Brooks Ayers Denies Cheating On Vicki Gunvalson!


Vicki Gunvalson’s boyfriend Brooks Ayers is denying allegations that he cheated on Vicki after Monday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County aired. Lauri Peterson claimed Brooks cheated on Vicki with her daughter’s friend that was a stripper/porn star. “This story is another fabrication of the truth. Unreal,” Brooks tweeted after the episode aired.

Brooks also retweeted tweets pertaining to Lauri. Brooks retweeted a viewer comment, saying, “I read that Lauri is willing to say anything so she is relevant again and asked to be on the show!”

One viewer tweeted at Brooks, “I heard that Brooks lives off Vicki’s money, gave him part of her company to pay his taxes & child support.” He responded, “You obviously heard wrong and are very misinformed. You have no clue about the facts lady. A mature person knows that their are two sides to every story!”

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3 Replies to “Brooks Ayers Denies Cheating On Vicki Gunvalson!”

  1. Vicki’s own daughter thinks that Brooks is either living off of Vicki’s money or has taken money from her in the past, so I don’t think its too far fetched for the viewers to think the same thing. Brooks is so creepy that I find it hard to believe that even a hooker/porn star/stripper would go out with him. I do think that he and Vicki are perfect for one another though because she’s just as creepy and immature as he is. Also, I think a refund for her botched nose job is in order. Maybe the money would be better used on lipo or something to help sand blast her skin would be more appropriate.

  2. Cracks me up that no one is taking issue of how F’ed up are Lauri’s kids, one in jail with a baby in CPS foster care and the other one hanging out with porn stars (prostitutes) ! She should be worried about her offspring and stay away from the OC housewives, do not want her back.

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