Brooks Ayers’ Break-Up Tweets To Vicki Gunvalson?

Real Housewives of Orange County Star Vicki Gunvalson was just talking about how she was still in a relationship with her controversial boyfriend Brooks Ayers. Then, her daughter Brianna, and son-in-law Ryan bashed Brooks on Twitter. Now, Brooks is sending out tweets that we are pretty sure have an underlying message to Vicki.

“Nothing like a fresh new start in life….. Offers a new perspective” Brooks tweeted last week, and he added, “’If a relationship has to be a secret, then you shouldn’t be in it.’ Just saying….”

Vicki was just quoted saying, “We are still dating. It’s been definitely damaged by all the negativity. … I just don’t know what my future is. For now, right now I’m very happy. I’m not going to worry about what other people think anymore.”

Looks like she might need to see if her man is still on the same page. Maybe something happened that sparked what Brianna and Ryan said that we don’t know about yet…

UPDATE: 9/24/12 Looks like Brooks & Vicki are taking some space! Maybe Vicki finally came to her senses about Brooks. She tweeted, “I don’t know what everyone is talking about but I didn’t dump Brooks. We are both taking time for ourselves right now.”

Are these messages to Vicki or is Brooks just giving us his Hallmark quotes of the day? You decide…

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7 Replies to “Brooks Ayers’ Break-Up Tweets To Vicki Gunvalson?”

  1. Brooks gives me the creeps. He comes across as such a gold-digging fame whore. He got a new set of teeth out of it, and who knows what else….

  2. Not fond of Brooks.. but what really got me was Vicki’s daughter bashing her on the show to the other ladies. At that moment I didn’t like her and wanted to see her off the show. Mothers don’t like seeing daughters bash their Mom’s… very disrespectful.

  3. Brooks is a Fast Talking Slim Ball… He knows what Vicky needs to hear and he spreads it on way too Thick … I for one don’t believe any of that Slime that Oozes out of his mouth. it so thick with bull shit it’s just NOT believable and neither should Vicky she should run for the Hills !!!! So Run Vicky Run and Run Fast.. or you gonna get hurt and be sorry …

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