Brooks Ayers Moves In With Vicki Gunvalson


Brooks Ayers, boyfriend of RHOC star Vicki Gunvalson, announced that he had an “aggressive and fast-moving” form of stage 3 cancer. Now, Gunvalson is revealing that she and Brooks are absolutely in a relationship and that he has moved in with her.

“We’re going to kick it. There’s no other choice,” Vicki tells US Weekly in a new interview.

Gunalson also shares that Brooks moved into her Coto de Caza home with her in late October.

“I didn’t want him to be recovering by himself,” she explained. “I felt it was easier on both of us if we could be together.”

Vicki shares that many of her RHOC co-stars, including Shannon Beador and Heather Dubrow, reached out to her when they found out about Brooks’ illness, but Gunvalson insists she didn’t hear from her former BFF Tamra Barney Judge.

“Never heard from Tamra [Barney], interesting,” Gunvalson said. “You know what, you really find out who your true friends are when things like this happens.”

You might remember, Tamra and Vicki’s relationship hit the rocks when Vicki was told that Tamra had been badmouthing Brooks to the other women.

Another source tells RadarOnline that Vicki’s claim that Tamra did not reach out to her  “is absolutely not true!”

“Tamra has texted Vicki numerous times,” the source insists.

“Vicki is doing this for two reasons,” the insider says. “One is that she still has animosity from last season.”

The other, continues the source, is because Gunvalson “is desperately seeking a storyline for this upcoming season.”

“By planting the seeds that Tamra has not reached out, she can already go into filming ready to go with a controversial storyline that will be sure to bring the drama,” the source adds.

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6 Replies to “Brooks Ayers Moves In With Vicki Gunvalson”

  1. Really Vicki? Why would someone you have told that you don’t want to be friends with any more want to text you? If she had texted you, you would have called her a hypocrite. As much as I don’t like Tamra, she only said what the rest of the world think of your creepy scum boyfriend. Yet again you have made this all about you.

  2. Why would Tamra text him or her? Vicki made it clear she didn’t want to know Tamra anymore and Tamra and Brooks have never got on. She’d of been accused of being two faced or a hypocrite if she had done!

    1. I actually thought the same thing. Wouldn’t put it past him to come up with another scam. I don’t understand her comment that he has moved in because of his illness when last seasons reunion they had announced they were moving in together. Sounds like she changed her mind and now because of his illness he’s moving in. Can’t keep up with their “relationship” – it’s too confusing.

  3. Im sorry Brooks has cancer. That’s unfortunate. Hopefully he recovers. Vicki seems to have a unhealthy obsession wth Brooks, to her own detriment. But she is a grown woman who can do what she wants and if she wants to put her love and faith into a man who has openly she’s,ed, mocked and abused her, well then that’s her prerogative. It’s just a little pathetic that she does this on National TV.

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