Briana Culberson Explains Why She & Ryan Live With Vicki Gunvalson & Why She Doesn’t Like Brooks Ayers


Vicki Gunvalson’s daughter, Briana Culberson, is taking to a Bravo Blog to discuss why she and her husband, Ryan, are living with Vicki. Briana insists they did not move in with Vicki out of necessity. She is an RN and Ryan is in The Marine Corp. Briana explains they carefully discussed their living arrangements and decided it was the best thing for everyone; based on Ryan’s upcoming deployment, Briana’s health, and Baby Troy. Briana also talks about why she is so skeptical of Brooks, and discusses what Vicki told her regarding her relationship with Brooks when they moved in.

Briana writes, “Troy has opened my eyes to a whole new kind of love that I couldn’t have imagined. I want to be the best mom that I can be for him, and with every decision I make, I have him in mind. I want him to be proud of me and know how much I love him.

I want to have a strong marriage with Ryan and continue to build on our relationship to give Troy a good, stable household filled with love. Having Troy has allowed me to feel more empathetic for my mom and how amazing she is as a mother. Throughout my life she has always put my brother and myself first and was always focused on our happiness. If I’m half as good of a mom as she is, then I’ll have done something right.

The decision to move into my mom’s house was not an easy one to make. While I was pregnant, Ryan and I were house hunting and put a few offers on homes nearby and came very close to purchasing a home for our family. Ryan got orders to move to another base almost three hours away, so we cancelled our house hunt and started brainstorming on our options. At that time, Donn was still living with my mom and getting ready to move out, which was going to leave my mom physically, emotionally, and financially alone in the large house.

Rumors began to fly at Ryan’s work of an upcoming deployment and he received unofficial word that he would be deployed October 14, and my due date for the baby to arrive was October 10! Ryan and I sat down with my mom and the three of us came to an agreement that seemed to solve all problems, we would move into my mom’s house so we could help my mom financially and I would have support from my mom while Ryan was in Afghanistan. My only concern with moving back home with my mom was that I didn’t want whomever my mom was dating to be coming in and out of the house with the baby and I living there because I want a stable, positive environment for Troy.

My mom and Brooks have a very drama packed relationship and are frequently “on and off.” I didn’t want Troy (or myself) to be around any fighting or any men coming in and out and in and out of the house. My mom told Ryan and I before we moved in that she had no plans to move Brooks in and that their relationship wasn’t at that level. I would have NEVER moved into the home if I was going to get in the way of my mom’s relationship moving forward, which she assured me that I wouldn’t. The decision to move into my mom’s house was out of pure convenience and not necessity. Between my health problems related to my thyroidectomy, becoming a first-time mother, and Ryan preparing to deploy to Afghanistan for a year, I had a lot to worry about and my focus was on a positive home environment. I told my mom on Day 1, “If you feel like I’m getting in the way of your life or your relationship, give me the word and I will happily get an apartment down the street, no argument!”

This week, Ryan exposed one of the shocking experiences we’ve had with Brooks within the past year. Ryan and myself have both had interactions with Brooks that made us question his character and his intentions with my mom. I am extremely protective of those that I love, and my mom is high up on that list. Ryan quickly adopted the same kind of worry for my mom regarding her dating life. Ryan spent a lot of time one on one with Brooks and saw some red flags regarding his behavior behind my mom’s back. At the end of the day, Ryan and I want the best for my mom. I will always be picky about who my mom dates, as she was picky for me. My biggest concern for my mom is that she ends up with a genuine man who has her best interest in mind.

My brother Mike and I have very different approaches when it comes to Brooks. Mike moved out of the house before I moved in, and he lives an exciting busy life by the beach. Besides working with my mom, Mike doesn’t spend too much personal time with her and therefore doesn’t particularly concern himself with who she is dating. I, on the other hand, moved in with my mom and am more involved in her dating life since I’m so close with her, and therefore have more involvement than my brother.

At the end of the day, Ryan and I are in NO position to tell my mom what to do with her life and who to date. My decision to request that Brooks is not in the house as long as I am home all stems from my desire to create the most positive home environment that I can for my son. The Marine Corps has forced me to become a “single mom” for a year while Ryan is off serving our country and this is the time for me to be selfish and focus on my family. I love my mom dearly and want her to be the happiest she can be. If she were to tell me to move out of the house so she can move Brooks in, I would be happy for her and not argue one bit. I am more than happy to step aside so she can move forward in her relationship.

For now, our living situation works for us and I will honor whatever my mom wishes for her home, because it is just that. . .HER HOME.”

