Brooks Ayers Sells Forged Cancer Documents


In a report done by RadarOnline, apparently Brooks Ayers’ cancer lies have become so crazy and unbelievable that after he sold them for $12,000, his attorney ended up dropping him as a client.

“He’s a liar who was desperate to monetize his story,” an insider told  In Touch.

Right after Brooks did the interview with E! for $12,000 where he attempted to show documents of his cancer which he later admitted to forging, an insider said, “They were totally blindsided, so they demanded real proof.”

Ayers finally admitted his deceiving “but refused to confirm or deny to them if he did or did not in fact have cancer — or if he ever did.”


Now apparently Vicki Gunvlason is backtracking as much as she can saying that she never believed he actually have cancer, and that she strictly went along with it so she would be able to stay on RHOC.

“She was about to be booted from the show and then suddenly Brooks got diagnosed and everything changed. Vicki knew her ratings were better with him,” the insider added.

Interesting that Vicki is changing her story. What do you think? Comment below.

Photo Credit: Bravo