Brooks Ayers Tells All! What’s The REAL Reason He & Briana Don’t Get Along!


Most Real Housewives of Orange County viewers are not fans of Vicki Gunvalson’s boyfriend, Brooks Ayers, and that rang true last night when Brooks made his first appearance in Season 8. Since making his debut in Season 7, Brooks has been accused of being a “con artist” and only telling Vicki “what she wants to hear.” In Monday’s episode it appeared Brooks was blaming Vicki’s daughter, Briana, for the problems in their relationship, but in an exclusive interview with RumorFix’s Mr. Housewife, Brooks reveals that’s not the case.

“Briana is NOT the cause of our issues,” Brooks tells Mr. Housewife. “Briana, as I have in my past with parents who divorced, is being very cautious at this point of anyone who dates her mother. I completely understand where Briana is coming from. As an adult of parents who divorced, we are on ‘high alert’ when it comes to anyone else coming into our families lives after the pain of a divorce. I have respected Briana and Ryan’s choices and wish them the very best.”

Brooks also reveals he has no problems with Briana’s new husband, Ryan. “I respect Ryan for serving our country. He is a good husband to Briana and obviously a great father to Troy,” Brooks said.

“We both are too much alike,” Brooks says of Briana, and why they have had such a rocky relationship.

But despite everything that has gotten in their way, Vicki and Brooks are still together.  “I didn’t want our issues to come between Vicki and her daughter Briana. As a family, they were in the midst of celebrating the birth of Briana and Ryan’s first child, Troy. I shared with Vicki that she needed to focus totally on that special occasion. I have four children and experienced the birth of all of them. It is just an incredible time.”

Brooks also blames Bravo’s editing for the public’s perception of him. “Bravo presented me as this low life, no good, deadbeat person,” Brooks explains. “That just simply isn’t the case. Have I made mistakes in my past? Absolutely. Have I made them right? Absolutely. Am I a good parent? I am very involved in my three oldest kids lives. I financially, emotionally,  and spiritually support them. I see them as often as my schedule allows. Currently, I am fighting custody of my youngest child Joey. For legal reasons, I cannot go into further details.”

“This is TV built for drama. Real Housewives of Orange County is not scripted, but it has an element to it that makes everyone out to be something that, in reality, they are not. I am definitely not a con artist. I am big on positive affirmations, though. I give my friends, employees, family, children, and those I care about encouraging words all the time,” he concludes.

Photo Credit: Bravo