Brooks Ayers Admits To “Violence” During Drunken Fight With Vicki Gunvalson


Vicki Gunvalson and controversial boyfriend Brooks Ayers have been making headlines lately. Brooks admitted on tape to cheating on Gunvalson numerous times and now he has admitted to using “violence” against Vicki and reveals he once owed thousands of dollars to the IRS.

The footage of Ayers’ confessions were taped in a Las Vegas hotel room by a business associate. In the latest leaked clip, Ayers begins by opening up with complaints about his measly income from Bravo.

“Well, it’s a reality show and I have made jack compared to what Vicki makes,” he says. “I made $17,500 in the last two years. That’s it.”

And according to Brooks, he is in desperate need of the cash.

“I owe the IRS and I have an ex-wife who’s at the trigger,” he says. “If I don’t pay her on time, she is going to file a contempt of court and she’s going to send me back to jail and that’s the fact. I gotta pay. I’m current with her now as we speak.”

Admitting he “was desperate for money,” Brooks also claimed he owed about $10,000 in child support and “twelve to five thousand” dollars to the IRS. According to Ayers, his parents helped him get rid of the child support debt and he paid off the IRS, but revealed he also owed Gunvalson about $5,000 to $7,000 for credit card debt.

And his admissions only get more shocking as he revealed he once used “violence” against Gunvalson during a drunken fight. Brooks reveals that while they were on vacation in Puerto Vallarta, he “grabbed her” during a drunken night out.

“I didn’t grab her… in back of hair like that,” he says, extending his left arm out palm open. “I was mad and I was wrong… and that’s the only source of violence they have seen me do. The only thing I have ever done with Vicki. When I just came out of this bathroom and we were in this place and I saw a guy grab her a**.”

“And I came up and said, ‘What the hell?!’” he continues, “And she said, ‘It’s not big deal.’ And I said, ‘Yes it is a big deal.’ And I was wrong, there is never a right, wrong, or excuse to ever to touch a woman, particularly in public or private, ever! So I’ll own that. But it was never a hit or a slap.”

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24 Replies to “Brooks Ayers Admits To “Violence” During Drunken Fight With Vicki Gunvalson”

  1. So instead of hitting the guy who touched his girlfriend, he attacks her instead. Goes to show how much of a wimp he is – too chicken to hit a guy but ok to hit a woman. Wow Vicki you really picked a good one there.

    1. I thought that was interesting as well. Like, how is it Vickie’s fault that her ass was grabbed? Brooks obviously has a disdain and disrespect for women, as evidenced in his taped drunken ramblings. Hes a whoremnger but he calls Vickie a whore and threatens to beat her the next time he sees her. Sounds like a big improvement to her marriage to Donn. Nice choice Vickie.

  2. OMG, what is wrong with this man???!!! What a f**king nightmare. Why on earth does Vicki keep him in her life. Get the hell away from him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. No where does it state what it is that Brooks actually does for a living. I mean he only listed Bravo’s salary for the past two years., and that was only $17,500. Really? The man has children to support., and he acts like his ex-wife is a viper because she wants to collect- nive. Gee Vic what a winner you got there. The more you find out about Brooks the worse it gets.

  4. OMG Vic what is wrong with you ? No one likes this creep and you keep defending him. You really are in an abusive relationship. You are not very smart at all. It seems SEX is your #1 priority . I really feel sorry for you.

  5. I am so over this whole story – Brooks needs to slither away back to the rock her crawled out from under and Vicki needs to get some freaking self respect. For all her ranting and raving about successful she is and has it all she has nothing without self respect. so it’s time to shut the hell up and start practicing what you preach.

  6. Loved “Skeevy.”
    Anyone else remember V’s black eye?
    He has not shown remorse. IMO…he’s a sick user. No one person can tell her…and she probably knows and feels “happy” with the status quo. She now knows his limitations. This guy thinks everyone else is as stupid as he is. Vicki knows and has protected herself…legally. Tough to pray for V. knowing she has put herself in this predicament. Entertainment?

