Is Bravo Threatening to Cancel The Real Housewives of New Jersey?

Bye-Bye Jersey?

According to a new report, RHONJ is on the chopping block, as Bravo executives are threatening to cancel the famous series.

“Network execs told the ladies that they had to get the show ‘out of the gutter’ or else it was going to be canceled,” an insider shares.

Calling the season ending “disastrous” and mentioning Danielle Staub’s on-camera sex, the insider continues, “All of the fighting and legal threats this season were too much. Ratings were down, no one was interested in the dirty drama. There is a serious conversation happening about ending the show.”

“The women were told to find a way to make the show better and to help find a new lady to join the show that wouldn’t be so divisive,” said the source. “Bravo wants fun and this season was not fun.”

Do you think RHONJ should be cancelled?


24 Replies to “Is Bravo Threatening to Cancel The Real Housewives of New Jersey?”

  1. Seriously? You call yourself a reality show but try to control the narrative? Blame the person doing the hiring. Who brought KimD into the reunion? Out of the gutter? Pot meet kettle.

  2. NJ is Andy’s baby, not to mention he’s an Executive Producer. I enjoyed the hell out of this season, largely due to Margaret. Also, everyone knows the show encourages drama and sleaze (See Exhibit A: RHOA). In short, this “insider” is FOS.

    1. I absolutely love The Marge’s sense of humour. I could hang out with her all day. Need more HW’s like her, with real humour. Not the LVP passive/aggressive crap.

  3. Get rid of it……. It should have been gone a long time ago…. Danielle is disgusting and the entire season all she did was NOTHING except talk about sex. She is a mess. Kim D I know why she is there… she was a necessary player because no one likes her and she brings a lot of drama. I hear she is suing Teresa for defamation for the “Madam” comment. I never understood Siggy being there either? I kept forgetting her name. They need to wipe the slate clean and find a new group of women with new story lines or
    just chuck it in the bin.

  4. Wouldn’t miss it. I still watch it because I am a reality tv addict but – these ladies really are trashy, trashy, trashy

  5. I think it mostly has to do with Andy getting sued along with Melissa. The drama is why people watch. Really hope NJ makes it.

  6. This season was one of the worst & could not keep my interest. A whole new attitude is necessary. Was Siggy fired or did she choose to leave?

    1. I think Siggy is the last person who should be giving talks on empowering women. She forgives nothing. She refuses to see that others do not feel exactly as she does. She is very immature, and needs to quit laying a guilt trip on her son because she isn’t the main female in his life anymore. Let him grow up. On NY when Dorinda’s John came to Bethenny’s Hampton’s party, when Bethenny was having trouble apologizing to or accepting his apology, Dorinda said “If you invite Hitler to your home, you have to be nice to him. Otherwise don’t invite him.” Just because her folks were holocaust survivors doesn’t mean that by speaking the name of Hitler the person who said it is in favor or in any of what Hitler did, or in any way thinks Hitler was anything but Evil. The 2 things have nothing to do with each other. She absolutely refuses to give an inch. She can go into every restaurant in her home town and scream as she enters the restaurant, but no one else can be a little over the top. She never lets anything go. She isn’t worth what she thinks she is. I am SO, SO glad she is leaving. I was sick of her after her first scene.

  7. I think I watched out of habit
    Danielle didn’t need to come back. all ger sex talk was gross coming from a 60 yr old she looks way beyond her age.
    Andy being sued with Melissa and ITA with you Amanda Bates Barnette . Crazy Jackie trying to pull Andy into drama.
    I think this show is about all Teresa has to push her numerous products.
    After seeing Tre and miliana posting pics with a rapper /child pedofile however u spell it. at his concert I am disgusted with her .
    Siggy ruined the show with her bad uncalled for behavior.-no one believes it was all editing.
    The whole season was a mess with Siggy dividing the group,
    Dolores and her ex he is in major trouble and might be sitting in prison too.She stuck up for Siggy when Siggy was acting like a just made her look stupid.
    I think if the cameras secretly followed Tree then there would be a story.

  8. They need to get rid of Siggy and Deloris.
    They are the worse, especially Siggy.I can’t stand her and if I have to see her scream and cry one more time I will never watch it again.

  9. I been watching since season 1. I fast forward most of this season. Margret is a fraud and a fake. She fits right in with them. Teresa is a criminal and still can’t admit to it. Melissa is fucking stupid and so is her husband. Siggy is out of control. I can’t believe she is not embarrassed by her behavior. Delores is just there. Why would did they bring Danielle back? She is a disgusting pig! I can’t believe Teresa apologize to her daughters. Did Teresa make you have sex in a public bathroom and you talk and laugh about it. She truly is a Skank!!! I’m so over New Jersey! I really think all of them need to be cancelled or get all new women for all the cities!

  10. I won’t be surprised if all of the Housewife shows are gone in a few years. They are becoming boring. It was great while it lasted. I went from watching them all, accept Dallas after 2 episodes, now to BH, NJ and NY. I loved the first 3 seasons of all 3 of those franchises. The first season of BH was wonderful I thought.

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