvalson’s break-up with controversial boyfriend, Brooks Ayers, is getting ugly. RadarOnline reports the couple split it March via text message when Vicki finally decided that enough was enough when it came to their relationship. Brooks, who is reportedly “furious” he never got an explanation regarding their breakup has information on Vicki that could damage her reputation.

“Vicki dumped him via a text message,” a source revealed. “He was furious. Brooks told her that if she said anything negative about him in the media, he wasn’t going to hold back. He was adamant that he would take her down. He said in no uncertain terms, ‘Be very careful Vicki.’”

Vicki would tell Brooks, “Lose my number!” But the source says, “Brooks repeatedly would call and text Vicki and try and reconcile.”

“It dragged on and on,” the source continues. “At one point, he was in Las Vegas, with his children, when he discovered that Vicki had cancelled their shared credit card. Brooks was p*ssed. He felt that she purposefully embarrassed him in front of his children.”

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14 Replies to “Brooks Ayers Threatens To Tell-All About Vicki Gunvalson, Details Behind Their Ugly Break-Up”

  1. Who didn’t see this coming? A “shared” credit card when he has no visible means of support but through his associations with her? And he’s pissed because she didn’t continue to pay the bill after they broke up? She needs to buy a better boyfriend.

  2. Vickie needs to be “exposed” for the low life she is. I am so sick of her holier than thou attitude. Those two deserve each other.

  3. Looks like many of these ladies and their poor choices & behavior is causing them lots of problems now, legal and otherwise

  4. Everyone knew except Vicki that Brookes is a real loser, she was warned way too many times but she ignored all the signs. Now Brookes says he’s embarrassed his credit card that Vicki supplied for him was declined?!? What a real piece of work! Vicki must be kicking herself right about now! I wonder what Brookes kids think about their father now? A common grifter!

  5. I want to know why Brooks would be using a joint credit card for his children’s use. If they had broken up that should have been cut up immediately. How much of that card was Brook’s paying for? I don’t know Vickie did not handle this situation very well. She found a man who had 4 children with multiple women. Him leaving his children at any time to fly to california to be with Vickie was wrong, we know that much. He allowed Vickie to fix his teeth and I work in that industry what he had done was around 10-15 thousand dollars. The other view of that was Vickie was trying to FIX her man so he fit in with her crowd. Who is really at fault is VIckie stupid or is Brooks a user. Vickie bought his clothes let him drive her cars and now we find they have a joint credit card. Is she stupid and she paid all the bill or did he share in paying it. I guess we will never really know. We are going to hear a lot of differences of opinion on this wether your a Brooks fan or not and whether your a Vickie fan or not. The truth is we don’t know anything. I think it is just sad that someone would take advantage of another person like that or is VIckie just hard up? Vickie could have texted him saying the card has been cancelled just FYI but if they had already been on thin ice He should have never been using it at all.

  6. If Vickies common sense was as abundant as her screaming tantrums this wouldn’t have happened.
    She deserves everything she gets.
    Her high and mighty superior attitude, & constant screaming
    Are getting so old..
    She’s keeps yelling how smart she is & then SHOWS everyone how
    Stupid she really is.

    1. Actually since her recent plastic surgery her screaming tantrums are really funny she gets loud and seems mad but her face doesn’t move! Hysterical watch close

  7. Lol Melodie! You’re rigjt. She reminds me of a vantriliquist puppet now how he upper face don’t move but her bottom mouth does. Shes an idiot. Brooks aka Crooks is a loser and he’s mad because his gravy train ran out. Hey Brooks here’s a couple thoughts #1 a gentleman never kisses and tells #2 get a real job and aupport your own kids.

  8. Do you all remember how Vicki would smirk and tell us that she was too “smart” to be taken advantage of, especially making sure he couldn’t take advantage of her, and she was such a great “business woman,” and get everything in writing? At the same time she had a credit card with him, which meant she trusted a guy with a sketchy financial history to charge whatever he wanted, and she’d be financially responsible for it if she wanted to keep her credit rating! Not half, but ALL of it.

  9. The cruel and evil remarks of Slave about Vicki looking like Ms Piggy is partially to blame for Vicki doing that to herself and I am not going to comment on her looks, Lydia knew; women need to be kinder to one another especially when Vicki is obviously vulnerable and sensitive about her looks. I laughed my socks off when I read Brooks was ’embarrassed’ in front of his kids….sorry but the word ’embarrassed’ and ‘Crooks’ in the same sentence just don’t go together…he would not recognize embarrassment if he fell over it. I am so proud Vicki did this (if true) and saw the light and I hope he does not emotionally blackmail her with what occurred in their relationship…he proves to be what we all knew, a sleaze ball, desperate, gold digging, fame wh@re, bottom feeder. Good luck Vicki, take some single time out to get to know what makes YOU truly happy and find your inner self…Peace x

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