Brooks Ayers Admits To Faking Cancer Documents


Brooks Ayers is finally speaking out after it was revealed that he was never treated for cancer at City of Hope by a hospital spokesperson. He released a statement to E! News and apologized for fabricating the medical documents.

“Words cannot express the deep regret that I have in fabricating documents to ‘prove’ to the world that I, in fact, have cancer. What I did was wrong and inexcusable. I acted alone, without Vicki [Gunvalson]’s knowledge, to produce documents for a reality TV show in hopes of putting doubts about my cancer to rest,” Ayers told E! News in an exclusive statement Wednesday. “I never intended to disclose my actual medical records or details about my private and personal medical history, thus the rationalization of presenting documents that weren’t true simply for a ‘storyline’ for the show.”

“From this day forward, my own personal journey with this disease will remain private as I initially intended over a year ago,” Ayers continued. “My sincerest apologies to my family, friends, loved ones, and those who are battling this horrid disease for any additional pain and/or stress that I have caused. As [University of Louisville basketball coach] Rick Pitino once said, ‘Mistakes can be good. They are fertilizer. Everything I’ve learned about coaching [life], I’ve learned from making mistakes.’ I made a mistake yet I have learned a huge lesson as well.”

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127 Replies to “Brooks Ayers Admits To Faking Cancer Documents”

  1. Scum. He thought he was so smart and thought he could manipulate everyone; BUSTED! He completely lacks any integrity and should be ashamed of himself. You have to be really desperate or mentally ill to pull something like that; just disgusting.

  2. Much like his mistakes are fertilizer, he’s full of shit.

    You didn’t fake these documents for a storyline, don’t blame bravo, you showed the documents to E! well after the show was finished in order to extend your fame and try and wrangle the media back round to your side.

    1. No kidding. Does he not realize how ridiculous that sounds? Guess not. Get sympathy to prove he has cancer, wow. That reeks of just plain grasping at straws. Not planning on sharing his “PERSONAL” med. documents. Wow I just am stunned at the stupidity of that entire thing, well, I shouldn’t be.

  3. So he ‘fabricated’ the doc just for the show, but couldn’t show a real doc even thought he’s really sick? ho’s gonna buy that?! Dummy

  4. Holy mother fu$%er what a total idiot! Does he actually think people are going to buy this bullsh##?! Slimeball, scum of the Earth, you don’t have cancer!! Go jump in a swamp, disappear forever, PLEASE, nobody is dumb enough to believe you!!!!!UGH, I can’t take this assho#e another minute.

  5. This guy has no soul. Remember all the prayers he said on camera using Jesus to perpetrate his deception? I cant even believe he is still lying after all this proof has been brought out. Too bad so many stupid people believe him (and Vicky). He is counting on them.

  6. My husband of 23 years passed away last year from metastatic lung cancer. It continues to weigh heavy on my heart. To think that someone would portray this illness to gain sympathy or ratings is disgusting to me. Be careful what you wish for……

    1. I’m sorry also, my father-in-law died of the same 16 years ago at 38, he was 16 when my husband was born so they “grew up” together and my husband said it was like loosing his best friend. I’m sure if it is your husband it is truly like loosing your other half. I’m so sorry for your loss.

    2. Eileen, I completely understand what you’re going through. My husband was just diagnosed with stage 4 adeno carcinoma (esophageal cancer). I knew from the minute the previews started and RHOC was suggesting that Crooks had cancer that he was lying. I believe it was an attempt to gain sympathy for his “character” on the show. He does play a part…….he really should go to Hollywood and get an agent…..he’s a great actor. Watching someone you love, suffer daily, being in pain daily… makes me SICK that BRAVO didn’t even think about confirming if he actually HAS cancer! Were they only thinking of ratings or did they even consider the impact on fans that watch the show when we found out he was faking it?! SHAME ON YOU BRAVO! You allowed this slime ball to fake cancer when there are hundreds of thousands of Americans suffering FOR REAL from this horrible disease.

