Briana Faces Off With Brooks At RHOC Reunion, Vicki Walks Off Stage


What might be the most intense part of The Real Housewives of Orange County reunion is coming up next week, when Vicki’s daughter, Briana Culberson faces off with her on-again off-again boyfriend, Brooks Ayers. Many viewers have wondered why Briana has such strong opinions about Brooks and why she “wouldn’t allow” him in Vicki’s home while she was living there with her son, Troy. Briana clarifies to Andy, “Brooks isn’t allowed around me and my son, not her home.”

Saying the storyline has been misconstrued this season, Briana says, “The agreement was I didn’t want him around my husband, myself or my son.” When Andy asks Briana why, Vicki says, “They just don’t like each other, let’s leave it at that.” But Briana explains, “It’s beyond not liking him. He’s done some things that are shocking, extremely disrespectful and he’s proven himself to be somebody that I don’t trust around my family.” Vicki tells Andy, “And that’s that. We aren’t getting into details. I’m telling you right now I will de mic and I will walk off.”

Briana continues, “[Things disrespectful] to me, my husband and my mother.”

Vicki admits Brooks has been disrespectful to her and reveals that they are no longer together.

When Brooks appears on the stage with the women Tamra tells Vicki she sees weakness in her and says they never had a fight until Brooks came in the picture, Briana agrees. The women then discuss how Brooks has been “disrespectful” to Vicki’s daughter.

“This is the only source of ick in my life,” Briana says as she points to Brooks. Briana goes on to question how Vicki could be with someone that treats her daughter like that.

It looks like we won’t be finding out what exactly Brooks did until part 3 of the RHOC reunion airs next week! It has been reported that Brooks allegedly leaked Briana’s private wedding details and information about her pregnancy to the press, but in a blog, Briana explains she has definitely seen some red flags in Brooks’ behavior.

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo