Brooks Ayers Admits RHOC Is Staged


Brooks Ayers is the latest to reveal The Real Housewives isn’t that real when he admitted in a Las Vegas court that when Vicki Gunvalson negotiated her season 8 contract, she made sure Vicki’s Vodka would be shown! In court documents filed on July 23rd in the United States District Court, obtained exclusively by RadarOnline, Ayers revealed how he attended a meeting on June 3, 2012, in Las Vegas, during which Vicki “specifically agreed, represented and promised that Vicki would negotiate her season 8 contract (on The Real Housewives) to include VV (Vicki’s Vodka) as part of the negotiations and product integration.”

This scene was shown on a recent episode of RHOC when Brooks traveled with Vicki to Napa to sample her orange and bacon flavored vodkas. Brooks confessed the staged storyline in response to the lawsuit filed against him regarding the vodka company.

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3 Replies to “Brooks Ayers Admits RHOC Is Staged”

  1. Including product placements in the production of the shows doesn’t mean it’s “staged” Every time you see a product on the show it’s been placed there for revenue, the owner of the product has nothing to do with the content of the show or how it is produced. .

  2. Well we know Brooks want be back on Bravo, because Bravo, and Andy does not like to be called out and to be told that they are lairs it cuts into their money…

  3. Ugh Brooks! Are u trying to be relevant? Talk about something being staged, everything out of your mouth to vicki was staged so you could hook yourself a rich woman. I wish vicki would quit being so desperate for attention so you would go away. And why were you in court, oh yeah because you sold your free stake in vickis vodka to pay off debts and you’re being sued.. Being on bravo has been a meal ticket for you, quit complaining.

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