Brittany Cartwright and Scheana Shay Visit Kentucky

Vanderpump Rules stars Brittany Cartwright and Scheana Shay visited Kentucky recently and it looks like the two had a lot of fun.

First, we see Scheana out on the farm with some animals.

Then, Brittany and Scheana went out on the town and had a karaoke night.



Looks like the two are having fun!

Photo Credit: Bravo/Instagram


3 Replies to “Brittany Cartwright and Scheana Shay Visit Kentucky”

  1. Not too fond of Scheana – I don’t know her personally but – she just rubs me the wrong way for some reason. Maybe its her voice?

  2. Is there anyway to keep her there (in Kentucky)? I would be elated if she did not come back to VPR.
    BTW she is a bug that needs to be swatted. Can’t stand her.

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