Brooks Ayers Reportedly Turned On Vicki Gunvalson During RHOC Reunion Interview


Next week we get to see part one of the three part RHOC reunion special and according to a new report, Vicki Gunvalson’s ex-boyfriend Brooks Ayers turned on her during his interview with Andy Cohen!

“Portions of Brooks’ interview with Andy Cohen were played, so the cast could react,” a source explained. “And he called Vicki a liar and manipulator! Vicki couldn’t believe that Brooks turned his cancer storyline on her and threw her under the bus.”

“Brooks was horrible to Vicki and she was absolutely gobsmacked by it,” the source revealed. “Never in her wildest dreams did she think that Brooks would turn on her.”

But it wasn’t only Brooks who came after Gunvalson… “Tamra accused Vicki of lying for Brooks about the cancer diagnosis,” the source told RadarOnline. “Vicki broke down in tears at the accusation. Then Shannon and Vicki continued to fight, and the rest of the cast joined in. Vicki felt attacked and was adamant she never lied for Brooks.”

The source also revealed that Ayers didn’t provide any medical records to Cohen verifying the cancer diagnosis, so questions are likely to remain unanswered after the reunion special.

The source said that at the end of the filming for the reunion, Cohen asked the women if they would return for another season and “Vicki said that She didn’t want to return.”

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  • Sally

    Oh please please please let it be true! No more Vicky yay!!! I won’t believe it until next season starts and its definite. I would be able to watch again!!

    • Rain

      Sally, the harder they swear they won’t come back, the faster they are to sign the new contract 🙂 how many housewives at reunions said they won’t come back ? Quite a few . I feel Vicki had s good run and should hang it up! Enough of the Brianna, Brooks and whatrver other recurring drama . Of course Meghan should hit the road too! Let’s get 3 new housewives

      • Sally

        Rain, I know but you need to allow me five seconds of hope!!!

        • Rain

          You’re right, I’m sorry lol ! Maybe she’ll get her own spin off and at least she won’t be part of RHOC 🙂

          • Sally

            Yup that would suit me! She could share one with the Manzo’s! Sorry if you are a Manzo fan!!!

          • Yrish

            You like to kick people who are down better pray nothing happens to her

  • Sally

    Is this it for today just two stories?

  • I see this is the usual “a source explains to radar of lies” I will wait for reunion.

    • Bon Vivant

      love that quote, lol.

      Frankly, I’m still waiting on come good blog coverage for Ladies of London…

      • Sally

        Me too!

      • RealSandy

        Yes! That would be great. 🙂

  • Milivanili

    It is weird there is no preview of THE REUNION yet…

  • One Rotten Egg

    If Vicki lied and it is exposed, of course she will say she isn’t coming back…but will ($$$$). They always do.

  • Rain

    Brooks is a known liar and a scoundrel and usually takes no responsibility for his actions. So IF his cancer story isn’t true, it’s no surprise he would throw Vicki under the bus . But to be fair, that doesn’t necessarily mean she knew he was lying . Love is blind and she probably just believed everthng he told her, just like she has in the past

    • starr

      So right Rain. I still want to give Vicki the benefit of the doubt. If Brooks really threw Vicki under the bus, it should come as no surprise to anyone. The reunion will tell all–hopefully.

  • Rain

    Radar or not, I’m not surprised Tamra turned on Vicki ! Because….Tamra!

  • CassyJ

    If Brooks is lying than Vicki had to know and lied for him too. It means she never went to chemo with him, she never went to a dr with him. I’m just saying she did know and lied many times too.

    • Rain

      That’s definately possible. But sometimes when you’re in love , you believe that person but still would lie for them because you feel nobody else believes them , so you corroborate stories etc. I’m not saying this makes sense by any means, but let’s not forget, Vicki is very dysfunctional in almost all her realatuinahips, especially Brooks

      • Karen’

        No disrespect Rain, but I beg to differ. I don’t think that just because you love someone, even deeply love someone, you throw your moral compass out the window. You do not lose your ability to know right from wrong or truth from falsehood. Morever, if your have any sense of what true love is, you certainly don’t throw your own children under the bus for a proven liar and con man. Just my opinion.

        • Anonymous

          Desperate for companionship?? Love is NOT lies…it’s trust.
          Why does it really matter if she knew or not, does not affect other housewives lives..If it were my friend, I would be concerned “why”, she was willing to cover for him..Would make me sad that my friend was feeling so alone and desperate..
          Then I wonder how much is for show drama. Must say, seems pretty genuine..
          Your thoughts?

        • Rain

          You’re right! I guess what I meant to say it’s possible that she didn’t know he was lying about being sick but helped him lie about his alibi, all the time trusting he was truthful about his disease . But no, of course I don’t believe you should compromise your morals if you knew someone was doing Somethng horrendous. I don’t think I’m explaining it very well lol.

        • She used to tell Tamra all the time that she wouldn’t let Donn be wrong. That Tamra should not stick up for Simon, and T would say, “he’s my husband, Vik” V would tell her again that she would never let her husband speak to Tamra the way Simon spoke to her. Brooks has gotten in that friendship quite a few times, and Viki never once took Tamra’s side. I don’t know about the cancer thing, but I did get tired of everyone always talking about Brooks, at least HE is gone from the show, if not Viki.

    • Karen’

      Very true CassyJ.

