Bravo Producers Wanted On-Camera Intervention For Brandi Glanville


Another Housewife, another intervention. RadarOnline reports that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville refused to participate in an on-camera intervention headed by co-star Kim Richards. Kim, who is newly sober herself, is reportedly worried about Glanville’s drinking. “Kim believes that Brandi is an alcoholic and needs to get help,” an insider tells Radar. “Producers of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills wanted to stage an intervention for Brandi that would have aired on the fourth series of the Bravo show.”

But when Brandi found out about the plan “she shot it down… immediately!” the source says. “Brandi didn’t want to be a part of it and insisted she doesn’t have a drinking problem… she didn’t want her kids to see it (either).”

“Producers had pitched for Kim or Lisa to do the intervention, but Brandi refused… she felt Kim doing it would be ‘the blind leading the blind’ because of her own past issues,” the insider adds.

Brandi has already warned viewers we will be seeing a “darker” side of her this season on RHOBH. Glanville stated that she was depressed and drinking too much because of her father’s health issues.

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • DebBrenn

    Facts are, we’ve seen her sloppy drunk too many times, being half-carried out of clubs, and even if she cites a reason at any given occasion, it’s not a reason, it’s an excuse. She doesn’t want her kids to see an intervention, but how does she feel about someone showing them a pic of her staggering out of a club with her dress falling off? Is that really a better lesson for them?

  • Jennie

    Oh gag….Kim heading up Brandi’s intervention….that is too funny and sick all at the same time.

  • Giuliana

    It doesn’t matter if she does have a drinking problem, its none of there places to stage an on-camera intervention. If any of them really gave a shit they could do it off camera, especially in a case like Brandi where its debateable weather or not she has a problem, with Kim on the other hand, it was obvious.

  • Susan Mcleary

    Oh enough with the excuses people. Who cares if Kim is doing the intervention, who cares! As ling as someone steps up and does it in order for this chick to get help! Now, this should have been done off cameras and in private, with that I do agree, no cameras, no desperate story lines, just plain out helping a fellow housewife, but, Kim did this for press, no other way to put it. I agree with the first post on this blog site, Brandi is full of excuses, she is not worried for her boys at all. There’s plenty of video out in cyberland that Brandi should be really concerned about, her boys will see her type of drunken stupors soon enough.

  • getreal

    Interesting that it was Bravo’s producers who wanted the intervention. They enthusiastically provide the booze, watch and wait to see who develops a drinking problem, and then BAM! stage and film an intervention for ratings. Wow, they are quite the puppet masters. Although I doubt that Brandi will have the guts to confront her bosses about her alcoholism, I have no doubt that she will blame and take out her fury with select castmates. No wonder she’s been especially disgusting all over the gossip sites lately.

  • Prettypinkie

    For what I see when Brandi drinks Yes she does have a alcohol problem an she really should see hell for it.

  • Cin

    well she certainly acts like a drunk….. disgusting