Brooks Admits To Cheating On Vicki Gunvalson With Hookers In Shocking Audio Recording


Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson has been defending her boyfriend Brooks Ayers since she began dating him, but according to a bombshell new report, Ayers has admitted to cheating on Vicki, “screwing around,” and sleeping with hookers. And he has confessed it all on tape.

Brooks’ admissions were made on an audio recording and obtained by The National ENQUIRER. And what he says is shocking to say the least.

“I’ve been known to cheat,” Ayers says on the tapes, which were recorded in a Las Vegas hotel while he voluntarily met with a business associate in an attempt to settle a lawsuit.

“Did I mark on my calendar if we were off today or on today?” he says of Gunvalson. “I’ve been known to cheat… Bottom line, it hurt Vicki to know even if we weren’t together that I f*cked somebody else. That hurt her.”

Among the many women he was with, was a prostitute, named Katrina, he admitted. The two allegedly met during a private high-stakes poker game, and then decided to continue the party in “rooms upstairs [for] guys to have their way” with the hired talent. Brooks had sex with the woman, he admits on the tape, and paid her around $300 to $400 for the encounter.

He allegedly ran into the woman again months later while visiting friend Robert Williamson III in Las Vegas, and the woman was there, calling herself Maya.

“I’m on and off with Vicki,” he insisted. “I’m not living with her. I am not engaged to her. She’s still legally married. Bottom line is, it’s a double standard in my opinion.”

Williamson was fed up with Brooks’ philandering ways and decided to include him in a lawsuit he filed against Gunvalson for failure to promote their business, Vicki’s Vodka.

“I recorded [Brooks] out of an abundance of caution, specifically at the request of Vicki Gunvalson,” the business man who made the tapes told The ENQUIRER. “She asked me to help Brooks. Given his background, I did not want this guy walking away making false claims about our time. Who knows what he would have said.”

But Ayers claims all of this is for publicity. In a statement, he told RadarOnline, “This is a desperate attempt to seek publicity in a case that is nearing trial.”

He continued, “The case is about business partners choosing not to be in business together. The case has nothing to do with my personal life.”

“I remain in high hopes that the legal process will reveal the truth,” Ayers continued, “and justice will be served.”

Listen to Brooks’ confessions below.



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  • Kat

    I’m not at all surprised. He’s totally comes off as a creeper. What an idiot.

  • AngieB

    And Vicki wonders why her daughter doesn’t want to be around this creep, come on!!!!

  • Karen

    Vicki knows Brooks is a low life. Hell, HE practically is a paid escort. I just hope since she is constantly reminding everyone what a smart businesswoman she is, that she gets regular STD check ups for herself and Brooks. It’s only the practical business thing to do. The funny thing is, is she blames Tamra for why Brianna can’t stand Brooks. It has NOTHING to do with hard evidence like this or the tape of Brooks calling Vicki a Whore, or telling Brianna’s husband to beat her, or many other things Brianna witnessed herself. Vicki is a delusional idiot who has chosen a proven scum bucket over her children. Period.

  • funkypink2014


  • ChristopherM

    How on earth does he have any money for hookers?

    • One Rotten Egg

      So the money he gets from his Sugar Momma Vicky is how he pays for his hookers. Guess Vicky should owe former Housewife Laura Peterson for bringing this to her attention last season, remember?

    • Karen

      He pays for them either Vicki’s credit card.

  • VaNonna

    He is a nasty man. Vicki is desperate for a companion. Obviously she is desperate. Sad.

  • Lia

    This is just a nasty dirty old man…Vicki can do so much better, I can’t help but feel Vicki knows his an idiot and for some unknown reason she likes him anyway…I’m baffled with this relationship.

  • Aunt Bee

    Who in their right mind would want their gas tank filled by this sleezeball. OMG Vicki I thought you were a smart woman but if you continue with this a$$wipe then you are dumber than a box of rocks.

    • Karen

      Just the thought of being filled by his “gas” makes me want to vomit! He is SO GROSS!

      • Aunt Bee

        Me too Karen. Even his smarmy voice makes me cringe.

        • Karen

          Vicki is on the wrong show- she should have been on DESPERATE Housewives!!

  • Trixiebelle

    Vicki is delusional. Period. Nuts and delusional.

  • mrscrimsonghost

    I just love how Vicki defended him and got so mad at Tamara about saying mean things about him… Imagine that it was all true..Also it’s interesting how Shannon thought she was so right about Brooks being wonderful. She knew nothing and perhaps should have known the whole story before judging Tamara about her feelings. Tamara had been friends with Vicki a lot longer and had seen what Vicki went through with Brooks. It’s so irritating.. I know you ladies like Shannon and Lizzie.. I can’t stand either of them!!!

  • Mallory

    VICKI LOSE THIS GUY QUICK–or leave reality TV, because you are making 1st class idiot out of yourself by staying with this idiot… Who would want to buy insurance from you when you are publicly humiliating yourself!!!!!!!!!

  • Drop him – he wants his rent money back if you sell the house? – get real! Don’t be soooooo stupid Vickey!!!!!

  • Heather

    I think Vickie likes to travel and she mentioned he was a lot of fun to travel with. I think that is about all she wants out of that relationship.

    • Aunt Bee

      Yes but creepy wants much more re the comment about renting from Vicki means he has equity in the house. Is she really that dumb???

    • J

      I think that is a big draw of late traveling together to Mexico and stuff. Vickie is a if it feels good do it kind of gal. Unfortunately she has involved herself so much deeoer with this guy and now shes paying the price. Amazing she couldnt see that coming . I think Shannon just noticed that Vickie thought so much of Brooks and seemed so happy in his presence which she does. She was just trying to be a good friend. I would have done the same especially since Vickie doesn’t want to hear it and its her choice. I think Shannon tends to take people at face value thats why she was so hurt by Tamra because Tamra presented herself to be a cool chick to talk to and hang out with and she was blindsided by her cruel gossip and duplicity. Im not sure how much I like Lizzie but I really like Shannon. God knows ive been fooled by people before. But poor Vickie doesn’t seem to ever learn.

  • J

    I guess Vickie just wanted to be swept up of f her feet so badly that she cant let go of the dream. Unfortunately this is the kind of guy there is an abundance of when a person is older. I think it is true that eventually most of the good ones are taken. Single guys middleaged are not generally too intrested in anything serious. Theyre usually avoident or have done it allready and it failed so they are done . Or if they never had a family and want one they are after much younger women. Either way its very tough to be single and most women with good husbands hang on to them and rightfully so. Im not saying Vickie wont find someone but most dont and do end up alone. Its way easier for men to move on..