Brooks Ayers Reveals He Has Stage 3 Cancer


Vicki Gunvalson’s on-again off-again boyfriend Brooks Ayers is making headlines again and this time it doesn’t have to do with his relationship with the Bravo star. Ayers reveals to RadarOnline that he has been diagnosed with an “aggressive and fast-moving” form of Stage 3 cancer.

“Life is funny sometimes. Sometimes it is not,” Brooks said. “My reality is that I have, once again, been diagnosed with a form of Non-Hodgkin lymphoma specifically diffuse large B cell lymphoma.”

“I appreciate the prayers, support, and positive vibes from anyone who would wish to send them,” he said. “Let me assure you that I am going to remain positive and continue to battle this disease vigorously with much tenacity along with seeking the appropriate medical care. Finally, please respect my family’s privacy in this matter as we walk through this challenging time.”

“I am determined to fight this horrible disease and am surrounded by love and support from people who truly care about me,” he added.

Brooks explains, “Non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) is the most common type of lymphoma. Although there are more than 50 types of NHL, diffuse large B cell lymphoma (DLBCL) is the most common type, making up about 30 percent of all lymphomas. In the United States, DLBCL affects about 7 out of 100,000 people each year. DLBCL is a fast-growing, aggressive form of NHL. DLBCL is fatal if left untreated, but with timely and appropriate treatment, approximately 60 percent of all patients can be cured.”

Brooks did not comment on the status of his relationship with Vicki.

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14 Replies to “Brooks Ayers Reveals He Has Stage 3 Cancer”

  1. Can you believe this shady man? Sad if true, but sounds suspicious. Remember when Kim of RH-ATL said on season 1 reunion she had cancer (to encourage sympathy towards her), then after grilling, she back peddled and said she later found out it was not cancer, but still had other health issues?

    1. Yes, I remember Kim making up the cancer lie. Kim is and has always been shady, Anyway, I hope Brookes isn’t making this up to garner sympathy from viewers, is there any medical prove to his claim, I wonder? I guess we shall see. Man, this whole HW franchise/ cast members seen shady as hell, lies, cheaters, thieves, drunks .. I’m slowly losing pleasure about the HW shows, they aren’t the same anymore..lack of character/ integrity/ so much deception that leaves readers to have to dig for answers cuz cast members aren’t willing of being honest. NY, NJ WTH just happened to these ppl?! Good Lord, Andy Cohen and production are stupid for allowing All this mess to take place, Andy is and has been in my shit list for a long time, it seems Cohen/ production take pleasure in all this mishaps and we viewers just slop it up.

      1. Funky- Thats funny I just went on a rant on another post basically saying the same thing… All the deception and lies from HW franchises- And that’s why, IMO, they are losing audiences. Except I didn’t figure in the Andy Cohen angle like you did- and you’re right, either they are not vetting the people they are getting on camera very well, or they ARE vetting them for the purpose of getting low-life pond scum. Which is it Andy?

    2. I agree Egg- hard to believe anything Btooks says. Anyway- IF- it’s true I’m sorry for him as a human being. (I *think* he still qualifies) and may God be with him.

  2. My father was diagnosed with NHL he was in the hospital for 30 days he went in my father and came out Mr Burns from the Simpsons scraggly weathered and beaten my prayers are with Mr Ayers

  3. It doesnt make me like him any more, still dont like or trust him but i wish him well in his treatment and recovery as i do believe he has children and i am sure they love their dad.

  4. Brooks is a liar and he’s looking to get sympathy and escape his legal problems. I’ve always admired Vicki but this creep has her dick whipped. Come on Vicki! Wake-up and see that this opportunist pig is going to rob you blind! You have pushed your beloved children away for the likes of Brooks. This guy fills Vicki’s “love tank”???? With what??? STD’s??

  5. Im suspicious as well. It seems too convenient and a poster wrote in that he has lied about having cancer before. I believe Vickie either may not know if its true or not but either way I think shed go along with it and lie for him. Anyway time will tell although all he has to
    say is he beat it and respect his privacy. I dont know if the court case would demand actual proof of his medical condition. Even though he can come across as likeable there’s definatly a dark side to him.

  6. Its too bad this relationship didnt work out as Vickie hoped it would. But I think the way it evolved from marital cheating and such that the bad energy from that often dooms it. I think Brooks is one of those people who has made a life of putting forward a false persona to hide hes true self to get what he wants. Apparently Vickie fell for all the false flattery because it feed her ego. In fact the mark of a good con is the ability to read what makes a person tick. And then using that to make the person almost addicted to believing the lies because they need it to be true so badly.

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