Briana Culberson Hired Extra Security For RHOC Reunion


Part 3 of The Real Housewives of Orange County reunion was one of the most intense we’ve seen, but what you didn’t know was that Vicki Gunvalson’s daughter, Briana Culberson, hired extra security for the day. Briana said she would not attend the reunion unless her security was present. RumorFix’s Mr. Real Housewife reports Briana did not want Brooks Ayers anywhere near her baby.

During taping Troy was left in the dressing room where security was positioned to make sure the baby was safe while Briana filmed.

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  1. She paid or Vickie paid? Briana should be more concerned about who She’s married to. When Vickie started crying all she did was sit her huge behind in that seat and never got up to comfort her mother and thats how much she loves her!

    1. Right? Briana and Ryan sure don’t seem to mind enjoying Vicki’s “hospitality” though…..(free of charge, I’m SURE despite what Ryan “claims”)(maybe he has “evidence” of that too?) #MoveOutOnYourOwn

  2. While Brooks has his issues, I do think Brianna is over the top with her judgments and nastiness of him…she needs to tend to her own husband and his anger issues and leave her mother to deal with her own life. For Brianna to shut down Lydia and the issue of what happened with Lydia’s mother….wow…can’t handle the heat herself over her husbands behavior…get out of the kitchen….sorry…I’m no Vicki and Brooks fan but neither am I a Brianna fan after what we have seen and heard. Brooks…sorry for your woes…but go back to MS and make a life with someone there…Vicki can’t let it happen at all now that all of this has been aired on national tv. Thank you Brianna.

    1. I think the right term would be…hypocrite?! She is ridiculous and completely disrespectful of her mother. (Yet she seems to have problem enjoying the fruits of her labor….) Even if Brooks IS as bad as she makes him out to be, it’s HIGHLY DOUBTFUL he would do anything to her baby! ESPECIALLY on National TV with a roomful of people around. I get it though. I wouldn’t mind slapping her myself, lol….But her problems are brought on by herself and her own nasty attitude.

  3. I think Briana had some of her own feelings finally come out. Being abused, and Vicki telling Briana SShhhh,
    With her finger pointing at Briana….”DO NOT TELL”…..

    Vicki will do what she wants. She should go to the local gasoline station and have her tank filled there!
    Perhaps Walmart is having a blue dot special on adult toys.
    I don’t feel badly for Vicki one bit. Remember the time when she was yelling at Tamara? Even the Crook
    look frightened. When she went to her reunion, her old boyfriend ran a different direction?

    Briana needs to feel safe and Ryan seems to be able to do that… keep the perverts. away. As far as
    the couch incident, I really don’t believe that part was real because another site said that
    when they were sitting telling Vicki they got married….Vicki already knew. I think it goes from fake to real.
    I’m going to give Ryan a complete pass on the couch. The Mother wasn’t carrying a glass but does smoke
    brownies. (She might have been tempted)

  4. After being raised in an abusive home that was followed by an abusive marriage I fully understand and support Brianna’s reluctance to accept Brooks behavior and to not comfort Vicki.
    Once you have made the decision of what you will and will not accept in your life you can’t backtrack or let someone else’s “wants and needs” change your standards.
    There are so many things that have gone on in private that we do not and will never know and Brianna has obviously reached her tolerance level with her mother and Vickis tears no longer effect her.
    As far as her husbands behavior at the party. I believe there was a lot of editing and we will never know the full story. Do I feel that he is a bully? Yes, I do! But Brianna will have to see that for herself

    1. Yes I was the victim of abuse also that’s why I had my own house,worked full time and didn’t let my mother support me. When I had children all visits were in my house with either my husband or myself present. You break the cycle of abuse,you don’t keep it going -Briana is a fool

  5. Good for Brianna. It is insane the amount of man haters out there who are so tied up in their own issues that they are unable to see the truth through all of this. Brooke’s is a con man; this is all that has been said and agreed upon for a couple of years now. Since the beginning of the Housewives franchise, everyone has agreed that Brianna is the only sane one on the show and the only one that has her head on straight. The woman made it through nursing school in 3 years, you try that! She is an RN and her husband is a Marine. He is a non-commissioned officer and makes good money, plus he gets BAH, which is money every month to cover his rent & utilities. They did pay Vicki rent and Brianna has since moved out.

    Do I excuse Ryan’s behavior, No. I don’t excuse Lydia’s mother’s behavior either. The woman was rude right back to Ryan. I don’t know of anyone who goes to a party in a multi-million dollar home and puts their feet on the sofa. The woman told him that she was going to fairy dust him and asked him who he was! I love how no one is giving Lydia’s mother ANY blame. Instead, everyone is making her out to be this angel who immediately complied with this horrible man who completely blew up for absolutely no reason. There is fault in both parties, but fans are so hell bent on being on one side that they will excuse any behavior just to ‘take up for their character’. Please.

    Further, she said she refused to talk badly about her husband because he is in Afghanistan. I want to know how many of you women have husbands in the Marine corps that serve in an infantry unit? The man could be killed any moment and you expect her to sit on TV and say her husband acted like an ass. Seriously. You people have no idea what it is like to be the wife of an infantry soldier. You have no idea what it is like to hear the door bell ring and say a prayer that it isn’t an officer standing there to give you the news that your husband has died for his country.


      1. Bullcrap! Talk about a slanted, skewed viewpoint. Ryan was rude out of line and abusive. He does NOT get a pass because he is a soldier. Lydia was not rude to Ryan, she was trying to diffuse his anger and make light because he was clearly out of control. He should be watched very closely and is apparently a woman hater (speaking of man bashers).

        This is OBVIOUS.

          1. Thank you Falima. Mom was trying to diffuse the anger, not threatening to spray him with fairy dust. She said she didn’t know who he is when he ASKED HER. And another thing: How does this “Steph” person know – and why does she think – that she has the right to assume that anyone who agrees with her has no connection to the military. We should all be ‘ashamed’? How about, NO. WRONG.

            Facts are facts.

            Sorry. Ignorance!

        1. Totally agree. My husband is also a soldier and I pray he would never be deployed with someone as unstable as Brianna’s husband. Brianna is desperate to put up with him. This man is a loose canon as Vickie once said.

    1. This is hilarious…Brianna says her hubby was deployed but bravo says her pyscho hubby was backstage with the baby and security during the reunion. Why didn’t Brianna just hire a baby sitter to stay at home with the child. Better yet why doesn’t big ol Brianna and her maniac hubby just go away.

  6. Military wives: You are not alone. You are supported.

    I am sorry that there is a segment of military wives who present the way Steph does. Get over yourselves.

  7. Bottom line is that Brianna made up her mind that she will never accept Brooks! Vicki needs to decide for herself who she wants in her life. But she had better think long and hard about why the people she loves made the decisions they made.

    1. Although we never heard the entire tape, Briana had said brook crook put a hit out on Vicki’s vodka
      partner and his wife. I would have done the same as Briana. Crazy is crazy.

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