Brooks Ayers Tells All! What’s The REAL Reason He & Briana Don’t Get Along!


Most Real Housewives of Orange County viewers are not fans of Vicki Gunvalson’s boyfriend, Brooks Ayers, and that rang true last night when Brooks made his first appearance in Season 8. Since making his debut in Season 7, Brooks has been accused of being a “con artist” and only telling Vicki “what she wants to hear.” In Monday’s episode it appeared Brooks was blaming Vicki’s daughter, Briana, for the problems in their relationship, but in an exclusive interview with RumorFix’s Mr. Housewife, Brooks reveals that’s not the case.

“Briana is NOT the cause of our issues,” Brooks tells Mr. Housewife. “Briana, as I have in my past with parents who divorced, is being very cautious at this point of anyone who dates her mother. I completely understand where Briana is coming from. As an adult of parents who divorced, we are on ‘high alert’ when it comes to anyone else coming into our families lives after the pain of a divorce. I have respected Briana and Ryan’s choices and wish them the very best.”

Brooks also reveals he has no problems with Briana’s new husband, Ryan. “I respect Ryan for serving our country. He is a good husband to Briana and obviously a great father to Troy,” Brooks said.

“We both are too much alike,” Brooks says of Briana, and why they have had such a rocky relationship.

But despite everything that has gotten in their way, Vicki and Brooks are still together.  “I didn’t want our issues to come between Vicki and her daughter Briana. As a family, they were in the midst of celebrating the birth of Briana and Ryan’s first child, Troy. I shared with Vicki that she needed to focus totally on that special occasion. I have four children and experienced the birth of all of them. It is just an incredible time.”

Brooks also blames Bravo’s editing for the public’s perception of him. “Bravo presented me as this low life, no good, deadbeat person,” Brooks explains. “That just simply isn’t the case. Have I made mistakes in my past? Absolutely. Have I made them right? Absolutely. Am I a good parent? I am very involved in my three oldest kids lives. I financially, emotionally,  and spiritually support them. I see them as often as my schedule allows. Currently, I am fighting custody of my youngest child Joey. For legal reasons, I cannot go into further details.”

“This is TV built for drama. Real Housewives of Orange County is not scripted, but it has an element to it that makes everyone out to be something that, in reality, they are not. I am definitely not a con artist. I am big on positive affirmations, though. I give my friends, employees, family, children, and those I care about encouraging words all the time,” he concludes.

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18 Replies to “Brooks Ayers Tells All! What’s The REAL Reason He & Briana Don’t Get Along!”

  1. I also dislike Brook Ayers, I think Vicki is on rebound from Don and need to rethink dating Brook. Don’t care what he writes 4 children and trying to take youngest from Mother and doing a tv show. Not much class in that!

    1. I don’t think it was on the rebound. She knew Brooks while she was still married to Don. She supposedly had an emotional affair with Brooks while she committed to Don with their renewal vows. She’s known Brooks for a few years. You’d think she’d know the truth about him. Is she that desperate for love? Sad.

  2. Yes Brooks! Bravo! Run to the press about what goes on behind closed doors! Excellent work! Just proves you’re a fame hungry boy looking for any type of attention. Ugh!

  3. Brooks, GO HOME and take care of YOUR KIDS ! When you are wooing Vicki, that is more time you take away from YOUR kids! Briana is a very SMART person! Only Vicki can’t see past your crap! Vicki is used to men that treat her poorly that’s all she knows. Just look at her past relationships. She needs to go a different direction.

    1. oh come on…”poor Vickie”? She only knows men who mistreat her??? She mistreated Don! Vickie is a self absorbed brat, she and Brooks deserve each other, they are both full of ****! I can barely even watch OC anymore because she makes me sick!

  4. Ok, what employees? I want to hear Brianna’s reaction to hearing that she and Brooks are too much a like . Please make an effort to put it on video tape, lol.

  5. Vicky is old enough to make her own decisions when it comes to her partner. We all learn from our mistakes and so will she. Her daughter and her husband need to leave her alone and let her do what she wants, after all its her house.

  6. Karen, you are not missing anything. I don’t even watch it unless I read something in the blog that sounds interesting.

  7. I like Vickie and Brooks together. Vickie is a grown woman and she needs to enjoy her life. Briana chose who she wanted and her mother has the right to do the same. It’s Vickie’s money not Briana’s, and if Vickie loses it all by being with Brooks then that’s her choice and decision. We all have to be accountable for our own actions and not be so quick to judge. Who knows if Briana’s marriage will last, God forbid that it doesn’t. She is young woman and cannot clearly know what is best for Vickie. If Brooks brings Vickie joy then so be it. He isn’t beating her nor does it appear that they are using illegal drugs nor over using alcohol. Leave them alone!

  8. I think Brooks needs to just leave Vicki alone, Brianna & Ryan are so right not to trust him. He goes on about his kids and employees, well maybe we should hear from them bet the story would be different. And Brooks you are nothing like Brianna.

  9. Vickie please wake up. Brianna is so right on about Brooks. It’s hard to see when your in the thick of it.

  10. Brianna needs to understand that she does not call the shots, ill be damned if my daughter moves into my house with her husband and my new grandchild and then have the audasity to tell me who i can and cant have over in my home or have in my life for that matter!! WTF!! Get the hell out of your moms house!

    1. The only thing that keeps me from being angry at Briana & hubby about this is that Vickie agreed to this condition BEFORE Briana & fam moved in. That was a condition that was agreed upon by all three prior to the move…so as “unfair” as it seems,it really isn’t…Vickie said okay, period. So now it is a completely different issue, did Vickie agree just to get them to come so she can suck the life out of Briana or was it to gain more pity from friends and viewers? We all know that Vickie is a narcissist, that is a fact even spoken of many times in the show, even when Briana had her cancer scare all Vickie could talk about was herself, Briana even said so in the car on the way to the hospital. So yes I have no sympathy for her in this situation, I think it was calculated so she could whine to everyone about how mistreated she is….AGAIN, or is it STILL?

  11. love vicki i dunno if i like brooks as much but goSH LET THEM LIVE IF THEY WANNA BE TOGETHER GO RIGHT AHEAD

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