Brooks Ayers Admits He Shares Of Vicki’s Vodka To Pay Off Child Support!


Vicki Gunvalson’s name may have been dropped from the lawsuit filed by her Vicki’s Vodka business partner, but Brooks Ayers is still fighting the case. Gunvalson’s former boyfriend is being sued for; allegedly committing fraud, breach of contract, failing to live up to good faith dealings, misrepresenting himself and conspiring to unjustly enrich himself and Gunvalson.

Now, RadarOnline reports that Brooks has admitted “that Vicki gifted him a 16.67% share in her business to produce distilled flavored vodka — a share he later sold to another business partner for $50,000 in a bid to wipe out child support and IRS debt.” But in a recent blog, Vicki claims Brooks is not a part of her business life.

Ayers is claiming Vicki’s business partner “suffered no legally cognizable damages” as a result of he and Vicki’s actions. He’s seeking the suit be dismissed.

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Nannan#01

    OH no do you mean Vicki lied about that ??? LOL But she swears she never did that and her and Brooks never did that, and than began to scream and yell like the nut case she is. But if you will watch when she is caught in a lie she does scream that is so it throws everyone else.

  • This man makes my skin crawl!

  • nik

    I wonder if brooks still gives vicki daily affirmations & greeting cards? Lol. I doubt it, his fake a** b.s worked last season & vicki fell “in love” & for that i say thanks vicki, if she hadnt fallen for it we’d be watching it again this season & i honestly couldnt stomach that again

  • Brianna

    Totally agree Nannan. And tell what woman her age acts like that. Come on grow up Vicky you’re A lil old for temper tantrums.

  • On Reflection

    Oh dear the more revealed about Crooks the more you can’t help but wonder what on earth was Vicki on falling for that gross, toothless gnome! Sad part was, she thought she needed him…she didn’t he always needed her for her big fat bank account. All women should learn from a young age…unless a man goes through high hell and water for you and is prepared to give you one of his kidneys…you never ever pick up his debts, his life tab. Have self respect for yourself, think with your head first and then your heart, self esteem is the most attractive trait in a woman….and a man for that matter!