Bravo To Put RHONJ On Hold Until Teresa Giudice Gets Out Of Prison


There have been so many conflicting reports about the state of The Real Housewives of New Jersey I can barely keep up! A new report from TMZ reveals that Bravo is seriously considering “shelving” the show until Teresa Giudice is released from prison. Why? Because they truly believe without her, there isn’t a show.

Sources tell the site that Bravo executives have been holding meetings and are “strongly leaning” in the direction of putting the show on hold, because without Teresa it’s boring. The network is reportedly worried that a bad season could tank the show, and it’s safer to wait.

And this insider says the news is not sitting well with the other women. They are allegedly pissed, because that’s over a year without a paycheck. But the source notes that Teresa will definitely be able to use the money when she gets out and can use the opportunity to her advantage.

TMZ reached out to Bravo… they had no comment.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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obviously Teresa is the star of the show,like Nene, and Lisa V..Lets face it people.

Love her or hate her she is the show.

I think shelving the show is a big mistake. But then again, I think it’s Bravo embracing a unrepentant criminal is a terrible precedent anyway. They tarnish their brand and make their network look bad.

Karen you’re right. Here’s the thing, she won’t be the same person when she gets out.

We can only hope – she was quiet and less drama before jail too so…we can only hope it sticks.

Trust me, there is most definitely still a show without her. Recast everyone except Melissa and Amber. Just simply recast, move forward, and stop giving this convicted felon all the money and power. Jeesh.

It is so refreshing to read comments such as the last 3 on this post. Another blog (which will remain nameless) does nothing but extol the virtues of Teresa. And the commenters are also drinking the Teresa Giudice kool-ade. They refuse to see that she is a convicted felon and continue to praise her and bash the other ladies of RH of NJ especially Melissa, Jacqueline, and Kathy. I say good riddance to Teresa and BRAVO needs to move forward with the show. It’s not like Teresa adding anything to the show this past season anyway.

I know exactly what blog you’re referring to and it’s a JOKE! The blogger herself makes spelling an grammar mistakes on every article and the posters on there are horrible and will attack anyone who doesn’t love Teresa. I really wish that blog would get shut down. They make my skin crawl.

BLOG? Must be a DINA blog??

There are a lot of us that don’t agree with you, and that is the joy, if you don’t like it don’t watch. There are a lot of programmes I don’t like/agree with and I don’t watch them!

Which is why I’ve only been on that blog a few times .The posters on there…well not all but 95% are rude, nasty and combative and the only time the blogger gets involved is when someone says something about Teresa or her blog. Otherwise, she lets the attacks happen. I learned my lesson and have made it a point not to read their BS.

I stopped watching the show when they brought back the admitted felon last season. If people will stop watching Bravo will have no choice than to stop employing criminals like her and her husband. Maybe I am telling my age but I remember when Studios and Networks would shut a “star” out at the least bit of scandal especially criminal

WHY? It will be so much better without her!!! Why do you give her so much value. I hate the show with her on it and try to only watch when she is not in a “scene”

andy cohen is just as moral-less as all of the housewives. doesn’t matter that she & her husbands are felons/criminals, ratings equals money. that’s the only thing narcissistic, self-centered, egomaniacal people are about. it’s nice that their children think what mom & dad did is “normal” via of all of them ignoring the crime. I gave up on reality tv & the sickos they present in their shows a long time ago. it’s disgusting what celebrity has become. I pity our near future. LOL