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31 Replies to “Briana Culberson Explains Why She & Ryan Live With Vicki Gunvalson & Why She Doesn’t Like Brooks Ayers”

  1. Correction Brianna – it works for YOU – your mother has lost her freedom due to your selfish and wrong demands. Your child is too small to be affected by a man or men your mother should be able to bring to HER home to date. You and your controlling little husband need to be independent and have your own home. Personal decisions should be respected not accepted, but tespected between you and your mom. You and your family need to start in your own home and own friends and let your mother live herife, make her mistakes and keep it movin. You are so not cool on this issue.

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more her daughter and son in law need to move out and stop trying to dictate her mothers life she eloped with Ryan without her mothers knowledge and then wanted a real wedding from her mom she is a spoiled brat that doesn’t want anything to come between her and her mom purse. That Ryan fellow isn’t perfect he’s been married before also and I am sure he has a history and it is a mistake for Vicki to make whether Brooke’s is a loser and what she is willing to take. Just like briana made her choice with him right now briana and that twirp is using emotional blackmail. They are the losers for that.

    2. disagree pinky. troy is very aware of his mothers feelings and the vibes she puts off. babies absolutely sense differences in people that care for them most (mainly momma). so if his momma is unhappy or uncomfortable for whatever reason, troy IS going to sense something is off. it might not effect him like you are thinking, but it does result sometimes in more fussiness, sleeping, eating etc… so that matters! you should go back & read what she said about their plans to start their little family in their own home. it was in the works. now IF you have no idea what the Marine Corps life is like, then you are VERY blessed!! your life or lives are NOT your own. Semper Fidelis is always faithful, but as you live through this roller coaster life you quickly learn Semper Gumby ALWAYS FLEXIBLE. this is because at a moments notice for no rhyme or reason the life & path you were happily cruising along to a wonderful destination can & OFTEN is derailed by the USMC. so just back up a little before you start spouting off on a life you probably know nothing about. a year in Afghanistan is not a vacation. with briana about to have her 1st child & her new husband about to be deployed to a VERY hostile place you can’t fathom the emotions she is living. also if they sat with vicki PRIOR to them ALL making this decision, why do folks like you think they are being controlling? under the circumstances at the time it was what was best for ALL OF THEM!! she didn’t tell her NOT to date anyone. she isn’t comfortable around this one man for a reason, reasons i’m sure that are behind the scenes. in fact she told her if she wanted to move on with brooks she would be happy to leave her mothers home, not because she doesn’t want vicki to date brooks but because she personally does not want to be around brooks. so again, get off your judging throne & remeber this IS reality TV & we ONLY see certain edited scenes that form our opinions. the USMC is NOT reality TV & there are certain scenes there that are not edited & they are harsh & ugly at times. this young couple are in a world where every second of every day (especially during long deployments) are filled with uncertainty. my prayer for them is that ryan returns from afghanistan safely & soon & that they can go forth with finding their own little home. that is until the Corps again decides to change their journey & they just have to suck it up & deal. now before you even go into the rant of “he chose this life of his own fee will, yada yada yada”! yes he DID & you all should be dang happy that these very few do because if they didn’t, who would? & then how would you be free to sit & watch the RHO…

    3. I think Brianna should be more worried about her Husbands behaviours than Brooks’. Ryan’s behaviour towards Lydia’s Mother was truly shocking, especially as he then lied about what she had said. Also very telling was the fact that he almost said he ‘owned’ the house. I immediately recognised his behaviours & even the look on his face as being very similar to my ex-Husband. Superficially charming but can’t keep it up, controlling, manipulative etc. He simply doesn’t appear to like or respect women. A very bad sign & I suspect this marriage will end badly. This type of man targets women who they perceive as vulnerable in some way (low self-esteem etc.). if anything like my ex he would not have been able to get a ring on her finger (or a baby or two) on the way quick enough. Gives them leverage. I hope I’m wrong for Brianna & the children’s sake.

  2. There you go. If Vicki REALLY wanted to bring Brooks over, Briana has no problem moving out and letting her be happy with Brooks. It’s VICKI who chooses not to. It’s VICKI who chooses to have her family around instead of bringing him over to the house while they are there. Briana has every right to feel that way. They’re living there paying rent because Vicki wouldn’t be able to on her own. It’s only reasonable. If Vicki REALLY did not want them there and chose her relationship first, she would have. So Ryan & Briana aren’t to blame for this. It’s Vicki who chose for herself.

  3. Brianna,you are a very smart woman.My mom got involved with a so called man that ended up using her and left her with a broken heart and now she has no trust of any man.Sometimes even mothers’ get caught up with , blinded by love and really don’t see what we(the adult children)see so clear.Good Luck!