      1. Michelle my heart goes out to you and your husband. Praying for his recovery. You have every right to be outraged. I honestly dont know if Bravo knew he was lying or when they found out is a better way to put it but I do lay the guilt at Vicki and Brook’s feet. I agree with you that they did this to garner sympathy so she could keep her tank full and her friends…. God bless you.

      2. Michelle, I am so very sorry for you and your husband, just remember to stay positive. It’s hard to believe how many of us have been affected by cancer! It’s frightening just on a little blog I don’t know what the percentages are but its high I know that! Maybe that poll should replace the Brooks poll then send him the results. If it helps my sons was in his groin, that is where I would kick him very hard!

        1. I know you mean Brooks with the kicking very hard part…though the sentence can be misinterpreted. I cannot. Even comment about Brooks. He is sickening.

  7. He is in the Healthcare industry. He fabricated medical invoices. He presented them as proof of treatment. If someone in the Social Security or Medicare Administration isn’t taking notice, they should. If he fabricates his own then I will bet dollars to donuts that he’s fabricated client records.

    1. I can not believe he has the gall to still claim to be sick the creep! His employer needs to be aware of what he is capable of. No telling what scam he is coming up with now.

  8. This BS artist is pathological! Vicki had to know that he was lying, bc she would have witnessed him receiving treatments. Additionally, Vicki has never portrayed herself as incompetent or diminished, except in this situation. Sadly Ms. Businesswoman provided fodder for her very important clients to question her integrity. Woops!

      1. There are so many comments here I could reply to but I’ve picked yours. He is a disgusting lump of shit and so is Vicki. ๐Ÿ˜€ xoxo

      1. I don’t recall any poster saying that before, but you are so right poor children! I am ashamed to say I was so very angry he used NHL that I completely forgot about his children. How mortifying for them.

        1. Well, I think I would have gotten locked in on it too if my Son had fought that horrible cancer. Sometimes our own kids are enough for us to worry, and we hope and expect others to watch out for their own. In this case, our hopes are dashed.

  9. How pathetic do you feel now Miss “I’m smart” Vickie?
    As I’ve said before – anyone using Coto Insurance seriously needs to rethink their choice of provider. IDIOT!

  10. Bye Bye Brooks and Vicky to your careers your friends ect ect …. I thought when Brianna was on the reunion she was campaigning for her Moms innocence- kinda know why now- Shame On You Brooks Shame Shame – Go to Florida (Gods waiting room ) maybe you wont wait long.

  11. This guy is so disgusting and now I believe Vicki knew somewhere during the con. She said she went to see him during his treatment at the City of Hope. For 4 hours! That’s a 4 hour lie and she now should be dropped from the show. She’s a con artist too and made everyone else look like fools. Shameless!!

  12. He needs to BURN in hell. There, someone had to say it. Period. There is zero excuse for this POS to involve a major cancer center in his web of lies. And Vicki? With all her insisting to everyone how smart she is and forcing her knowledge of everything down everyone’s throats? She can say toodles to her career and hopefully she will go into hiding for a few years… or better yet. Forever. BEYOND DISGUSTED.

  13. The apology is so thorough and direct (unusual dialog for Brooks), he must have been served by the hospital. Bet City of Hope’s attorney’s said fess up or we are suing you a$$.

  14. I know Meghan got a lot of bashing everywhere but she was and is right. If she had not pushed forward , we still would be listening to his sickening lies (pun not intended) and Vicky would still be with this poor excuse of a man. Vicky should send Meghan a thank-you note.

    1. I’d say he’d still have been caught out, but given how accepting Tamera was (pretending) to be this season, it may have been a much bigger question mark, she may not have gone after him, he would have had a quit little background storyline about having cancer and he would be “healthier” by the end of the season.

      That is so dangerous, he would have been putting stuff about there and giving false hope for people that are actually suffering. She was 100% write to go after him, the end justified the means.

    2. I also thank Meghan. I always appreciated what she discovered because I had serious doubts early on. IF he was lying (and he was as was Vicky) I wanted him to be found out. I sure didnt want them to get away with this. They are both shameful.I have had very dear loved ones die of cancer. I am so appalled. AND HE HAS DONE THIS AT LEAST 4 TIMES. 2 TIMES IN HIS PAST AND 2 TIMES DATING VICKY. FIRST THE PANCREATIC LIE NOW THIS. OMG WHAT A SCUMBAG.

