Bravo & RHONJ Cast Could Be Called To Testify Against Teresa Giudice


Drama for the women of The Real Housewives of New Jersey keeps coming. The U.S. Attorney’s Office is considering calling some of cast of the show to testify AGAINST Teresa! RadarOnline reports not only can the cast be called to testify, but so can Bravo producers and executives! “The U.S. Attorney will be extensively going over all potential witnesses which would include her (Teresa’s) co-stars on the show,” an insider tells the site.

“The women could be called to testify at the trial because they could have firsthand knowledge of Teresa’s financial dealings, before and after the show premiered,” the insider continues. “Prosecutors could also subpoena footage from the New Jersey housewife franchise, along with producers who might also have information.”

Another source tells Radar, “This could Teresa’s worst nightmare. Think of all the enemies she has on the show. Her sister-in-law Melissa, her ex-pal Jacqueline. Melissa would be more than willing to testify against Teresa. Neither one of them would fight a subpoena.”

“The Giudices have been charged with very serious crimes and prosecutors are going to be going after them with a vengeance. This is a high profile case and Teresa and Joe should be taking this very, very seriously,” the case insider says.

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5 Replies to “Bravo & RHONJ Cast Could Be Called To Testify Against Teresa Giudice”

  1. String this lady up she is a mess and hardly famous KEEP HER AND HER PATHETIC FRIENDS IN NEW JERSEY !! dont let them out

  2. Dobie- as much as I’d love to watch their trial also; it won’t be televised, cameras are not allowed in Federal Court 🙁 !
    Teresa may be mending fences with her family & cast mates but to no avail. Witnesses swear to tell the truth. Even if they wouldn’t (or would) want to answer questions that could help or hurt the Giudices, they’d better answer truthfully and completely. There’s no “taking the 5th” when on the stand. The only people who can take the 5th are the defendants only. Perjury is a serious charge, even more so in Federal Court. I highly doubt if anyone would put their freedom on the line for Tre and Juicy. I’m confident there will be reporters from TruTv (formerly known as CourtTv, Nancy Grace’s Beth Karas or Jean Casarez, and HLN & CNN. We’ll get blow by blow updates every day of the trial. As much as I’d like to watch, I’ll have to be content with what will be allowed!

    1. I didn’t know that about Federal Court, SantaBarbaraSuzie. Thanks for telling us. I was amazed that Fox News had a short feature on it when the news first broke. Both guest attorneys opined the two of them were going to jail, kids or no kids.

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