Brooks Ayers Blames Briana For Relationship Problems With Vicki Gunalson & Admits He’s Dated Other People!


In this preview for the next episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County Vicki Gunvalson has dinner with her ex-boyfriend, Brooks Ayers. Vicki arrives flustered to meet Brooks for their “date night” and Brooks tells Vicki they “have a lot to talk about” over dinner.

In her interview Vicki says, “The status with Brooks and I is we care about each other, we love each other, but we aren’t dating or whatever. So, I guess we are taking a break, broke up… I don’t know.”

“I’m still in love with Brooks,” Vicki continues. “And I know he loves me. I’ve got an emotional, spiritual connection with this man and sometimes you can’t explain it. I want Brooks back in my life.”

An emotional Vicki asks Brooks about the status of their relationship. “What are we doing? Are you dating other people?” After Brooks fumbles his words, Vicki adds, “Answer the question, yes or no? You don’t even answer the question! You skirt around the question.”

Finally Brooks answers, “I’ve seen other people. I have.” A shocked Vicki says, “Well I haven’t, so I’m gonna start seeing other people then if that’s what we’re doing.”

“Well, you’re single,” Brooks tells Vicki. “Who are you seeing?” Vicki asks him. “Stupid Brooks, you don’t even tell me that?”

“Vicki, listen to me. You moved your daughter in. It changed the dynamic,” Brooks says. “You didn’t even consult me on how it would impact our relationship. I’m not interested in… at the end of the day, I want to be with somebody that can actually be with me.”

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10 Replies to “Brooks Ayers Blames Briana For Relationship Problems With Vicki Gunalson & Admits He’s Dated Other People!”

  1. Stfu Brooks. Maybe if you weren’t such a fame whoring douche bag who leaks private info you wouldn’t be having relationship problems. It’s not Briana’s fault she hates you and Vicki respects her daughter.

  2. Run away from this creep! Any MAN would do anything to prove to your daughter that he is a good person. The fact that he has dated other women proves what a scum bag he is. What a jerk. Vicki needs to stop being so desperate!

  3. i feel so sorry for Vicki, First she is in a loveless marriage. They split. because both have gone outside the marriage to get what they think they need. Vicki ends up with a leech. Brooks. He is nothing more than a kiss ass. Anyman who kisses a womans ass as much as he did. . . is after something. he saw an opportunity to snag a wealthy woman and made his mistake by comming into her circle of friends. Vicki may not see the forest for the trees. But we all do. Vicki, loose the looser. When one door closes another always opens. Close the door on this looser.

  4. Look if Vicky realy loved Brooks she would tell her daughter “look I am the mother and this is MY home, and I will have anyone here I want and if you 2 do not like it than move…” And I bet your daughter would stop ruleing you and your home..

    1. Vicki agreed with no complaints. She’s happy with the living conditions. You should read the other blogs.

  5. Vicki
    I am so sure you think you love brooks. Question instead of trying to defend your position regarding brooks how about setting back and really listen to your family and friends. They are not all wrong. I hope you can find a man who would never blame your daughter and who doesn’t have a bad history and that others respect. Hope you can get him out of your head and your life but if not then of course this is your life. Everyone is wanting the best for you.

  6. How many kids does this loser Brooks have.. by how many women?
    He’s ugly.. Vicki like all these women on these shows is a stupid person. She fell for a loser because she doesn’t know how to be alone and enjoy life.

    The idea she attacked Slade all those years, unjustly, about child support, and now she’s inlove with a loser known for neglecting his responsiblities.. middle aged, no money, no job, no car, doesn’t take care of all his kids by different women..

    Good job Vicki, he’s a real loser.
    Can’t say much for her macho nitwit son in law either.. blech.

    1. Blah Blah , brooks is ugly and Briana looks like uncle Fester with a wig on the Addams family and they are all scarry looking especially the doctors wife omg

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