Brielle Zolciak Gets Brand New Car For Her 18th Birthday


Kim Zolciak’s oldest daughter Brielle just turned 18 and Kim was excited to share what Brielle’s birthday present was… a brand new jeep!

“Happy Early 18th Birthday to our angel @briellebiermann this child has talked about a white jeep for many many years,” Kim shared. “@kroybiermann gets mad props for all the ‘extras’ he did to make her car so special! Although he is stressing the light bar and grill lights didn’t make it in time due to weather it will be alright baby #IGoHardForMomentsLikeThis.”

Photo Credit: Bravo/Instagram


5 Replies to “Brielle Zolciak Gets Brand New Car For Her 18th Birthday”

  1. Don’t watch the show, but from the clips I’ve seen, it doesn’t seem like she deserves this. I recall a clip where dyes wrecked two cars? But that us the way of the rich and privileged nowadays. Hopefully she appreciates what she has and knows how very lucky she is.

  2. I love the show, but I’m a huge Kim fan so I’d love anything she’s filmed doing. Brielle is over all a good kid & always does what her mom asks of her but not a great driver. They bought her a Honda & wouldnt let her drive their expensive cars for yrs because of her driving. She must have proved to them her driving has improved.

  3. It’s sad to me that Kim has had all these kids and hasn’t matured herself beyond about 16 years old. That said, her kids appear to be more level headed and decent, so I guess they are learning it from the step dad or somewhere.

  4. I love Kim & her entire brood. If she & her hubby saw fit to give the car, I’m guessing they must know she’s a responsible teen. I would not have the guts to do the same.

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