Briana Confronts Brooks About Recording Threatening Abuse, Reveals Brooks Asks Vicki To Leave Donn In 2007


In this preview for part 3 of The Real Housewives of Orange County reunion, Briana Culberson is facing off with her mom’s boyfriend, Brooks Ayers. It is revealed that in 2007 Briana saw an email Brooks sent to Vicki (while she was married to Donn) telling her he loved her. Briana claims Brooks asked Vicki to leave Donn for him in the email. Brooks says he and Vicki both crossed the line while she was married, and Briana says that’s not the disrespect she’s talking about.

“We’ve all said and done things, drunk, angry and whatever, that we wish we could take back,” Brooks tells Briana when she asks him what else he’s sorry for.

“What did you say to my husband [to do to me]?” Briana asks. “What’d you tell my husband?”

“I didn’t tell your husband anything that I’m not sorry for,” Brooks insists. “And I am sorry.”

“You told my husband to start hitting me and you’re not sorry for that?!” Briana fires back. “F**k you!”

“It’s on a recording,” Briana continues. “I heard your voice. You told my husband, ‘You need to start hitting Briana to fall in line.'”

“I was drunk and angry and yes I’m sorry I said that,” Brooks says when all the women start asking if he really said those things.

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5 Replies to “Briana Confronts Brooks About Recording Threatening Abuse, Reveals Brooks Asks Vicki To Leave Donn In 2007”

  1. to me both Ryan and Brooks are in the same category. Brianna has money but Ryan per Brianna’s statement “He is not like us” most likely comes from the other side of the tracks. Both Brooks and Ryan get in a situation where there is a little bit of money and control and walaah….. you get losers. SOmething about these 2 women seem so alike their pickers are off where it comes to men.

  2. With regard to Crooks…a drunken man speaks the truth, never lies, omg Vicki, what a lucky escape you have had, Don is looking better by the day, can you try a reunion, he appeared such a good guy?
    History always repeats itself and we are our Mother’s Daughters, it is your luck on the role model you get given. After seeing apparent domestic violence records pertaining to Ryan I am concerned for Brianna and I am sure Vicki is too. The insane incident whereby Ryan behaved abominably with Lydia’s 64 year old Mum was a massive red flag such that I not only feel worried for Brianna but for Vicki too – watching that I found uber upsetting. Really like Brianna, such a good person and although she is sometimes too strong willed for her own good I think Vicki should not discuss Ryan’s aggressive behavior as she will do exactly what her Mum did with Crooks….deny, deny, deny and defend and cover for him to the death. Let her find out for herself…we all have a tolerance level and eventually it will give as Vicki proved with Crooks. Good luck ladies, stay safe!

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