  • Cms

    What a total waste of a season. I tried to watch last night, fast forwarding through the cancer conversations. It wasn’t long before I realized the entire show was about cancer (like the entire season). I just shut it off and deleted the series from my DVR. So disappointing. I’ll never get those hours of my life back. Oh well looks like I can skip the reunion as well.

  • Rain

    Pleeeeeerreeze bring Lizzie back!!!!

  • RealSandy

    Vicki drove off in the limo and seemed to have had enough, like she would not return. Honestly, she probably should quit now. She take a rest and take time out for herself without all of the drama. She should not even date. She is always on the rebound and chooses the wrong men. This time off should be to try to be close to her family to make up for sticking up for a man over her own children more than a few times. Vicki needs to grieve for the loss of her mom and of a man who was a user/abuser/liar from the sound of it. Briana should seek therapy as well as Vicki. Family therapy would be nice…but it would be hard in different states. We need some new characters.

    • DeeDee

      Agree with everything you said realsandy.

    • CassyJ

      I have decided you and Judge Judy should write an advice book or blog. You two always have the most profound things to say. I love it.

    • Sally

      Agree with it all!

    • Rain

      Excellent as usual RealSandy

      • RealSandy

        Thanks, Rain and everyone. 🙂

  • Amy

    Would you expect anything less from this fine “southern gentlemen” ?.. What a POS


    Shocking! Do you mean that Brooks uses people? And when he’s done with you ( or when he realizes he isn’t going to get a free ride forever) he moves on and slams you? Wow! I’m beyond surprised. (Sarcasm font not included on iMac)

    • Sally

      I have it its ‘Duh’!!

    • Karen’

      Right? 😉

    • RealSandy

      No sarcasm font? LOL Love it! Well put.

  • Cin

    Crapo season!!!! Brooks cancer, Tamra’s silly baptism, Heather’s wealth, Vicki’s newfound Satan….. again crapo season!!!! As the saying goes…. throw out the old and bring in the new…. listen up Bravo… the OC needs some new blood!!!

  • Tracy

    I would bet that Vicki’s Bravo/production company salary is the majority of her income, and alll of her ego/neediness stroking…so she’ll go play Wounded Vicki for a while until someone feels guilty enough to go and ‘beg’ her to return. But she WILL return.

    • Rain

      Also it’s not just Vicki thaf gets paid, EVERY one from her family that appears gets paid , so that means Brianna, her son, her brother etc etc .

  • Karen’

    I am with Sally, and I hope Vicki doesn’t return. She is a mean and nasty woman, who just out screeches everyone she disagrees with. She hypocritically snipes and snaps at others while crying foul when anyone dares fight back. Its s old old routine and it’s tired and boring. Time to put her out to pasture. Buh-bye.

    • Sally

      Yup! You have said it all! 😀

  • Lk

    Surely at least one of the health professionals involved in his treatment would come forward in his defense if brooks asked ! Just wondering

  • VaNonna

    How I would love to believe Vicki won’t be back. She has no storyline and maybe her and Brooks “cooked” this up. It wouldn’t surprise me. I think her time has come, but then I could say that for a lot of these ladies. Sorry, but I just don’t believe Vicki is clueless to all these accusations especially as controlling as she is.

    • MiisVegas

      I agree Vicki’s only storyline this season was her mother’s passing, which was extremely short in comparison to all this “cancer” drama! And now that this will be put to bed one way or another, she has NO storyline at all! No relationship (or housewife), no children (other city/state), apparently no “friends” (thanks to her ex-boyfriend’s ability to isolate her from everyone), leaving her business, which used to be featured (hard sell), but hasn’t has much airtime as of late. Vicki’s sole survival of relevancy this season was all about this alleged “cancer.” (Which, I personally think she believed was true AT THE BEGINNING. Why would she believe this man she loves otherwise? At some point Vicki began to wonder, but after all the defending and deflecting she was in too deep!!! She probably allowed herself to mask the truth she was seeing/experiencing and continued to lead herself to believe he did have cancer by pulling away from acknowledging any behaviors that didn’t quite add up. “Ignorance is bliss.” How many times did she quietly sit back and wash her hands of it? I think she was denying to see the truth. So, is she just as guilty as he is, for not calling him out?) Anyways, Vicki’s washed up … And frankly another season with the “OG of the OC” with her bad behavior cloaked behind her religious blabber is too much for me to handle.

  • kim2020

    Perhaps the OG from the OC has met her match and the Con-Man from the So played her like a fiddle. Crooks did everything to create a wedge between Vicki’s family, friends and even foes with simple tools including cards and words which cost nothing. This man is talented. The adage, “if you lay down with dogs, u end up with fleas” must be applied here. Perhaps Vicki should upgrade her life by traveling, meeting people in domestic and foreign locations and becoming more cultured. Business acumen is great…stuff is great… but internal well being is priceless. BTW, Oklahoma has a lot to offer, if you are receptive to welcoming some of the culture norms.

  • Yrish

    You really hit below the belt looking her mother supposed friends pray nothing happens to her. We all have trusted wrong people or maybe ur perfect. There by God’s grace go I. Tamara Meghan and fancy pants all have their issues.

    • CassyJ

      You are correct, however this blog isn’t about them it is about Vicki and Brooks. On the other blogs we all discuss the others.

  • Coochie-Coochie

    Her love tank is not that tight anymore…that’s why…on to greener pastures