  15. I just wish the entertainment industry would black ball him and let him fade away into obscurity.
    Please do not pay this scum for anymore stories or interviews. This piece of crap probably already has a contract for a tell all book. Please don’t publish it and please do not buy it if is published.

    If I were VICKI I would be way too embarrassed to show my face in public because she may not have known what he was in the beginning but she is smart enough to know at some point he was conning everyone and she should have said something. I have absolutely no respect for her at all.

    1. I believe Vicki knew the whole time. She is first and foremost a business woman. She shrewdly saw a way to create a relevant storyline for herself and perhaps gather some sympathy and acceptance for Brooks from the ladies. She lied and lied and LIED and got downright venomous if someone didn’t believe her “fabrications”. (Notice she can not even say the word LIE in interviews). I think she’s paying Brooks off to say he “acted alone” so she can try to salvage her Bravo contract. I DON’T WANT TO WATCH HER ANYMORE. I hope she’s ousted from the show!
      I wish they’d give her spot to Brianna. She’s real, she’s funny and would be a good buddy for Megan!

  16. I had non Hodgekis Lymphoma about 27 years ago.I had to go through a lot of tests and alot of chemo.Thank God I have been in remission since then.To actually have some one lie about this is terrible. Does he even know how people feel that have cancer? He is cleary a piece of crap and deserves to be sued or something!

    1. Fantastic news! Keep up being in remission my son had it at 10 and now 18 years on he also is fine. I lost a close friend due to incorrect treatment for NHL. He is a POS!!! So is Vicki.

      1. Never knew this Sally! We’ve all dealt with the beast which is why this hits so close to home. I hope Brooks meets a bad person in a dark alley….

        1. So many of us have been affected by cancer in one form or another, unfortunately my family has been hit by it time and time again, my son is the only survivor. This is why this storyline has angered me so much. When I said he didn’t have NHL with the treatment he was getting I was told I didn’t know anything about oncology now. It states on cancer research UK, treatment for stage three is a cocktail of drugs and given during a hospital stay of three to five days. Milder forms can be done on an oncology day ward.
          So Brooks is a lying POS!
          My thoughts are with you and your husband during his treatment. Xoxo

  17. Lord have mercy on me, I am in total Shock. Who does that? WHO? Only a very, very sick money hungry freak. Lord have more mercy on me again, for I still have doubts that Vicki knew all along. She did go to City Of Hope with him, but remained in the waiting room for the duration. He probably told her, thanks for being here to support me, but no one is allowed inside. Remember when they visited some doctor & so called treatment was started on him, she left & went back to work & I thought, as others did, how odd & cold-hearted?! I feel she suspected way down the line & he shut he out at that point. Lies are caught or finally the liar fesses up. I hope there will be severe reprecussions for him.

    1. Wow, Starr. Can you imagine the cahoonas it takes to actually GO TO the hospital and have her wait. I am trying to figure what he did when he went into the chemo room. I have also tried to think she didn’t know till it was too late, but it is getting harder and harder.

      1. 3D love ya darling but Vicky was lying her ass off when she said she went to chemo with him. Its time to smell the coffee. She was in on it all along.

      2. Yes, 3D’s it is getting harder & harder to digest any/all of it. But, I have waited in doctor’s offices for very long durations of time. This is hard to believe, but my own Orthopedist advised me one time to come to his office at 8am & I would be the 1st patient of the morning–in & out the door in no time. I got there, waiting room already full & me with 2 broken legs in casts. I was there till 6.35 pm. I was explosive when he did see me & he had the nerve to tell me I
        was not compliant. I only stuck around hour after hour because my husband kept telling me to be patient, he’ll see me next, then next etc: That was my last visit there, changed doctors asap. With Vicki, what I thought was that perhaps she busied herself on her computer, phone calls with her clients, with her friends or what have you & all because the crook told her she could not go in before hand & she came prepared. That’s the kind side of me looking for the best in this whole rotten affair. The unkind side of me—you don’t even want to know. Plus, I’m still disliking intensely how her non friends treated her the entire season & feeling some empathy toward her because of their dirty back-stabbing.