  7. I’m not sorry for saying what I about to say…truth hurts though! Vicki has zero self confidence at all. She keeps Brooks around because she thinks he “LOVES” her when really she is his meal ticket/gravy train. He is a user. He should be lucky to have gotten the money he did from bravo because he is not housewife he’s more of a hangers on do!#h bag with the wallet full of crumbs. I do not feel bad for Vicki’s daughter not accepting Brooks because clearly her daughter has enough common sense to see through the bs and her lies that he isn’t violent or a money grubber. If Bravo continues to document this relationship then I will no longer watch this show because this relationship is gross and toxic and I’m tired of it. He is a piece of trash Vicki and you are an enabler and I no longer feel sorry for you. You have trashed Tamra for caring about you and seeing his ways. If you stay with this pathetic loser you are just as wrong and don’t belong on this show. You are not promoting a strong housewife you are promoting standing by an abuser and cheater and I can no longer watch this crap!!

  8. Vicki must hate to be alone and will settle for anything. I never got that relationship, I’d rather be alone then put up with that.

    1. She is the classic case of a woman on the receiving end of domestic violence. …believes they will change, sticks by them, goes after any family or friends who doubt the person, pushes loved ones away, and convinces themselves the person will change. Someday she will wake up…

    1. @ Freda–remember: Don wasn’t filling her “love tank”; however, Reunion revealed he had long-time affair before they split up; THEN she wound up having affair as well, as revealed by Brianna–Brooks was the dude.

  9. Seriously Vic,
    You’ve got to get rid of this guy. You’re fun, successful and hot. Go get a real man. Don’t date beneath yourself. This dead beat doesn’t even work or pay for his kids/ex wife. He’s using you. Are you out of your mind to let him take your money? Wake up and go get yourself a real man. This guy even sounds stupid.

  10. Can I explain something?
    I was team brooks because he made vicki happy.
    I am no longer team brooks because I DO think he is sneaky, manipulating, dirty, under handing, and con artist like. The fact he owed 10 k in child support just makes it sound like he has no job which means he’s a bum.
    Vicki obviously didn’t know all this about him until her heart was already invested. When you love someone, you don’t want to listen to others if they turn out to be someone bad and I think everyone here can understand that. So stop with the “Vicki is insecure” “Vicki is making an ass of herself” she is vulnerable with a man who had obviously twisted her a little. I don’t think he’s a good guy, yet it seems she enjoys him so lets just let her choose her life. Vicki isn’t dumb. When a guy becomes too much she will leave and every RHOC fan should know that.
    Side note, he pulled her hair or her arm? It sounded like he pulled her hair which confused me…

    1. Sorry I don’t agree with any of this. This guy has conned her from day one. Vic will never admit she could possibly be wrong. This guy makes her no better than Gretchen and all the BS Vic had to say about Slade or when Vic thought T was being abused by Simon. Vicki always thinks she is right and can’t bring herself to admit she is wrong. Briana saw sleezebag for what he was from the very beginning. Maybe Vic will see the light when she ends up in the hospital with something worse than a black eye.

    2. Sorry Austin…Vicky is dumb (at least when it comes to being manipulated and conned). So Bravo has documented he goes on trips with her–who pays? Either Bravo or Vicki. He has her credit card that he charges on. Vicki bought his new set of teeth–remember? She will probably pay for his hair plugs.

    3. Sorry austin!! Your free to your opinion of course but I do not agree. Vic knew he was a broke dead beat she admitted she knew he was arrested for child support etc. She has chosen to stay with this man because she has dug her hole so deep protecting this loser because the fear that she would have to admit she was WRONG scares her ego. Its sad she would rather lose her relationship with bri and ryan and tamra and get abused financially, verbally, and now physically then just admit she was wrong and dump him. And p.s. as a mother to sit back and let a boyfriend talk of your daughter as if she was a nothing and suggest to her husband he should beat her to fall in line is disgusting. that piece of trash would of been at the curb in 2 point 2 seconds. This is why Bri has an issue bc her mother that should be her protection is allowing this guy to suggest physical abuse to her husband. No man would ever come before the comfort and safety of my children ever and let a man call me a whore and they wouldn’t be able to walk after I kick his damn a$$ to Guam. Just sayin’

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