  4. OK, well said. However, Brianna should know damn well that Vicki would NEVER ask her to move out, especially with a new baby. So now we just have to wait and see how Vicki will be dating Brooks under Brianna’s nose.

    1. I think Brianna is one smart cookie. What we see on the show has been “edited” to create more drama — so that should be kept in mind. Since I started watching the show (Season 2), I have seen instance after instance of Vicki’s selfishness; while Brianna is smart, supportive and selfless. I wish they’d get rid of Vicki and her ENORMOUS ego & hire Brianna. Though, I don’t know if it is due to editing or if it is true: Ryan seemed inflexible when it came to slimy Brooks. Apparently, he and B. see something we (the audience) don’t see — and the majority of people already think he’s slimy! Just sayin’ …

  5. Ryan is a psycho! He was disgusting on tonights episode! Shame on him, and did he not realize his lies would appear on the show!?

    1. Ryan’s behavior is a disgrace to the Marines. He was rude, he was out of line and he acted like “he is the man” sadly- a man who needed camera time…What an insecure and disgusting display of behavior! NOT the way to represent the Marines. Shame on him!

  6. Vicki said it best, “Ryan is a loose cannon”. He is a supreme control freak. He was an awful human being
    for the way he treated Lydia’s mom. He could have just let Vicki deal with the “situation” of having a 64 year old woman put her feet up…really? Wow. He showed his true colors tonight.

  7. Who in the world are you to judge Brooks? I hope
    to God you heard the tape of how your husband bullied,LIED
    and abused a 64 year old woman.

    He’s a disgrace to all men who wear a uniform.

    He has some serious anger mgt issues and an abusive history towards
    women. You need to run hard and fast from that creep.

  8. Wow. Ryan has SERIOUS anger and hostility issues. But more important, he is a
    control master. Brianna should seriously consider her and her child’s future. He out right lied about what the 64 year old woman said. She did not say ANY of the things that Ryan accused her of. And when she tried to explain that her feet hurt, he got even angrier and more violent. And the worst part?? When Vicki tried to comfort her 64 year old guest who at that point was trembling, Ryan got hostile with Vicki for putting her arm around Lydia’s mother to comfort her. He was angry about that???!!! RUN RUN RUN Brianna. And shame on you for accepting the way your husband speaks to women. You should have put him to bed at that moment just like your infant, because that’s how he was behaving.

  9. Briana, how could you??? You used to have a smart head on your shoulders. Since you have been with Ryan, he is completely controlling you. I am sad for you.

  10. Ryan is a lying, out-of-control, disgusting loser. And pig. Notice how he started to claim ownership of the house, then stopped himself? Sicko.

  11. This Ryan guy is gross! OMG what a looser! Go support your wife and kid and grow up! Another thing ass$&@e it’s not your house and everyone knows so shut it little boy! You are an abusive, insecure and awful person for speaking to an elderly lady like that! Breanna for an educated, independent girl like yourself how do you think that’s ok?! Talk about a bad example to your son! Hope he doesn’t grow up to treat people like his dad does!

    1. Yeah what good vibes are you going to get from a temper like Ryan has? Brianna is living in a dream world if she believes this is normal behaviour and that this anger and hatred wont be directed at her and the kids. Very sad as I think this whole family has come apart at the seams and Vickie and Brianna both have major issues concerning men. Donn was thrown aside for Vickies mid life crisis and everything has been more dysfunctional than ever since he left.

  12. TRUTH Be told…. Brianna doesn’t wanna live in Base Housing or in or around base housing enviornments..She is spoiled and will soon see what it’s like to live like a regular person… Ryan is a classless baby and should stay down in steerage below decks.. He gives Marines a bad name with his pissy pants attitude…ok, you harp about respect and feet on a couch but you feel it’s ok to SHOUT THE “F” word at an older woman and carry on into a basic rage??? what? you going to fight this lady? I’d like to slap the shit out that stupid pussy who can’t handle his liquor… He displayed extremely poor and unprofessional behavior as a Marine leader and should be totally ashamed of himself….even after being confronted he carried on and pouted like a baby..demanding support and even lied about the actions that occurred. He lacks the character that GOOD Marines uphold… Rayn you acted like a drunk private not a Staff Non Commissioned Officer…CHILD! MOve your family to 29 Palms or Pendleton and manage your life without sponging off the money pot…. Brianna you actually believe those lies you just posted????? You are delusional.

    1. I think Ryan brings mega bad vibes with those anger drunken fits of his. I get how they are disturbed about Brooks and his intentions and charecter for sure. Also truth be told adult children often have trouble seeing a newly single parent date period. I think the whole living situation was illconcieved and a disaster. Vickie wanted that divorce to be with that guy so if shes stuck with a big house she should have thought of that before in my opinion. But I would add in my opinion she would have been better off staying with Donn. Vickie wont find anything better and will most likely end up alone.

