Brooks Ayers Apologizes For Audio Recording Threatening Vicki Gunvalson, Says He Has Never Abused A Woman


Vicki Gunvalson’s on-again off-again boyfriend, Brooks Ayers, was exposed in an audio recording where he called the Real Housewives of Orange County star a “f*&king bitch and whore” and threatened to “beat her ass.” But now Brooks is apologizing for what he said in a statement via RadarOnline.

“I want to sincerely apologize to everyone for my actions that have recently been made public. For those who have been a victim of domestic abuse and/or been with someone who, at times, drinks too much, I know that the memories of those times are horrific,” Brooks said. “I was exposed at an early age to abuse and I can assure everyone that I do not, in any way and/or under any circumstance deem it okay to abuse anyone. For the record, I have never abused anyone or had a domestic abuse issue.”

“No excuses, I am taking ownership of my poor decision making, actions, and unkind words said about those that I care deeply about. Please accept my apology,” Brooks pleaded. “The audio in question was recorded, without my knowledge, by Ryan Culberson after we had been out drinking in LA in February 2012, not earlier this year as previously stated. I made several very poor choices that night.”

“As a man, father, businessman, and human being I would never condone, nor take lightly, drinking too much or encouraging/making comments about ‘beating’ a woman. For over a year, I have personally taken steps to alleviate making these mistakes ever again while understanding the brevity of my actions as well,” he continues. “I have attended conferences where people are given the forum to share their personal struggles about being abused, both alcohol and physical. I have met with counselors who have inspired me to uplift individuals who have been living this nightmare.”

“I am keenly aware that my actions were and are unacceptable and should never be tolerated by society,” he concluded.

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9 Replies to “Brooks Ayers Apologizes For Audio Recording Threatening Vicki Gunvalson, Says He Has Never Abused A Woman”

  1. Ryan set you up. Nasty words from you…but drinking…I get it… frustration at the whole situation…but you do know that you and Vicki are done right? She won’t be able to come back from this ugliness…justify loving you….nothing but a mess that keeps getting messier.

    1. After the way he treated Lydia’s Mom (and things that happened over the season), I’ve come to the conclusion that he isn’t a nice person or good enough for Briana. I guess we’ll have to see that one play out. I just feel sorry for Briana and the baby.

  2. Vicki is a desperate, hollow woman. That is why she even considered him. EVERYONE told her he was a con man, a lying scumbag from Minute 1 (even Vicki probably noticed it very early in their relationship, but kept him around because she is so needy).

    I’m also sure NONE OF HER FRIENDS OR FAMILY want to hear his name ever again, and will NEVER support her (if she gets “needy again) and wants to be with him. She’s a hypocrite, liar, and has a ridiculous superiority complex too. She truly believes she is perfect and ACTS “entitled.” She does not have even ONE good personality trait. Her world is about Vicki, Vicki, Vicki. Talk about being a narcissist!

    That said, they should fire her from the show (which she thinks she is the star/lead of), and replace her with her daughter, Briana, because Briana has a lot of traits her Mom lacks: intelligence, depth, compassion & a heart. It would be nice to see Vicki (and Tamra) get their due and be booted from the show!

  3. He apologized which is a lot better than not apologizing, and it’s also much much better than doubling down a la Ryan’s statements regarding the couch/Judy incident. Hopefully Vicki will completely stay away from him and hopefully he doesn’t act like that with anyone else, ever again. Only time will tell.

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