Brooks Ayers, “Madly In Love” With Vicki Gunvalson, “Can’t Let Her Go”


Real Housewives of Orange County viewers know one thing to be true, Vicki Gunvalson’s relationship with Brooks Ayers is confusing. Brooks broke up with Vicki while filming the season 8 reunion, and reports have stated the couple is back together after Jeana Keough let it slip she had spent time with Vicki and Brooks. Now, Brooks is taking to Twitter, to send Vicki a message about how he is madly in love with her.

On September 13th, Brooks tweeted, “I’m madly in love with you, but don’t think I can’t let you go. There are other women who’d love to be treated the way I have treated you.”

Since then, Brooks has deleted his sub-tweets to Vicki.

As we previously reported, Vicki just can’t quit Brooks. “Vicki is still with Brooks. She just can’t quit him,” a source revealed. “It’s sort of complicated, but despite everything out there proving what a monster he can be, she still doesn’t believe anything bad about him.”

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Aunt Bee

    Brooks loves the money and Vickie is dumber than I thought. To put this asshole in front of her daughter is unbelievable. Vickie you will die a lonely old woman if you don’t wise up soon. I am beginning to believe Laurie is right – Vickie is a sex addict.

    • zoni

      Stupid old rich men have been doing this for years. Unattractive old women with money can be just as dumb. Thing is, Brooks is an creepy geezer. Guess Vicki doesn’t think she can buy better than Brooks. They deserve each other.

    • Trixie

      Yes Aunt Bee I agree, Laurie seems to be right. Also, I don’t care how old my daughter is, if someone makes a comment for her boyfriend/husband to hit her= well then he will have a problem with my husband and me.

  • Tennispeach

    What is the deal with Vicki’s wardrobe? She wears the tackiest clothes – they are too tight and she is too old to be wearing those short, tight skirts and dresses. You would think as much money as she has, she would hire a stylist to help her.

    • Trixie

      Too tight clothing but what about that hair!!

  • Mstudammuch

    Vicky is tooooo old to be soooooo naive and insecure… Don really did a number on her when he kept her love tank on “E” n now she’s willing to fill her love tank up with at the Seven Eleven instead of the Shell… SMH it’s sad to see a woman so desperate for what she think is love… I heard the tape n I believe he does beats her azz which is part of the reason he has so much control over her…

  • On Reflection

    Love Vicki more often than I don’t. A lot of smart business women have very little common sense in affairs of the heart. Vicki’s sad, deluded, absurd love affair with Crooks is due to her putting the feelings and needs first of all those near and dear to her. She does not know what love is and what really makes her happy beyond giving and giving of herself. Think she would make a great friend because she is brutal and tells you how it is if she cares about you. I recall initially she tried to warn Gretch about Slade being a financial bottom feeder, how sad she could not tell herself when meeting Crooks and ignored Tamara who was being an honest, good friend to her. Vicki is dysfunctional and thinks drama is love, I hope she has truly seen Crooks is a predator, a financial opportunist who reads her like an open book and knows how to play with her mind, heart and…bank account! Run Vicki, keep running and don’t look back…