        1. Yes absolutely. I just didn’t want it to be true. That’s why I said think of the cahoonas it takes. I pity Viki, and I don’t like Brianna. But they are in that relationship together. I can’t believe Viki could “love” him so much when she had only still known him for a short time. Even if she was seeing him when she was married. I have sat in a few Dr’s. offices too, bleeding to death. Too may to count but never those crap ones again/ Anyway, I am sick t death of his face.

        1. Sally, I’m laughing more. I think right now I’m the laughing stock of all my fellow bloggers & each of you have been more than kind with your responses. Thank you my friends.

          1. starr, thanks for saying that. Really. This whole “some of us have jobs thing” is just nasty. I worked grave yard for 28 years when I was raising my kids. Then I built a garden for many thousands of hours. Then something happened that dropped me to my knees. Ripped my guts out, and then 2 more things happened. It’s life, I know. I don’t search for pity at all. But if someone is spoiling for a fight, that shit about “ind a life” is fighting words. I don’t attack posters. So, thanks again.

            1. 3D’s I hear you. Life does happen & sometimes in the most unexpected Times. Heart-wrenching, heart tearing stuff, but that’s real life & not fabricated life for the sheer fancy of it. 3D’S, Lisa, Sally, you have been grand with me & I cant tell you how appreciative I am. I grew up being taught that there are 3 sides to every story. Your side, my side & God’s truth. So I really try to weigh all sides, much to my detriment. Like right now for instance. PLEASE do not tell me what my husband always does–that I’m gullible & innocent minded–which is not bad, but don’t believe everything as Gospel. But, I must say, I did not like the way the housewives treated Vicki & saw how vicious & attacking they were to her. Can I get a teeny, tiny bit of credit for that–at least? as it is, I feel just horrid from all of you right now. You all have been way too generous in your remarks & I LOVE YA ALL FOR IT.

              1. Don’t be daft! I’ll give you I didn’t like Shannon when they met for lunch how about that!!! Don’t worry about it there is nothing wrong with caring, I don’t like gang ups but these two for me, if it had been any other cancer rather than NHL I would not have been so sure. I have mentioned several times about my son and NHL and he is fine now and I’m over the moon because although he isn’t engaged now they will be on his next bonus! I don’t know why I’m saying this now but I have just come off the phone with the pair of them. Something positive is always good! So big smile ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

                1. Thanks again Sally & I too disliked what Shannon did to Vicki at lunch that day–cold & uncaring to the max. So glad your son is okay & look forward to happy news that seems to be in your forecast. It is important to have happy moments & happy times.

              2. I have always said I thought they were awful to her. I did say that all along. Not Tamra so much because she has been around for a lot longer, and even tho she has done her fair share, Viki has not always been a friend to her. Like whispering innuendo into all the newbies ears, just figuring oh well Tamra’s rep. will take it. And Heather’s wide eyed innocence about the entire Shannon/David email, all lies, letting Tamra take the entire rap, and ANOTHER new story this year about that day. But they are the ones who claim to be Viki’s friends, not us. We stick by friends even when they do stuff we don’t like, and if we really love them, even when they do stuff WRONG. Shannon was like a pit bull during that lunch all because she made a phone call a year before. 4 times Viki asked her to stop and she just wouldn’t stop. When Viki started crying she didn’t even take her hand. Cold. And Megan, well, she thought she had a good reason, but she should have backed off. There is a big difference between gullable, and seeing the best and giving the benefit of the doubt, which none of these women seem to be able to do. ๐Ÿ™‚

        2. It isnt about nice (although Starr is) its about weighing the evidence. Hey I prayed for that moron Brooks when I read he had unresponsive stage 3 cancer. I really felt badly (again been through it up close and personal) so I was supportive until all these inconsistencies came out and then outright lies. Same with Vicki. I got a kick out of her. I am not out to “crucify her” but she is caught in so many lies. Its utterly ridiculous for her not to know of he had cancer or not. We need use out heads here.