  13. while i do not condone one word ryan said to judy, i do realize it’s television & editing is a wonderful thing for drama. as vicki stated his emotions were high & for a VERY good reason. come on folks think about it, if you had a young child & new wife & were set to deploy to hostile soil for a YEAR, wouldn’t your emotions be high, angry, irrational? yes they would your emotions & actions right or wrong would be all over the place. as it is today, i’m pretty sure ryan is still in afghanistan. again i do NOT think he should have spoken like that to judy, but i get it because he IS a MARINE & if you have a Marine in your family their ‘mouth’ is almost always foul. i’m constantly telling my son “OYE that POTTY mouth”! his reply,”mom, i’m a Marine, it’s how we talk. plus you have NO CLUE what we go through on a daily basis”! he’s spot on, i DON’T know!! so who am i to judge the type of words he uses.
    Lastly, i LOVE judy, she is a hoot & so sweet & i understand her feeling. i mean most women (no matter age) tend to want to dress swanky with cute shoes that aren’t very comfortable & they always end up making out feet hurt. oh boy do i get that one & it sucks! however, i just could never see my wonderful mom (68yrs) going to a party that one of my friends invited us & thinking it would be totally cool to just kick her feet up on their furniture. brand new, fancy, expensive or otherwise, that’s just really not kosher either. my mom is my best friend & best mother in the world & she doesn’t even feel comfortable to do that in my home. so just ask yourself would any of you just feel it’s okay to put your feet up in someone elses home on their furniture, seriously…would you really do that? who does that? just sayin’ & still think he was wrong to speak to her like that & could have handled it differently. i know i’ve said & done many things that were classless, i’m just thankful that i didn’t have a camera around to capture me at my finest.

    1. No excuse for that out of control rip into that woman. I would have thought a marine would be protective of a woman not go on the attack against. I guess if she got sick and threw up in the house he’d be excused if he belted across the mouth. I thought his behaviour looked like a tweaker he was so agitated and hyped up and its not even his house! Sure alot of us has acted like a fool when drunk and so has my husband but never ever like that!!! He would never act violent like that over a guest and especially a female and in a parent or in laws home. They tried to blame it on Vickie’s strict housekeeping but she didnt react like that and go all trailer park.

  14. Vicki doesn’t need your financial support Briana. Your husband looked psychotic on last night’s show. He is disrespectful to your mother and you allow it. Then he went ballistic on a 64 year old woman, and you stood by his side. I am happy to hear that you have moved out. I would have kicked you to the curb months ago.

  15. I don’t believe that Vicki needed the minor rent money that Briana and Ryan would be paying, I’m positive that Vicki coukd support herself just fine. I don’t believe that Briana and Ryan could afford to rent or buy a house/unit nearby go Vicki, not unless the end of the street suddenly nosedives in quality and price! I do believe that Briana and Ryan are holding Troy over Vicki, and if they move out, Vicki won’t get to spend time with her grandson. Briana and Ryan need to set off like most youngsters and start life together by their own and using their own resources, yes Vicki could assist them, but they need to move out, they can’t use Troy as their mealticket.
    Ryan is a bully/thug with some anger issues and delusions of grandeur (I own …this house), he needs to man up and be the one to provide for his family, and not rely on MIL to foot the bill. It used to be parents who used to say …”as long as you’re living under MY roof you’ll live by MY rules”, never “Mum, as long as we live under your roof, you live by Ryan’s rules, no males in the house, no Brooks in the house, any of your friends who put their feet on your couch will be subjected to a tirade of abuse, and if your brother dares get in Ryan’s face, Ryan will clock him with his elbow”. Ridiculous.

    1. I agree. It was a ridiculous agreement and Vickie must have felt threatened about having access to her new grandchild. Vickue initiated and orchestrated that divorce so she must have realized shed have the responsability of the house and its expense. The whole thing is a huge cluster fuck. Hope Donn and the son Michael are at least doing well and make better choices for partners than the mom and sister.

  16. Brianna fdoesn’t want to live in an apartment so she threatens her mother that they made a deal. Newsflash Brianna and husband… GET OUT and get a place of your own. Then you can make all of your OWN rules.

    1. Yeah and I’d say its maybe s tie between Ryan and Brooks on who’s the bigger opportunist in the family. I wish it werent so but I dont think either of those women’s men are there were it not for the show. I was shocked when I read how Brianna and Ryan got together and that it was a quickie online lets meet and get married asap type of deal. And his history with women is not good at all just like Brooks.

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