    2. My husband has stage 4 esophageal cancer and when he’s inside the chemo room, I’m not allowed to stay back there. I can go back and poke my head inside and check on him but I can’t sit back there at all. Still, I think Vicki knew the whole time…….she might act stupid but she isn’t completely brainless. Wish Crooks still lived in Tupelo….I live about 32 miles from there…..I’d go pay him a visit and show him what cancer REALLY does to a person! Then, I’d punch him in the throat. LOL….I wouldn’t…..but it WOULD be in the back of my mind!

  18. Vicki knew this whole season was Disgusting her and brooks รฏยธยneed investigation on them! If we’re anyone else they sure as hell would go after us ! This is the most HERENDOUS Dispicable bith scumbags who season sbt him coukdnt even watch just read through social media! Oh btw she was screaming at this reunion hmmmm she beeds to be fired PLAIN AND SIMPLE รฏยธยOH WHAT ELSE SHE LYING ABT HMMM FINANCES!! Btw we are protected by hippa laws so stupis that whole bunch TY for listening SMFH TY

  19. I have always been on Meghan’s side for exposing crooks… I know Many hated her but I could tell crooks was lying by his body language and every time his lips were moving… What a pos… I hope the networks demand the monies paid to him for interviews back. Vicki need to gone as well. Anyone that has investments with her needs to acat out

    1. Me too!

      I was Shannon yelling, You Will All See the Fucking Truth! While people were like “It’s terrible what she’s doing, he has his right to privacy”, now I see those same people chiming in ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Why are we even still discussing this scumbag. We know you were a liar and a con. We have known that from the minute you walked on screen. What I don’t know is why you even deserve the attention or platform to do all this garbage on. I have no interest of any kind in this man and I’m disappointed in the fact that they talked the whole season about something that was painfully obvious thus giving this douche more time and attention. Garbage.

  21. he is apologizing for fabricating documents not the fact that he has cancer, he is still lying!!!!!! ARGH what a piece of crap this man is

  22. What a POS he is. Vicki and Brooks both deserve each other. She isn’t any better, I believe she was in on this too. What other storyline did she have? I’m definitely not interested in watching the OG anymore. She need to step up and own her lies too.

  23. Looking back to Vicki’s behavior it seems so obvious that she knew there were lies and it disgusts me even more. People like her who have a veeerrrryyyy hard time EVER admitting they’re wrong in anything manipulate, abuse, and hurt everyone around them who start to get close to their truth to either bully them into shutting up or scare them away. Vicki did all of those things and more to people she claimed to be BEST FRIENDS and even family.

    Faking cancer is icing on the cake – Brooks’ behavior towards Brianna was almost worse! That’s your daughter Vicki!!! As angering as it is – makes you wonder what type of abusive cycles Vicki has lived through to allow those patterns in her life. Sometimes women who are abused have a mark that men who are abusers (verbal, emotional, & physical) can see and the rest of us can’t and those men look for women like that to prey on. With Vicki’s fame and success she was a prime target for a douche like Brooks. Women like this are usually able to be really successful in every other way and excel in control of every aspect of their lives but can’t ever control the abuser or the ability to make decisions to leave them – the women want to “fix” the men & it becomes a cycle of the woman trying to control the man and “fix” them all the while being abused and dragged deeper into the man’s cycle of lies and deceit.

    What Vicki did was AWFUL, angering, and frustrating. But ladies – please – it cannot be easy to be on TV through this and while it’s been a choice Vicki probably feels humiliated and ashamed and wishes none of us would have seen what were able to. As other women we can learn from what we saw watching the show. It can teach us not to fall into those traps ourselves, how to love our friends and trust them when they say that something is off even when our feelings towards a man are so strong, and how to love our other women friends even when they do make bad choices – WHICH WE ALL DO!! Give your girlfriend a hug –

    I hope we can see forgiveness shine through this next season with Miss Vicki and crew. You don’t grow in the good times ladies.

  24. Well put Coco, lets hope that somewhere in time, they group & find forgiveness one with the other & really learn from mistakes.

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